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Nokia N90

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  • Anonymous

There are two things that i really need to understand about mobiles in general and about N90 in specific.What is a firmware?What is the difference between unlocked and locked GSM?Thank you.

  • JPAD218

No vibration for this phone because of the Carl Zeiss Lens.


there is no good at all to walk with $600 phone while I am moving in different countries//some parts they feel bad that they are hungry and you posses USD's on your pocket// quite unconfortable

  • Reza

is the nokia headset that come out with 3250 work on n90 ?
or is there any device with remote control for n90 when its in ur pocket

  • n90 user

i hate people saying k750i takes better pictures while it doesnot n90 is slightly better..even on this site they say k750i is better..well i donot think so.if it wouldnot be better than k750i it will surely cost less.

  • mi

can u tell me frm wich website i can buy memory card for n90

  • vincent

N90 have no phone vibration??

  • Peter

Bought this from and seems like a really great phone. I wish the screen was a bit more crisp, but overall the deal I got was awsome for an unlocked gsm phone.

  • Anonymous

Please tell me how is the sound of N90.Is it better for music.

  • Death

Excellent mobile phone, even better than the n70.

  • Nokiauser

Yes upgrading the firmware makes the phone alot better, my phone used to lag and crash until I upgraded my firmware at a nokiacenter, now it works wonderfully.

  • JD

wow i got this phone 2 days ago exchaned for my N70..and i dont regret it. The screen is so smooth and the camera & flash are awesome with a macro mode which N70 dont have. the onlu thing missing is the damn Vibration function in it . otherwise king of nokia phones.

  • Chitiche

Well,i m using an 6230i but since i meet the N92 i decided to change it, but no cash for it an i will keep N90 also nice.

  • tyler

when you upgrade the firmware does it make the phone better

  • Reza

Hi everybody
pls help me how can i convert files to mp4 format that n90 can play it
When i convert a *.dat or *.mpg file with an ordinary mp4 maker and copy it to my phone the real player write that it cant be play

  • UCHE

I am bought Nokia N90 yesterday, i will like to know how i can start downloading images, themes, ringtones and other necessary download online. pls help me

  • Jacob

My n90's firmware has been upgraded. Just visit the nearest Nokia service center or Nokia CARE center and ask for an upgrade. Depending on the queue, upgrading takes about an hour. (3.5 hrs in my case). If your phone has a warranty, the upgrade is free of charge. Otherwise, you'll have to pay. If your phone has a warranty, please bring necessary documents(ie. purchase receipt) Anyway, they will verify if your phone has a warranty in the nokia database. BENEFITS of UPGRADE: the same interface; faster loading of menu and operations, the phone does not freeze/hang anymore.

Just make sure to test drive everything in your phone after the upgrade (before leaving the Nokia center). I experienced camera hardware failure in my N90, probably caused by the upgrade.

In the Philippines you may visit the Nokia center at Digital Exchange, 3rd floor, Glorietta 3.

  • Danish H Khan

N-90 CANNOT be compared to N-70......Even if this website, proves it otherwise, even then i'll opt for the N-90....
10 more pointers for it......

  • Anonymous

I think that the N90 is an excellent mobile phone. It is even better than the N70.

  • buynow