Nokia N9

Nokia N9

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  • solar

Anto, 04 Sep 2011Waiting... waiting.... waiting... for N9.. Nokia release i... morenokia when release n9?

  • Anto

Waiting... waiting.... waiting... for N9..
Nokia release it soon....

  • nokia mania

why this model only have 8 megapixel compare with n8?

  • grim reaper

unfortunately,no :(

  • Anonymous

Nokia is TO BIG to be late.....BTW

Im waiting My Nokia N9 Damn!!!!!

  • AnonD-20618

Nokias are too late with the new technology, but Samsung is too fast with the last technology that can be compare with iphone, ipad....

  • aminter

Beautiful phone and even better with meego. Looks fantastic. I cannot wait the release. When will it be?

  • Anonymous

Is there a slot for an SD card???

  • Anonymous

Has it a hdmi connection?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2665, 01 Sep 2011sgs2 had a battery issue but samsung is introducing 2000mah... morethen sgs2 needs a backup plan so users would enjoy using it.. gotcha!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-16863, 02 Sep 2011as per now after android 2.3.4 update battry giving double ... moreno scratch, perhaps it fell down on a carpet..oh no scratch but broken funny dude!

  • Nayan -Bangladesh

Need dual SIM standby open in this phone.

  • udumbas

I have owned the n8 for about a year now. It has lots of buggs that are real annoying and are hard to fix. Nokia support is really bad.
On the positive note I finally got the phone working the way I want it to, and having a twelve megga pixel camera and HD recording is priceless.
If you want a faster processor get the N9, if you want a better camera pick the N8.

  • AnonD-20361

It will have Meego¿?

Meego now is of Intel but recently Intel has stopped the Meego develop

  • carlo

Anto, 02 Sep 2011Guys... there is a Bad news !! After webOS got on the ba... morejust a rumor no worries...

  • carlo

AnonD-16863, 01 Sep 2011specification comparison is enough for determining it :D g... moredon't worry n9 specs are far better than sgs2..

  • carlo

hayred, 01 Sep 2011nokia gone :). still stupid steps... by the way who ever ... morewhy are you numbnuts worry so much for us nokia users? if you don't like n9 or nokias then don't buy it, we don't care! it's your choice!
wow, so much hatred for nokia!

  • AnonD-135

would n900 apps and games work on n9

  • Anonymous

im usin n8 nw it sukz
am sure this gonna b ntin

  • AnonD-2665

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2011how much this product nokia N9 at stores itz not released yet but it ll cost 670$ for 16GB version !