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  • gitty

refreshing failed ! Try again later :D

  • Anonymous

bogs28, 02 Feb 2011can anyone help me? i am having problems with gps lock beca... moreYou need an active data connection, its free navigation onli if you have free data traffic on you sim, or use your wifi at home/work, at least you can navigate around your house/office, sounds like fun =)

  • Frank

zzzzz, 02 Feb 201112MP Camera is not upto expectations on the N8.May be your brain can't catch its 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and large 1/1.83” optical format image sensor??

  • zzzzz

12MP Camera is not upto expectations on the N8.

  • Anonymous

rdca, 02 Feb 2011Nokia N8 is the best i vote it 10-10-10 perfect gadget ... moreman you greAt, nice review , you rocks nokia n8 page we pROud you are nokia user ,,,

  • Anonymous

Riyaz, 02 Feb 2011Which phone is better ..... Nokia N8 or HTC Desire ?????? p... moreNokia N8 is better choice

  • rdca

Nokia N8 is the best
i vote it 10-10-10 perfect gadget

Im Proud To Be owner of Nokia N8 color orange Since December 1, 2010 almost a month of using withouth any issue,No hang,No laggy, Its really smooth responsive, This Phone is Amazing why?

->I had 16gb Microsdhc class 4 with fully loaded of 40 movies and it has 280MB remaining on my memory card.
->My N8 16gb built in memory with fully loaded of thousand of songs,HD games(NFS,Asphalt5,RealGolf,Realfootball,Asassin Creed,SpiderMan,The Sims3,The settler,Sparkle,Hawx,galaxy on fire,Tetris,bowling,Crusade Destiny,Hero of sparta,Angry Bird) Fully photos and it has 800MB remaining memory.

Its awesome ive never encountered any hang and laggy on my device even my memory card and built memory is fully loaded my phone is really work fast and smooth responsive.

->N8 it has USB OTG.
->N8 it has FM transmitter.
->N8 it has gorilliaz glass display and. aluminum anodize.
->N8 it has Hdmi.
->N8 it has free lifetime GPS.
->N8 it has 12MP withb xenon flash

Its awesome spec and features 100% perfect.

Active powersaver mode,offline widgets,disable gps connection->setting->application->position method->uncheked all, set your connection Wlan only
->My battery life is 3-5days with minimal use(Text,call,Music)

-> heavy games 7hours straight non-stopable HD gaming Before the device is battery Empty.

-> straight 5movies played full battery Before the device is battery Empty.

-> straight Non stopable playing Music 2.5 days Before the device is battery Empty.

Its Awesome its really work fine for heavy used.

Its Amazing N8 can Do everthings Thanks Nokia For this Device 100% perfect good job...

N8 Orange User
SW 011.012

  • AnonD-397

Riyaz, 02 Feb 2011Which phone is better ..... Nokia N8 or HTC Desire ?????? p... moreHTC Desire definetly...

  • Dipto

using baidu input qwerty keypad software really cool app

  • bogs28

can anyone help me? i am having problems with gps lock because it keeps on saying "searching for position" and never have a posiion lock. what should i do? i bought this because of the free navigation but i cant use it help guys please

  • trebphil

redeemed my free thousand songs + movies from the store where i bought my n8 today, hooked it up with my x-mini portable speaker and voila! got me a mini home entertainment!this phone is really, really, really good!

  • Faisal

Can anyone please tell me how to download the the certificate and key from

  • Anonymous

it s very good phone for first time it s little hard ...but very quickly we get used to it ....i can t say it s the iphone killer because each one has got its system ...i had to choose between both of them i took it because it s cheaper...and no regret only one thing there aren t enough applications as for the iphone

  • Ravi

This is cool.. i just connected a wireless keyboard to N8 and works fine for now..using it for last 10 min...

Just hope that MeegoTabs will have these features too which will replace my heavy laptop :)

  • Anonymous

well green or blue.....which one.....i understand finally its personal choice....but both looking good to one i have seen in flesh...but blue is the color which i like the confused.....and any point waiting to but the phone..or prices gonna reduce sometime soon.....i cant wait for more than 10-

  • Anonymous

Riyaz, 02 Feb 2011Which phone is better ..... Nokia N8 or HTC Desire ?????? p... moreMy opinion go for N8 you won't regret!!! Once you've used it you'll fall in love with this device...

  • Moha

ramesh, 31 Jan 2011u have to change u r operator service or u r GPRS settingDude am using Airtel...

  • Riyaz

Which phone is better ..... Nokia N8 or HTC Desire ?????? pls help both is for RS 23,000.... i wanna buy tomm...

  • Aaron

Jhilmili, 02 Feb 2011I want to buy this phone. Plz tell which colour can be best... moreDark grey - professional
Silver white - geeky
Orange - striking
Blue - soothing
Green - cool

  • Aaron

AJ, 02 Feb 2011I have a nokia n8....i see a specification named digital co... moreThe digital compass is integrated into the Ovi Maps. The maps automatically turns to the appropriate direction once locked to the satellites. Just tap the second icon on the lower left until it turns green. Also you can download a standalone "Digital compass" software. Search for it.