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  • Darien

I see lame opinions from people who doesnt really have tried the phone before...

I bought this phone 2 weeks ago and I see not much of a problem as some of you stated it would be...

I know that "no vibration" is a big problem for some of you, N90 is made specially for taking pictures, same as N-gage is mainly for games... Other functions are bound to be left out but it has it's own advantages.

N90 (Vibration) - out-going phone where you take pictures with it mostly, so why should it be in your pockets most of the time?

Battery life - So far I've no problem with the battery life, at all... Usually I make/recieve calls for about 2-3 hours total everyday and the battery barely depleted by half.
Taking 50+ pictures barely depleted 1 bar of the battery so why am I reading complaints about battery life?

Pictures - Carl Zeiss Optics enabled N90 to take pictures from a distance... Might not be clear as a real camera should be, but then it's "Digital Zoom", not "Optical Zoom"... Anyone with Digital Camera with no optical zoom should know how bad the pictures will be if you take a picture with full zoom.

  • vic

why do people purchase a phone and dont know what it can do or cant do. Don't they check first to see if it has the items they need.hmmm

  • Dibyajyoti

Well I think Nokia N90 design and the software support it recieves from the symbian community is an advantage as compared to sony ericsson k750. However in hardware k750 seems to be far ahead of nokia in more vivid colour production while shooting with k750,saves much quiker,flash is more powerful than n90 though n90 has carl zeis lens which did'nt came to resque it,Morever N90 is very buly, battery life of n90 is very poor as compared to k750. I expected n90 to be very good after the hype it created but all seems in vain. The only problem with k750 seems to be the lack of office applications as being not a symbian platform. Nokia is rulling due to its extensive range of software available for its phone while sony just seems to be reluctant not to support third party software. Morever the number of messages that can be stored in k750 is pathetic.

  • kabuto

gud huh? really?

  • pren pren

I really find the N90 attractive but the most important feature that's missing is the vibrator!! That's a shame. However i will still be purchasing it. Nokia phones rock!!

  • daniel Y

OMG this phone looks hot...but i read the opinions and most of them r good:D and some r not good but not bad just alright. I like the applications on this phone and i like the camera and design...pretty much everyfing on this phone!!:D Did u no dat this phone is used in the clip by the PCD of stickwitu....mad song!!! the only crap thing is that it has no frekin VIBRATION!!!:@ need VIBRATION for class and stuff...geeeez its rlly good but dissapointed that this phone does not hav VIBRATION!!! Everything else is GREAT!!!:D....cya guys and holla if u hav any mor probs so i can see them and think if i should get this phone...bye!!:D

  • Matt

The nockia is the best phone in the wotld and i rrally want it for my birthday in August but i do't Know how much it is but it is da best phone in the world

  • Reza

"what kind of mobile should i buy ? "
maybe this question comes to your mind and think about reading other people opinions .
its very good but remember that , buy anything you like
mobile depend on a person style
for example i like N90 so much after i read this review i will buy one although most of my friends said that its not a good phone and u can buy a better thing with a same money

  • Anonymous

the best N generation Nokia so far...

  • metallica

hi all, on this site,no vibration has written about n90!is that true??hows that possible about a latest set missing an important funstion?specially students need vibration when they are in the class!!

  • WizMaster

Hi there,

is there any possibility to install a radio software in N90....

and i think its quite LARGE, if any of you got this phone i would like to know what do you think of its size and its software speed.

another question... does this phone works good as a digital camera?

  • sici

can someone plese tell me where can i get the wallet app for my N90???thank you

  • den-

n90 n w900i quite have the same functions but n90 is more coolz n rox in design..actually which fone is better.???anybody can tell me??

  • sici

a very good radio though...i need the wallet application...where can I find it???isn't this a bussiness phone???
why doesn't it have a WALLET????

  • Anonymous

anyone from Singapore????

i was asking whether that when you bought the N90 in Singapore...not the hp service provider shop but the nokia shop...does the hp have all the service provider websession all saved in the hp?
websession is not the browser but the setup for the browser it is the thing where you need to put the username and password then you launch the internet on the hp that thing

im a guy who needs to use the hp internet sometimes to download things to the hp for entertainment so anyone who bought directly from the nokia shop pls tell me!!!!
because i think the hp service provider saved the websession to the hp before selling
and when we bought it from the nokia shop i dont think they will save it to the hp

  • Anonymous

hey guys...i noticed sumting interesting.. flip open your N90 n expose it to bright lights immediately....the keypad lights will automatically turns off in 2-3 secs time...when the surronding is dim, the keypad lights will on for a longer period of time b4 it turns off...

  • Mosta

Basiclly N70 Sux N90 Rox

  • nobody

i want to ask the
reduced size-dual voltage-mmc memory card is it that the phone can use all brand with
does it have calculator?
the video recording and voice memo is it based on the memory card?

  • katzchen

hey guys! if you were to compare nokia's N90 to sony ericsson's uber postponed P990i, which will you choose? I was considering buying P990i but because of SE "delaying tactics" i'm really frustrated and now I'm looking for a new phone, is nokia's N90 worth giving up (the waiting) for SE's P990i?

  • o2 employee

both the N90 and N91 are both set to be launched on the 15/05/06. however this is estimated,depending on nokia. But if you really want it, just do what i did, order it of, foc on O2-UK. ive had the fone over 2 weeks now and its the best peice of kit ive ever had. great fone. WELL DONE NOKIA!!!!!