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Nokia N90

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  • Rifat

Can anyone say N90 can take a close snap of an object of 450/500 feet away in case of both still photo and video?

  • Anonymous

threw away my k750 after i saw tis phone

  • Nokia User

how much mb of mmc can N90 being put in? max= 1gb or 2gb? plz reply my enquiry for those who has put 2gb & it can be use.

  • dirk41

mjdj: are you sure that it has the best 2MP camera in the market?! i doubt!

  • james

is it just me or do the last comments on this phone ridiculous....

  • nadir

if i wanted a moblie cam tht i could print out gud prints of is this a good chioce

  • Rudy

I have some Nokia N90 for sale very very cheap.All are brand new unloked with warranty + 2 chargers one for american electricity and one for european electricity.
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  • KeeKai

im gonna get one maybe next week. its so cool i guess.. its byebye time for my Nokia 6600!

  • DC

I have this phone and it's a very good phone. It's very cool and the camera is great. NOKIA is always a better choice.

  • Anonymous

how pretty?

  • bowers

hey people i have had my N90 snice Jan06,
The phone is the best one i have had but it is now 5 months old and is used everyday and the wear and tear is bad. The colour is rubbing off all over the edges but apart from that what a phone it even takes a 2gb card. camcorder in bin nokia N90 in my pocket !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

i got the phone. My friend is so jealous. please helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp. She is wit an old fashioned sharp 1st generation phone. oooooooooo

  • Dr WyzDom

This is a very sturdy phone. the twist portion cant break off easily. if you abuse it, that is a different story. It does have a habit of going to video/camera mode by itself sometimes if you have it in your pocket. the video recording can be any length you want. it all depends on what memory card you have. I have a 1gb mc, so my recording capabilities is massive. the quality is amazing. 2mp is a big difference. I haven't tried the video conf yet. because no many people have phone like these. the N93 will be a gorgeous phone when it comes out. 3.2 mp camera. wow.

  • Anonymous

The N90 has the best camera among the 2MP phones. Yet I have still some fears about the rotating screen and that of the camera if it might get loose or some thing? So, if anyone had experienced any of the mentioned problem plz send your comment. Thank you

  • liam

It's a great phone, except that it has 1 major unforgivable blunder, disability, to say the least---and that is its gross inability to shoot videos while the clamshell is closed, by just pressing on the dedicated recorder button, without having to turn the camera.

Without this discreet video filming capability, the n90 is a screamer: "Hey, I'm taking your video! Hit me in the face nd smash my n90!"

Nokia people, wake-up and give us solutions that matter!

N90 users unite and lobby for an upgrade that will solve this unjust vexation to the n90!!!!

liam of n90

  • Celcom Careline

I bought this phone for my gf.. cool features, great camera and videos, jealous of my gf having it..(im only using sony ericsson P910) so i took it back.. hehe cruel isnt it.. i really luv this phone. sorry my gf

  • Honey

Yeah...! I got N90 already... It's nice! but too expensive!anyway, it's only Installment! eheheheh!

  • Anonymous

i wanna know...if it has only 1 camera during a video call cand u point it so that the other person can see u?

  • NokiaUser

Hi asking abt the N90 video recording. How long can i use the N90 to take a video. Hope sum1 out there can reply me. Thks for ur help.

  • james_06

I just got the nokia n90 , this phone is really hot, pls don't believe what anyone else is saying about the phone been slow thats completely untrue, i've not had any problems with the nokia n90, it never stalled on me while i used it, browsing through the menus was a breeze, i didnt have any problems with the camera or recording, the pciture quality is superb compared to other phone, though i heard about a new sony ericsson phone thats gat a better video and imaging quality, the sound is rich and clear,
though it doesn't have a vibration mode, i think its ok, cos the vibration would affect and possibly damage the camera lens, i'm hopin to keep this phone for a while, i heard other users complain about the weight of the nokia n90, the weight is just fine, its not that heavy as most people mentioned earlier, the only point i'd agree with which most people complained about is the size, the size kinda put me off a little when i placed it on my desk, but when you flick the phone into the transformer mode it changes everything
well done nokia, the nokia n90 is good, but give us your best, i expect to see a nokia n series phone with a vibration mode and more memory.