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  • anonymous

heard tht first batch of this phone was faulty...or it was having the devices with many how to know that phone belongs to 2nd batch.....and also heard tht prices are being slashed in it true or rumours....almost fixed on the green one.....

  • skl

finaly i buy n8. its realy a good phone. evrerything i get in n8.everything is good acept internet is not vry fast and sometimes toch scrn is not working. overall its a perfect smart phone. its a pocket pc,gaming console,multimidea center,and a djitl camara.

now i need some help. wht is hdmi? wht will i do in hdmi?when i connect my 320 gb portable hd, but it dont show in my mobile.hlp me.

from where i can download free hd games ?

overall 9.8/10

if it had a keypad and 1 gh prosessor then it will be 10/10

MY DARK N8 rules all around the world

go ahead


  • garry

c6 is also not a bad phone its almost equivalent to n8 there is only two difference in which n8 beats c6 2.hdmi thats it.otherwise c6 is damn good ...e7,c6,c7 but winner is n8..hahaha nokia rocksss..but they should do some difference making all three phone similar and almost similar.they should atleast change the os.....or they should put a different feature.

  • Anonymous

E72 vs N8 3G modem speed comparison­IuSeog

  • Mac

AnonD-481, 01 Feb 2011Very good news. But isn't meego os 1.2 upgrade will come in apri... moreYou may be right that it would only be released in April but most probably that is the 1st device of nokia running meego. I think the release of 1.2 however would happen sooner than we think. Nokia has to release this soon or else it would be too late. 1.2 should be good to go on the 1st device.

  • AnonD-481

Mac, 01 Feb 2011­vi... moreVery good news. But isn't meego os 1.2 upgrade will come in april? Or is it the upgrade will come early before april?

  • sam

it is d best phone from nokia

  • old nokia fan

"Gitty", "him" and "deep space bar" and others insisted to make people believe the update is coming January with 50+ enhancements...

Welcome!!! we're in February.. SMILE

this month is about 5+ new major handsets to be announced from different manufacturers, while Nokia will surprise everyone with a 'new' software for the N8.

Well done Nokia, you're riding a camel while the others is on a train... pity me for choosing this lazy brand.

  • Nadeem

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2011seeing the current sales of n8 the price wont come below 22000 ... moreWhats the use of buying from batch 2.nt frm 1st

  • AnonD-478

It's the best phone in the market at present....

  • rani

hi friends .when i wants to use its map then it auto connect with internet .but nokia says its free for lifetime.but how can i use its free.
What is the mean of MOBILE OFFICE.

  • kodn

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2011gsmarena review of n8 camera: "There are only three shor... moreYou forgot to mention the image quality results.
The Iphone 4 image quality is one of the best in 5MP standards, but it was not even compared to the N8's. Do you even wonder why? 5MP is years away from 12MP in terms of phone innovations, and the quality of the N8's imaging is even better than some Digital cameras out there. The interface is upgradedable, and would be improved in a couple of months. Unlike you Iphone 4 which still has not gotten the basic true multitasking Symbian and Android offers, it's camera can NEVER improve to 12MP.

  • rani

hi friends i cant use this one in off line mode.but nokia says its free for life time.every time when use it then auto conected via internet why.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2011People from said they workin on something on Q1... moreThanks

  • adkane

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2011Hi this phone is perfect. I receive music by Bluetoothh but I do... moreJust go to music player, search the song you want, long press it and select send through bluetooth and your good to go

  • Anonymous

Hi this phone is perfect. I receive music by Bluetoothh but I don't know how to send music via bluetooth Please help

  • nokia user

Chris, 31 Jan 2011Can somebody tell me if it's convenient to type sms or letters o... moreto say bout the is superb,it is so accurate n sensistive enough to type in predictive words etc T9..i been using several nokia touch models before but even n97 n x6 also cant compare with it,maybe due to its capacitive screen.

  • Anonymous

gsmarena review of n8 camera:

"There are only three shortcuts available next to the viewfinder...It would have made much more sense if some of those settings were brought on the sides...would have saved us a few clicks, but Nokia engineers didn't think so"

gsmarena review of iphone4 camera:

"The camera user interface is neat and simple the only controls are a shutter/rec key, flash settings and a small thumbnail in the corner that shows the last photo taken. Oh, and there is a switch to toggle between the main and the front-facing camera."

why so unfair review?
i guess in everybody's mind iphone is the best whatever it does..

  • Anonymous

Manish, 01 Feb 2011when i connect my USB cable to my laptop my phone doesn't charge... morehi if ur phone is not charging while connecting ur phone to ur laptop its not the fault of ur phone its the problem with the driver or ur usb hub i also faced this problem but this problem can be solved by formating and reinstalling the os inj ur laptop.N8 battery life only last for 2 days in high end multimedia phones like nokia n8 bateery life lasting for 2 days is great where as in samsung galaxy s and others will only last for 1 day. enjoy ur phone nokia rocks

  • Anonymous

nokman, 01 Feb 2011Sorry, thats can someone confirm when PR2 is coming out if I buy... morePeople from said they workin on something on Q1..i think PR 2.0 will out soon.