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  • Anonymous

Raj, 01 Feb 2011Hello All, i am from India, and very much interested in buyin... moreseeing the current sales of n8 the price wont come below 22000
you can buy from anywhere but it should be from the second batch

  • Raj

Hello All,

i am from India, and very much interested in buying N8, heard somewhere that there will be price reduction in month of Feb for this device...just wanted your views for the I have decided to take it...also wud like to know where in Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai i shud buy exchanging my old phone....awaiting feedback.....

  • Mac­-dev-de­vice-specs-in-nitty-gritty-detail/

Things looking good!!!!

As some may have known the Meego UI has been pulled out of the developers forum as Nokia are in the finalisation stages of the Meego 1.2 version. Probably getting ready for MWC and maybe the launch of the N9?!!! Anyway, things are hush on that front and Nokia are not disclosing anything as they dont want others to see the finished product before official launch :)

  • s.a.malik

Aaron, 01 Feb 2011Don't believe those saying negative about N8. I've been using th... moreyou seems expert on the phone, i heard that push email does not work on this phone is it true or just a rumor. thaks

  • aldoheuer

Best Phone ever

camera is amazing, OS can be better and it will be on febraury, overall review is "very good 5 stars" the question is why you dont have one of this? the phone is so sexy and stylish, awesome HD video recording (is so good that you can throw your handycam to the trash can)photos are very VERY!!! good, i have a nikon camera and the n8 takes better photos than that camera , and game graphics are pretty impresive and i love to play GT:racing on it is very fun and time killer

a lot of people says that this phone is not good and that "x" phone is better, man!!! do you really think that? , so buy one "x" phone and believe me that 2 weeks later when you see a person with an n8 at a party taking excelent photos and uploading it up to facebook, you will want to change of mind when you pickup the "x" phone two weeks ago

this is not the best "goodlooking phone" on the market but god this phone is almost a master piece is so cool!!!

so my overall review is a totally 100 of 100 the best phone i have ever had

one mind is one world, opinions may vary but this is my opinion

put your hands-on it and see by yourself what this thing can do

greeting and thanks for reading

  • Aaron

trebphil, 01 Feb 2011i was going to but when i saw the green, it's kind of different.... moreHave you already been following this thread? You can update yourself with everything about N8 here.

  • trebphil

Aaron, 01 Feb 2011Congrats on your new Nokia N8. I thought you were going for the ... morei was going to but when i saw the green, it's kind of different. i've had black and silver phones before so i thought i'd go for something different this time. at first i was hesitant to get green coz i don't like how it looks in the picture but when i get to see the real thing, i decided to have it. yes i'm from the philippines.

  • nokman

Sorry, thats can someone confirm when PR2 is coming out if I buy from the Nokia Shop ??

  • nokman

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2011I'd rather wait for PR 2.0 than 1.x for bigger new ... moreYea so would I, can anyone actually confirm when this is coming out, especially if I order from Nokia Shop ??

  • Aaron

trebphil, 01 Feb 2011i definitely agree. despite negative feedbacks i've read about i... moreCongrats on your new Nokia N8. I thought you were going for the dark grey one? Are you from the Philippines also?

  • Aaron

viraf, 01 Feb 2011Nokia is going down. May be coz of their OS. I dont understand w... moreN8 on Android means no USB OTG, no app installation on memory card, no Bluetooth 3.0, no themes, short battery life and list of drawbacks and restrictions go on. N8 is perfect on Symbian^3. Nokia just needs to release a software update ASAP to fix the bugs, boost performance and add those 50+ new UI features.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I've been using N8 for almost 4month workin fine no serious issues but this definitely my last symbian phone coz I'm gonna switch to meego...:-)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2011When are we getting the PR1.1 update? NOKIA sucks on updates.I'd rather wait for PR 2.0 than 1.x for bigger new browser and etc..

  • Manish

when i connect my USB cable to my laptop my phone doesn't charge(sometimes charges though)Can anybody explain this???

How to make every time charge the battery connected through data cable???

PLzz explain battery performances of ur N8...coz my N8 hardly goes 2 days(with less use+only GSM)

thanx in advance!!!

  • Professor

[deleted post]Totally agree with you.

  • viraf

Nokia is going down. May be coz of their OS. I dont understand why they are not bringing Android on their phones. Imagine N8 with Android. It could have been perfect. Nokia how much more you'll wait to go down?

  • trebphil

[deleted post]i definitely agree. despite negative feedbacks i've read about it here, plus the experience i had when i first tested this phone, i have to say this is yet the best phone i have seen. been using it for just two days and i've never seen anything like the n8.

  • su

guys dont compare N8 with any other model or phone its uniqe and amazing device really mindblowing i downloaded spb shell im lovin it more

  • dt

i am from india and from a couple of week ovi store on my n8 is not showing price for paid application. infact it is showing all apps as free, but when i start downloading it shows 'download error'. anyone facing this problem or something wrong with my settings?

  • dt

Nokia india tweeted about firmware update in jan 2011.
Its feb, still no sign. Anyone has any clue about update?