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  • N8 User

Dear Nokia N8 user, I am facing a serious problem with the N8. 2 days ago,a call came in my number, I received it, then the phone just hanged.
Its been two days but the phone is still in hanged condition. I tried to turn it off several times. But none of the buttons/functions are working.
PLease help Me.
Tell me what to do in order to get the phone working..Properly?

  • success oau

yes hv been using my nokia n8 without any problem ,but if i update my phone what will be the functions of that upgrade someone should tell please...........

  • AnonD-698

AnonD-808, 10 Feb 2011i wont have a prob coz i know how to use smartphones.... n compl... more@ dipto okk my friend see may be there would be lots of fake people that r creating lot of fake rumours about n8 and making everyone confused so now i will ignore all these rumours.....and i have thinked that y we r fighting ......

  • AnonD-808

AnonD-698, 10 Feb 2011@ dipto i think so u r blind u don't see complains and problems ... morei wont have a prob coz i know how to use smartphones.... n complaints?? max r trolls like u!!!! i posted a fact that if there were so many probs sales would have definitely gone down!!! is it happening?? no instead its increasing rapidly no use defending ur facts... best of luck

  • AnonD-1097

Guys dnt beleive any stupid rumors abt Nokia...Nokia is never leaving symbian...and meego is sure coming soon...i have used all kind of fones....N8 i8s the best....i love my N8 toomuch....i just got 16 gb card fr internet radio rocks and how...N8 replaced my digicam...i watch movies via my fone on my hd tv....i got unlimited internet so i download movies on my fone and watch them on my hd r too amazing....built quality is best...i use internet radio in my car thru fm transmitter...Nokia u rock..Now waiting fr PR 2...

  • AnonD-698

[deleted post]@ dipto i think so u r blind u don't see complains and problems which r faced and still facing from n8 u don't see here the complains and problems shared in this forum daily and u r talking about daily interest watch carefully and then say anything u don't have problem with this set thats good u like n8 its also very good but the users r facing some unnecessary problems and some unwanted problems which r frustrating day by day thats what i am talking about ok and don't be so happy the day when u will have a serious problem then u will understand okkk...

  • Anonymous

beware of n8

  • Anonymous

nokia 5530
nokia n8
nokia c7

  • AnonD-1082

chester, 10 Feb 2011ha ha ha checkout this news on CEO Stephen Elop's strategy to co... moreAre you blind? Look at the date on that thing! It says November 17, 2010. Last time I checked it's 2011 now and Elop's strategy has changed. Let's wait till tomorrow when Elop announces Nokia's rumored partnership with MS.

  • Andres

Gj, 10 Feb 2011does this one has T9 option?Yes, it has T9.

  • trebphil

AnonD-1261, 10 Feb 2011My N8 keeps reverting to the time and locking itself every minut... morego to settings > themes > screen saver, you can choose what screen saver you want, or you can choose none so that the clock won't show up. you can then proceed to settings > phone > display > screen/keylock time out. minimum there is 1 minute. you have the option to change it up to a maximum of 30 minutes. hope this helps. take time to explore your N8 friend, it's a great gadget, that way, you can have it just the way you want it to be

  • Anonymous

My N8 just died :( was working fine the night before then next morning wouldn't switch on. My alarm didn't go off and I was late for work. Not very happy. Having said that, before it died it was an amazing phone. Sent off to Nokia repair centre now, hopefully will have it back and working in no time!

  • AnonD-570

after new update anybody having problems??? my N8 was perfect b4 updating...never hung up on me even once since i bought it(4months back)or never had self-restarting problem.but after new update twice it hanged very badly...had to restart it...and also it self-restarted several times(without any reason)...any idea why this must be happening???

  • AnonD-1261

My N8 keeps reverting to the time and locking itself every minute on the minute, no matter what i am doing at the time. I cannot find the setting to change this. Can anyone help??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2011and what a shame for that boss! putting down the company when he... moreTruth is truth there is no question of shame or whatever else

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2011Look at gsmarena main page and see what the boss of nokia said, ... moreand what a shame for that boss! putting down the company when he's supposed to be promoting it. competition between phone companies are common, instead of him doing things to uplift the morale of the company, he does the opposite! hmmm, maybe he has hidden agenda?

  • Asif

Im facing trouble with 'on the go' feature of 'n8' detects the USB but when i explore it says 'memory device corrupt' can anyone help me????

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I like your thinking

  • Jack ANger

hang on there Android and WinMo7 you realy thought Nokia was going to give up on their precious Operating Systems(Symbian, MeeGo and Maemo)???? must be drunk if you hoped so. First of all the only reason nokia "might" join microsoft is because of the USA market(now heres the catch...) nokia has got most users in India and China(what makes those countries common???....highest population in the world!!!.
now you thought Nokia would dump them for America??? must be high on cheap weed.

  • Lenz

Guys let's be realistic. N8 is the best Nokia phone so far. Av been using it for the last four months and av never encounter any problem with it. Go for it.