Nokia N90

Nokia N90

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  • marius

i just wanna now ...n90 has 2 mp camera...the pictures are good?

  • aries francisco

I Think this is so nice and very beautiful indeed. actually, i'd like to have 1 but i cant afford to buy 1. Hay.

  • Anonymous

thats a good buy for ur girlfriend yo. i dunno why even taking into account the size girls love this phone

  • aety rona

awesome mobile...

  • Dan

N90 is simply a gorgeous phone. It's a phone designed for showing off. When I got the phone, it's rectangular appearance when closed simply does not appeal. The real beauty of the phone shows once you open it or twist it for shooting. It's a large phone hinting that it is intended for men's use. The phone commands great respect and turns heads when laid on the table. You can even go out looking like trash and still look good once you flash this phone.

I really appreciate the phone's Hi-res display and user-friendly keypad. On the downside, the metal lining on the side of the phone has a permanent smudge which probably came from my "lotioned" hands. It's best not to remove the protective plastic cover on the internal display as it hits the keypad when closed. I bought a plastic display protector again since the original plastice protector that comes with the package was already scratched. This is my main complaint about the design. The display hits the keypad, (the silicone tab on the bottom is not high enough) leading to scratching of the display unless protected.

  • ste12

ive had this fone for quite a while now and i think it rocks. anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get one and find out 4 themselves.

  • dumulus

Pls stop seying that it hasn-t have the vibrating future...i've read it 1.000.000 times in your opinions...and if it doesn't have it what?during a school ouhr you can't answer,wright? as some gayes said you can set it on meeting profile and you'll here only a silent beep, and that's enough to know that yo're phone is ringing, or you recived a sms. And another problem I think is comparing this nokia N90 whith Sony Ericsson K750i... come on people it is a Sony Ericsson... that phone costs around 250Euro's new in shop...lately Sony Ericsson products are becoming mp3 players...just look at it...the batery life at a SE K750i in 3-4 months it becomes shorter and simbian..maybe this phones(N90) has a little gaps...but i can ashore you that SE k750 has at least twice more. Nokia brings on the market only expensive phones...why? maybe because of the quality and the durability... think about it

  • Anonymous

Hi can the symbian operating system be updated so it can run faster tested one out and it lags abit. The menu is slow, can anything be done, Thanks

  • Anonymous

this phone is just simply rocks the entire mobile world!!!

  • Seth Watson

Well I do not think the N90 has a practicle camera spot because when you are taking a video on it its just wrong

  • FAY(KL)

I bought this phone to my x girl and also bought rs dv mmc 1 gigabyte for her,coz this is her dream phone.I heard this is the best 2mp hp among nokia and the maximum memory is 1 Gigabyte is that right????.For me this is a great hp and it's so fashionable especially for women...I will give to her tomorrow on her birthday,hope i can win her heart again....surprise honey!!!Maria i luv u...and thanks to nokia!!!!

  • Munki Fish

This fone is ginormous i got it and im sending it back and getting a different fone because it is sooo big!!! it is almost the size of my hand!

  • Pedram

I suppose this phone is great,i've got this for since one month ago,and it's so nice and shapy.
this phone doesn't have vibrator,yas! but that isn't a problem,if you would like to use this phone in class or during meeting you can change the profile to (meeting),so you'll hear just a beep sound as a ringing tone or massage alert tone.
in this way you'll not bother your teacher or your colleague during class or meeting.
this phone is fantasting and brilliant in style and design.
n90 has a camera with flash made in zeiss compony,that's very very good .
finally i can say that this phone is one of by far the best phones which you've seen in your life.
be happy forever
live in luxury and be in fashion with the n90 phone.

  • sms

its a great fone,i ll buy it soon,cuz i love this fone,but tell me plzz abt firmware,how much cost it takes to do this????im waitin 4 answer.bye

  • joel

the nokia n90 is a cool phone, i'm hoping the price comes down, anybody gat links to retailers, online stores marketing the nokia n90

  • Anonymous

You can put the phone on silent profile if you dont want it to ring

  • Anonymous

If n90 has no vibartion feature, is there another way that it can silenced without leaving it off?


see i like the phone so much,realy i wish i get my own as soon as possible.

  • sunday okorie

Men am in deep love with this tantalizing phone.I wish i will get mine tonight.I MEAN I LOVE THIS PHONE.

  • Anonymous

its very nice for continues phone chargers
but a small suggestion just increse battery backup remaining things are very extra ordinary