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  • Ijebor

i just brought my N90 and i love everything about the phone ,what i hate most in the phone is just that he doesn't have FM Radio,that is what bothered my my next plan ,is too buy the N92,i love N92 and it's a very good phone

  • fraz

the n90..a huge revolution
i have had all kinds of fones,the n90 was one of the best,i've had it for 2 months now and i havnt even complained about it once,even thought it doesnt have vibration and its too bulky but who cares?but if i were you i'd go for the n91,i've had it for a day now and its the best,no problems at all.and the 4gb memory thats way too hot

  • sumit suri

This probably one of the worst phones that Nokia has made, it has no vibration, the whole phone is very slow, if you try to click photo with even the slightest of zoomz then you get grains, also the much is quite bulk to handle and quite heavy too. and too expensive, the SE750i takes this phone bot hands down!!

  • esso

Have it since September '05, overall enormously satisfied although lack of vibration is in my opinion a serious flaw. The other thing is it takes ages to turn on so i rarely switch it off. It is true battery time is quite short, with moderate usage i get abt 2 days, but on the other hand it recharges fully in abt 20 minutes, maybe even less, so thats not so huge an issue. the camera is greta although still no match for a true digicam. One other problem i have encountered and not yet resolved is a strange blemish that has appeared on the external screen, like a small graphic. Does anyone know if the external screen can be replaced?

  • william

hi in william
why nokia did not make a cover for this n90?

  • rs player

this post is for the so-called (nameless guy)
i dont know why you said no themes(bad)you can download those themes from they also provide other things for almost any OS phone...
they also have a preset theme so i dont know why you complaint that there are no themes are on the N90

  • Anonymous

man i had the n70 for a week,it sucked,nothin worked,no programs worked on it,crappy sound quality,bad resolution,bad camera(no extra features),bad quality radio,then i bought a n90,the best phone i think i've ever had,by not considereing the weight,great camera,great loudspeaker,good os,no vibration(too bad),no themes(too bad),GREA GREAT SCREEN RESOLUTION,plz believe me,dont go for the n70,the n90 is way better,after a while u will just realise that the n70 was a wate of money

  • Tenon

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  • Anathaema

thanx, Robert, I should receive one soon, hope it lasts that much for me too :)

  • 3styler

I have this phone since february and I think it's one of the best.Why?Because it's a complete phone. The soft it's kinda slow, but my phone never crashed, I had 2 or 3 restarts,but I think the source of that was a programe installation failure. Maybe I'm one of the luckiest N90's owners, but I think I don't have (yet) a reason to complain about a magnificent piece of art from Nokia!

  • Robert

Re standby time - with medium usage, I've gotten about 4-5 days standby time - or rather, battery time.

  • mel

Some people like it some don't, feel it, touch it, look at it and see what it can do before you purchase, then if you buy it its your problem then, why winge about something when you have the option not to purchase.We all like different things.Thats life.

  • soorena

i can not speek engilish qearfuly , pleas help me , i have n90 in iran , MY ASK IS: HASE N 90 VIDEO PEREJECTION ?

  • Tom

its a brick and doesnt vibrate wats the point you may as well get a proper camera

  • flower of hell

well i tried this mobile and i did not liked it...first the size of it...2nd it keeps hanging and restarting...and dont except much from the cam...also the battery stay for one day only

  • |Z|

The explanation of the missing vibration is that when the Nokia ingeneers were creating this phone they thought that not many people would wear the phone close to them, due to it's bigger dimensions and weight, and the second reason lies in the complex construction of the camera module, as well as the entire phone, and possible damage caused by the vibration.

  • Anathaema

it's been asked, probably, but scrolling 100 pages is not worth it, so, here's my question:
what's the stan-by time with medium usage?
I want an answer from some1 who has the phone.
thank you

  • Shahab Khalighy

Video quality is the best between all of the mobile phones, display quality also.

  • james

no it does not hav radio it dont even have vibrate :S very interesting device tho along with the sony p990 its the only OS phone with an auto focus camera

  • R.I.C.

does this phone have radio???because i never seen somebody to say that it has ???