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  • Mohd

AnonD-20728, 04 Sep 2011does Nokia N9 support adobe flash 10.1?? When it will be realeased we will know but i think all linux handsets (Meego, Maemo etc) with RAMs above 512MB supports it.

  • Mohd

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2011does it run android games without having to download an ass... moregames of Meego will be better than the games of Android.

  • AnonD-20907

nokia please when it will wp7 phone on market??? i see leaked pics of n8-01 with 16megapxl is it true??

  • sk

nokia n950 when it will release?

  • The swede

Samsung is going for Meego

  • AnonD-11570

Check the above link for launch of Malaysia N9 launch due next week!

  • Anonymous

Nokia where is the FM radio

  • Italia

I am surprised over the great looks and the videos shown on youtube.
This phone is and will be mine soon.
This is design at top. Italians and scaninaviens arae the best when it comes to design.
The power in the n9 is just so best.
only 3 weeks to delivery.

  • dan

Nokia latest devices on Symbian 3 and Meego are very good and we (Nokia users) were troubled when the new Nokia CEO said that they will be jumping into Windows Phone OS. I also felt the same, but after seeing, HTC Titan using Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), I was amazed and relieved of my doubts. Windows Phone 7.5 features was a breakthrough, that is what you call true innovation. I was anticipating now for a Nokia released with Windows Phone 7.5 OS or later, with the excellent Nokia hardware, user friendliness and of course cheaper price compared to other.

Nokia & Windows Phone marriage line:

  • Anonymous

I am big fan of nokia & nokia is figting hard against the storming android i hope nokia come on the expectation symbian anna & symbian belly is ok but not good againt's android so the main weapon is meego i am waiting for it i am very dispointed frm nokia x7 no secondry camera & fixed focus camera but the phone look's cool but without those options it's disaster frm nokia

  • Brandon

Nokia shows that their difference is effective. I found the Linux based Maemo on the N900 was fascinating so i bought it. I've had the N900 for quite some time now and i still find it fascinating.
Meego is Linux based as well, so i'll be buying the N9 as soon as it's out.
Linux is way better than Android, Windows and Symbian. Blackberry and Mac can't compare.

  • veer

a 12 mp camera is really something new and also the fact that it is not running on symbian os

  • vicky

i have seen everytime nokia bring new phone they always forget something like this nokia n9 is very good but no memory card slot because of that me and many mobiles users will think before we buy this phone,,,

  • kiransatish

Ok, I dont get it. Whats going on with Nokia. I really like how they slimmed the phone and reduce the number of physical keys and 8MP camera is fine with me as long as they have good image processing kit that makes use of the whole 8MP raw data in an efficient way. No external storage facility is fine with me and 64GB is quite enough for a max number of users. I would really like to see USB3 support, mini HDMI, analog video out via headphones, bluetoothV3 and also an IR port which can be used for custom programming if someone likes to, FM transmitter which I like a lot in N8 and comes handy in a lot of situations while on the go.

Just one darn good phone with 100% snappier interface (MeeGo is fine), thats all it takes for Nokia, but even after all these years, they didn't get it yet.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2011im usin n8 nw it sukz am sure this gonna b ntinows! n8 is superb! i conclude that you don't have an n8 don't you? u just want to bash nokia ..:)

  • rip nokia

nokia u lead the world with ur marvelous mobile phones until 2010 when android and iphone took over the world... so stop making useless phones with ur os just sign a contract with android!

  • therock

AnonD-20618, 03 Sep 2011Nokias are too late with the new technology, but Samsung is... morenokia isn't too late at all. it is perfecting its craft!

  • Alex

Damn, i have really waited for this but with Maemo, not MeGoo.

  • Anonymous

does it run android games without having to download an assistant program???????? or i have to get the galaxy s2 ??????