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  • sun

guys when this new firm ware will be there fed up waiting for it,

  • Moha

Any news about the updates..????? really fed up with N8.. very slow in browsing even through Opera mini !! Very sad very very sad..!!!

  • john

help me to find the good one - N8 or n900

  • Frank

Borat, 03 Feb 2011 Does anybody here have the same problem with N8 display as thi... moreI don't have any problem too with my n8,I've got it like 3 months,and my gf neither :)

  • AnonD-367

Can any one tell me which usefull or important must have applications does android market have and Symbian^3 OS market ovi does not have ?

  • oir


  • Aaron

Borat, 03 Feb 2011 Does anybody here have the same problem with N8 display as thi... moreI don't have that problem with my N8.

  • Billa

One of the best product of nokia...

  • Anonymous

i love my new nokiw n8 and its one of the most expensive fones that i have got and i found it to be veru user friendly

  • Aaron

Assassins Creed HD, 162MB
Signed and cracked. Just install. No need to activate online.

  • Anonymous

i am a nokia fan the n8 has some good hardware but the software needs some improvment and more app a 1500 battery u of been more better the phone battery would of last 3 days under heavy usage and a week under light usage i want like nokia to hurry up with this phones fiqmware update and inprove the web broswer as well who agrees with me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2011You need an active data connection, its free navigation onli if ... moreOvi Maps only use the internet connection for POI and other "live" update notifications such as traffic. If you disallow (not disable) online connections, GPS navigation will still function because maps are loaded into the device rather than downloaded on th go. This is much much better than Google Maps.

  • Borat

Does anybody here have the same problem with N8 display as this guys:­5.0

  • AnonD-123

[deleted post]What would be even better is if the flash could also be used as a high powered laser. That way, if you see someone breaking into your car, you can take a video of him trying to break in as you zap him while defending your property. :)

  • Bartman

Using this phone for 3 days and all i can say im very dissapointed:\ when writing sms allways wrong letters pressed; screen dont respond when touched very often, it freezes sometimes; problems to load gps maps... moreover its so heavy and bulky- a real brick:} though the camera and games are good, i regret buying this phone so much... worthless

  • v57

New Firmware PR 1.1 finally available for Nokia C7 (N8, C6-01 coming shortly)
Andre | February 3, 2011 | Comments (9)

Well it looks like finally, FINALLY Nokia has managed to give us the first of hopefully many more software updates for their new Symbian devices. Unfortunately for camera lovers out there, the N8 doesnít seem to have this update yet. (I checked). The description of the update is Ē Improves phone performance and brings you the latest featuresĒ *shrug*. I doubt itís that significant an improvement but itís an improvement nonetheless. Lets hope at the very least that it clocks the CPU back up to itís initial value (~800Mhz) with no discernible loss of battery.

Those of you with C7′s get to updating, the rest of usíll just sit and wait.

  • garry

nokia does'nt make perfect phone someone where there r some lacking in this handset

  • unionjackjackson

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2011if the n9 should have nothing less than a 12 mega pixel with xen... moreEveryone's waiting for it! First it was December. Then rumours came from Nokia India stating January. Now Febuary. I have owned N8 for two months with no issues.

Rumour control is the problem and Nokia know about all the rumours. So why don't they squash them with facts and tell us when?????

  • jacK

Sharky_07, 02 Feb 2011hey guys i face big problem installing Quickoffice for S3 on my ... moreyup m also facing the same problem..
it always gives me "unable to install error" .

plzzzzzzzzzzz sum1 help

  • rdca

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2011very slow N8 its really fast very smooth ui responsive,except the native browser but im already using uc browser and operamini sybian version its really work fast browsing. Im still waiting for update. Let See what the biggest changes 50 enchncement for symbian. Im proud to be n8 user since date I purchased it. Stop bashing n8, because n8 in reality its amazing and awesome features super impressive ui,camera,hd games,hdmi,fm transmitter,and many more.