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Nokia N90

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  • ali

does any one know if the nokia n90 has a vibration i hv the nokia phone but u cnt set that up in the menu help thnx

  • Anonymous

how to upgrade the firmware?

  • Danish H Khan

One of the coolest Mobile around...
I just LUV the way it is....Handling it piece of cake(as it is a NOKIA)
10-Points for the N-90..

  • david

hi..can i know how u guys upgrade the firmware? did u guys did it yourself ?

  • Yagami

What about the battery? It is true that is really crappy?

  • stacey lou lou

how do you get the light on when your doing videos in the dark its on for pic just not videos please help....

  • 50cal

Just had my phone upgraded to the new firmware cookie monster was talkin about ROCKS!!! it runs faster, sounds better, and does not lose the network signal that often anymore. I'va also noticed that the phone hasnt frozen up yet since I got it from the Nokia center. very good phone! now all i need is a big memory card for all those mp3's and mp4's! hehe! any recommended brands of DV RS-MMC? besides the nokia original of course, coz they only offer up to 256MB.

  • Anonymous

This phone is nice, it has basically everthing(apart from TV) but the price is ck it's $993 at Dick Smith in AUS...Good phone other wise

  • cookiemonster

Firmware 5.0607.7.3

Nokia Mobile Phones Service Bulletin No.

* Access point configurator improved
* Operator name display logic improved and operator info updated
* Hungarian language added to Russian (v05) language package
* Out of Memory management optimization

Call and network management
* Emergency numbers harmonizedwith Nokia N70 emergency number definitions
* Conference call functionality improved (adding calls and swapping)
* Phone number grouping added to language variants
* Right soft key is now used for initiating a video call when number is entered manually
* Call bubble handling improved for call waiting, call timer and CLIP

Messaging ? SMS
* User interface for Instant Messaging improved

* BMP files OMA Download improved
* Fonts improved in the Browser
* Downloading big MP3 file improved
* MIDlet download with certain MIME types improved
* "Find web address" functionality improved

* Image handling with Kodak kiosk improved
* Autofocus focus indication functionality improved
* Arabic lay-out improvements
* Activation time for camera shortened
* Camera help start-up time shortened
* Saving of images improved in camera mode

Gallery, editors and printing
* JPEG decoding improved
* Thumbnails in Gallery for image taken with sequence mode improved
* Video editor performance improved
* 3gp file recognition from header improved

Real One Player and streaming
* AAC file playing improved
* Handling of different DRM content types improved
* Video playback improved
* New audio parameters for HiFi headsets
* eAAC+ files playing improved
* Midi Audio Clip playing improved

SIM cards and SIM Access toolkit
* SIM ATK functionality improved
* SMS and e-mail sending improvement via SIM ATK
* Deactivation of FDN enabled when using USIM

Application installer and Java
* DRM protected (Separate delivery) java files downloading improvements

* Bluetooth Interoperability improved
* Functionality improved when connecting to headset canceled
* Audio improvements for video call

Personal information management
* Audio recorder UI improved
* Name dialing: Training of user-edited voice commands is improved
* Fixed Dialing Number length increased up to 40 digits
* Forward Locked audio & video playing enabled after restoring the backup from MMC

* Functionality improved when copying contacts to SIM card.
* Receiving a contact via Bluetooth improved
* Progress bars for synchronization improved
* Notepad can now open text files larger than 150 KB
* Functionality using protected audio files as ring tones improved
* UI improvements when scaling different sizes of images to wallpaper and default theme is in use
* Startup tone is no more played when powering up in meeting mode
* Functionality with PDP context activation in 3G improved - USSD user note improved

  • mehrnaz

i can not use video record and only use as camera for photo
please help me and show the procedure

  • Anonymous

i had this phone for two problems many people say that se k750i takes better picture than n90..well thats just friend has k750, when we compared the photos in computer n90 gives slightly better results than k750i.ever since i have bought this its fast.i donot understand many people saying its slow.i lov this phone.

  • Anonymous

people aren't forced to buy things , so why don't they do the research on items before buying items. If the phone does't do what you want or looks to big then don't buy it. I have a n90 and had it for 5 months, great phone and new exactly what I was buying.

  • Anonymous

i have n90
it's very baddddd
because 1-it dosent have vibrator 2-look gient in your hand 3-it's LCD dosn't rotate 180 degree it's worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • manchild

I have owned my N90 for 3 months.It is a very functional and easy to use all round device.Most important,it performs its core function as a phone very well.I was no a nokia buyer prior to purchasing this device.,However complements are in order for a premier product.My comments are not hearsay.but based on actual prolonged use.Congrats to Nokia.

  • precious

the nokia N90 is my most favorite.i love it but i have one problem with it and it is a stereo fm radio cuz i love to listen the radio

  • 6T9

I've been using this phone for almost a month now, I'd have to say its a very good phone in terms of features and functionality. its a bit slow sometimes and loses the network signal in places where my other phone (sony ericsson k700i) does'nt. I already talked with the nokia people and they said upgrading the software might fix the problem. Anyhow, here's my real question. What brand of DV RS/MMC (except for the nokia original) would you recommend for the N90? I've heard that some brands of cards are not compatible with particular phones. So, I'm thinking twice before getting a bigger RS/MMC for my n90. I dont want to buy something thati snot compatible, beacuse it produces a lot of problems and is a pain in the @ss. Any suggestions guys? thanks

  • jen

who needs a camcorder wen u got one of these? hey it sucks but its cheaper to use than a camcorder.

  • alex

do they a software like "Skype"that can use in Symbian phone.TQ

  • amir

i like it


Yo people and yes I do speak to all of you.
This phone i realy work of art *%&$ the vibration does not make a phone there isn't a thing that's bad about it thanks to all the nokia people.
I think they did their job very good this time!!!