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Nokia N9

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  • Anonymous

does it run android games without having to download an assistant program???????? or i have to get the galaxy s2 ??????

  • Denzo

AnonD-7546, 04 Sep 2011elop and microsoft knows the potentials of the meego os tha... moreI dont believe you are a Nokia fan. I think you are a fan of gigabytes! Cmon man, Nokia make nice phones that are sexy and nice to hold and look at, they dont focus on quadrant scores. It not what they have ever been about.

  • Anonymous

Gud phone but i must say, games are very few

  • AnonD-7546

elop and microsoft knows the potentials of the meego os that is why they are killing it cause they want to promote to windows 7 mango mobile os but htc now has already a good mango phone htc titan if they want to win the race between all the carriers they should make one hell of a hardware phone like 4.3" qHD screen polycarbonate body like the n9 1.5 duo core 1gb ram or more and of course the n8 camera 12mb or the sony ericsson sensore 16mb and the n9 space 64gb this kind of phone will kill all the competetors no question aded sure hope nokia get back on its feet cause am a nokia fan i own an n900 nearly 2 years now ( but can't help to notice that the wp7 mango is good after the reviews i read )

  • AnonD-20728

does Nokia N9 support adobe flash 10.1??

  • polema

it's cool bt hw come der's no radio? And hw come 8MP?

  • Anonymous

biggi, 04 Sep 2011why wont yu guys make 1 thing thats perfect, yu add this, y... moreHow true...why saddle it with a dead-in-the-water OS no matter how good the OS is?

  • biggi

why wont yu guys make 1 thing thats perfect, yu add this, yu subtract that, now its 16/64 gb memory but yu remove the memory card slot, the reason being?

  • AnonD-2731

nokia mania, 04 Sep 2011why this model only have 8 megapixel compare with n8?because they wanted to make it slimmer and more beautifull then the n9 because if they did put a 12 mp sensor on the back they would have to make that hump like on the n8 which is at least for me UGLY. and the performance of the camera i think will be the same or better then the n8... at least that is what they told us. we will just have to wait and see. btw you dont need 12 mp to make a lovely photo you can do it also with a great 5 mp shutter if it is of great quality. 8 mp is enough if you wont make megaposters

  • solar

Anto, 04 Sep 2011Waiting... waiting.... waiting... for N9.. Nokia release i... morenokia when release n9?

  • Anto

Waiting... waiting.... waiting... for N9..
Nokia release it soon....

  • nokia mania

why this model only have 8 megapixel compare with n8?

  • grim reaper

unfortunately,no :(

  • Anonymous

Nokia is TO BIG to be late.....BTW

Im waiting My Nokia N9 Damn!!!!!

  • AnonD-20618

Nokias are too late with the new technology, but Samsung is too fast with the last technology that can be compare with iphone, ipad....

  • aminter

Beautiful phone and even better with meego. Looks fantastic. I cannot wait the release. When will it be?

  • Anonymous

Is there a slot for an SD card???

  • Anonymous

Has it a hdmi connection?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2665, 01 Sep 2011sgs2 had a battery issue but samsung is introducing 2000mah... morethen sgs2 needs a backup plan so users would enjoy using it.. gotcha!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-16863, 02 Sep 2011as per now after android 2.3.4 update battry giving double ... moreno scratch, perhaps it fell down on a carpet..oh no scratch but broken funny dude!