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  • Yogi

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2011Same Display as SGS i9000 Same CPU & Video camera as SGSL i... moreN9 have Better UI, better design, better quality material used not like that plastic crap... faster & better camera than s2 (best after N8), better battery life... NFC support and every second phone is android now... there is hardly a difference in S2 ot S1 or any other high end android phone... this is something unique and much better than android... so stop comparing and buy the plastic crap for yourself...

  • AnonD-2665

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2011Same Display as SGS i9000 Same CPU & Video camera as SGSL i... moren9 has the best camera after N8 !

  • Cokesman

BB's are cool in that they hve the bb mesanger and the ability to compress files Yeah! Even with that Nokia's are cooler with thier designs, gaming and funtions but Nokia can do better. Lets have Nokia messanger and take the market by storm. That's competition is all about. With the features of the N9, add all these other stuffs and see what happens. food for thought Nokia (You acn do better)

  • mian fahad

Nicee looking and greater than E series

  • AnonD-2731

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2011Same Display as SGS i9000 Same CPU & Video camera as SGSL i... moreomg samsung fanboy we dont care what you think. what are you and your friends allways doing on other phones forums and post comments no one carres about. we love the n9 and we will get it if we want. you can get your gs2(or so called iphone copy)

  • Anonymous

Same Display as SGS i9000
Same CPU & Video camera as SGSL i9003
Same Camera & RAM as SGS II i9100


  • AnonD-2665

AnonD-15537, 01 Sep 2011hi ppl presently im using N86 8mp and C7, n satisfied with these... moremagenta ! This phone is not coming to india ! Or may be come after a year of itz release

  • zsch

Now, this is a risk taker. Great goin nokia. At least you can boast of an innovative move in the mobile world. Buttonless! Great. To all you accusing the phone of being weak because it harbours a not-so-popular platform, think again. Meego ranks higher than symbian in most websites

  • AnonD-15537

hi ppl presently im using N86 8mp and C7, n satisfied with these next phone wud b N9 or any high end galaxy. By d way im fan of N9 is my first choice.wch colour of N9 will luk cook plz suggest me.ur reply wil b appreciated.thnx in advance

  • Anto

NOKIA 703(Sea Ray)... WP7..
specs are like that of an HTC..very bad Nokia...
Display - LCD 480x800 pixels 3.7
Camera - 5MP.
Memory - 8GB storage and 512MB RAM.
...well thats disappointing ... expected similar specs as N9.
I am definitely buying N9... best screen in the market, Meego OS, best & fastest camera, 64GB memory.
Check this link for the video taken by N9... looks damn cool....

  • babu

when the set is goin 2 b available in india?

  • jayuer

hmmm. thats another orphan phone from nokia .n900 and now n9. sounds also very similer :D

nokia concentrate on 1 technology man. otherwise you will nt get market back :D

  • AnonD-20045

Yogi, 31 Aug 2011We all know what N8 have and N9 don't... so stop metioning it ag... moreu don't understand me body ...
I when the n9 is the new and better product why nokia did that ??
i wan't hdmi and n9 together !!!
get it ??

  • Anonymous

Great Features and nice look

  • Anonymous

hi,nokia ceo,plz wake up n release a phone which support 4G network,b 4 iphone launch it

  • suru

i was all time fan of Nokia, but recently shifted to Samsung. With this model i will come back to Nikia. Impressive specs

  • Yogi

More than 4 million visitor on Nokia N9 specifications page... before it has been released in market... that shows how much attentions and likes its getting... this will lay the baseline for the success story of N9... good work Nokia on this N9... appreciate your work...

  • yogi

[deleted post]then you are the only who thinks so... refer the below official site of Nokia...­ecifications/N8-00/

you can find all about N8(things that you don't knows).. its mentioned there the processor is 680Mhz :P... by the way thanks for inviting me to your house...!!

  • nikhu

nokia 9 what r aiming,its for businuss purpuse or its for youth

  • Anonymous

this is what am talking about
i am going for this