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  • Anonymous

My first touch phone!! I love it... and it´s easy to use.
the apps for this phone are amazing!

  • Anonymous

where are you guys? Memo is a hoax. Hahahahaha.

  • Anonymous

help help, 09 Feb 2011can you help me how to increase the battery life of n8 mine last... moreu r such a nokia hater, so full of lies. Cant you listen to the fan-boys here, that N8 has low res AMOLED and 12mpix and Symbian and very old Arm11 processor, those things dont use battery. See how genius Nokia is, the angels are sitting on their puffy little clouds playing their little harps when you use your N8, and the battery last for ever, eternal life is now a reality, thanx to the outdated Symbian and even more outdated processor. OHHH what a wonderful world nokia has created for us, N8 has brought heaven to earth. need proof? Just read this thread, then you will soon see that N8 is Gods gift to battery savers.

  • Anonymous

i wnt to know if efery body who have the purple problem if you all went and checkt the sample picture that was posted here and on farios other sites because my problem yust started after i chect it please let us know if it happend to you also.

  • Anonymous

i give up nokia bought da n8 but had 2 return it da same day reasons
1. laggiest fone ever
2. such a hassle and time consuming process to use ovi suit, never synchronised
bought an htc and loving it android way2 go

  • Caperz

how do i check if PR1.1 has been released for my location ?

  • tictactaylor

pissed off, 09 Feb 2011i was typiing an sms on the n8 when suddenly it made some vibrar... moreSince I made my recent post about dead N8, I see it is a common problem. One thing you may wish to try, can't verify if it works, but several are it seems finding that if you connect some of these dead N8's to your pc, the phone detects this and comes back to life, as if by magic! Apart from that have no idea, if the phone is dead and it's a hardware issue maybe it's not possible to retrieve anything. Save to memory card in future maybe best option, shame you lost valuable photo's, Nokia what have you got to say for yourselves? For me, it's your email has been forwarded to correct department, no response to date!

  • bob

AnonD-360, 09 Feb 2011where can i download angry birds valentine for N8??Try the OVi store,

it's there under games can be found by searching for it too

  • debasis

kindly reply me,,,do we need a antivirus 4 our N8...
my phone restarts alaways when i am using any site...looking 4 ur reply...

  • AnonD-360

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2011Angry Birds valentine is out now..:)where can i download angry birds valentine for N8??

  • Jose

Hi folks.
I would like to know the mainly diferents between Symbian and Andriod sistems if someone will be so kind to explaint it.
Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

Hi to all, after updating to pr1.1 my n8 gave reddish/purplish in most of its black & dark hue before,(screen image), its so unpleasant in the eye. Please help. Any solution please address to my name - Jeffrey David. Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

please repost at main page. Gsmarena won't let me post. Too many sheeps over there.

  • wbwir

no matter what nokia is the best among the rest. they will even be better by adopting the new os android or wm 7. nokia has the best features in any given model,looking forward to see nokia on android os. any objection?

  • Anonymous

Look at gsmarena main page and see what the boss of nokia said, he admits to not having good products that can compare to iphone or androids... what a shame, nokia "usto" be a product worth talking about, now adays, its something to forget about.

  • Anonymous

When I play fm radio it keeps shutting off This happens to anyine else. Whats the solution. I hate having to restart while listening

  • Anonymous

this is the second time I'm returning my N8 to nokiacare. i bought it 3months ago and it always swtch off itself never come-up again. i left it for 3weeks at nokiacare despite the 48hrs promise with VIP Card, it went off the second day of the first repair, today is the second week of the second repair and i was told this morning to call back nxt week. isn't this mad enough?

  • AnonD-1181

I have used many nokia phones..but still I criticized new nokia high end device s from the my motive was not to prove that my cell phone is better or something like that..but I want nokia to become number one again..and thanks to nokia atlast they learned from their mistakes before its too late..

  • Uniwega

AnonD-976, 09 Feb 2011Recently i updated my ovi suite to Don't remember ear... moreHi Manish, same here, I'v got same problem with nokia ovi suite, it just doesnt work, I tried re-install it, repaire it - no joy! I dont understand why nokia is doing this??? I've been Nokia fan for ages, but now I'm about to quit it!!! Had enough of that !

  • thanse5

Dr. Smed, 08 Feb 2011Hi! I´m from Norway. No update here...i am from norway updated yesterday phone is faster now
but noting new when comes to new programs and functionality,the next firmware will probably be more impressive atleast i hope it will,it probably will be released in 2-3 months.
the update is out all over the world and if you cant update today then you probably will tomorow or in a couple of days.
i have been the proud owner of the n8 from octobre 2010 there has been no problems at all with my phone.