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Nokia N9

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  • Jesus is here

I am so excited. it totally change everything in mobile business.

It is so damn fast that makes everything else like from the late 1990. Totaly different from anything you have seen before.

Mulitasking is furious and the camera just shoot the picture faster than Lucky Luke does.


  • AnonD-7491

iphone 4?

  • AnonD-2731

AnonD-18025, 06 Sep 2011What is this? Not super AMOLED screen, only 3.9", no... morewe dont care that you cant live with it. go get your lovely samsung or whatever. why did you even come and comment. no one asked you anything.

  • assassin

its amazing mobile phone but that fucken guy that say its meeau is wrong and the correct form is meego so lets shut up when you dont know anything about mobile if you dont accept it visit nokia.europe and search for n9.

  • shaz6681

AnonD-18025, 06 Sep 2011What is this? Not super AMOLED screen, only 3.9", no... moreLooks like this dude was born using a dual core phone...
dude, meego is a lite OS and doesn require a dual core to run smoothly...
cant live wit this phone for a min??? noones askin u to buy one....

  • AnonD-18025

What is this?
Not super AMOLED screen, only 3.9",
no memory card slot, VGA secondary camera, 1GHz processor, not dual core, does not support regular SIM card.
OMG, I cannot live with this phone even a single minute!

  • Dude

Mohd, 05 Sep 2011games of Meego will be better than the games of Android.Sorry to correct you on this. What makes games great or good is down to the hardware use and also game developer. Anyway, since Meego is new, i think it will take times before we can see great games coming to meego devices. As for now, Android still have more and better games than Meego.

  • Dude

nokia mania, 04 Sep 2011why this model only have 8 megapixel compare with n8?Because N9 is actually not a successor to N8. N9 is a new phone altogether with new type of hardware and new Operating System. Anyway, judge from the sample given from Nokia, N9 seems to have top notch camera and video recording capability.

  • Dude

rip nokia, 05 Sep 2011nokia u lead the world with ur marvelous mobile phones unti... moreMindless creep. Kind of annoying for people keep on saying that Nokia should join in using Android. Can't they just buy the android phones that already in the market...just choose either Samsung, SE, LG, HP, Acer, Dell, HTC and many more. Nokia should keep on persuing Symbian, and in the same time produce high-end Windows phones and hopefully a few more Meego phones. Let other brand use Android. That way, mobile market will have more competitions, more variety more consumers and expect much faster development in mobile world.

  • SonyNok

Oh God! No radio? No problem I can manage with the 64GB hahaha...
I'm Still waiting pls. announce the Nokia N9...

  • rebo

nokia is a damn good phone maker but only thing i m uncomfortable with is the long pressing of homescreen button to suffle from one application to another. Want a dedicated button for it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2011does it run android games without having to download an ass... moreno android !

  • AnonD-11570

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2011OMG!!! Sure gonna buy the 32gig version when it's arrive in... moreWe can assure you Nokia N9 will launch with 16GB and 64GB variants at a competitive price on the 13th of September.

  • domo

lol.. so long wait.. already buy SGS2

  • Sisu

Mohd, 05 Sep 2011When it will be realeased we will know but i think all linu... moreN9 def. supports HTML5 anyway.

  • Hentaisama

Certainly, this device has no meego core.

  • ZiiimZooon

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2011OMG!!! Sure gonna buy the 32gig version when it's arrive in... moreThere's only 16GB or 64GB versions.. Not a 32GB :/

  • Anonymous

AnonD-11570, 05 Sep 2011 moreOMG!!! Sure gonna buy the 32gig version when it's arrive in malaysia, the retail price should be cheaper (RM1300 maybe?)

  • Anonymous

Alex, 04 Sep 2011Damn, i have really waited for this but with Maemo, not MeGoo.Maemo is a Meego...they merged

  • CHampolion

that have linux, that can make all your dreams