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  • Ricky

Camera is quite good, as good as Sharp V902, but compare to K750i/W800i, N90 camera is too bad (even same 2MP). At the moment, Samsung Anycall S230 has the best camera in the market with 3.2Mp with 3x physical zoom, and then Sharp V903(3.2Mp), 750i/W800i(2MP) is the second best, and then the N90. Other features for N90 is quite good, but disadvantage of the weight and the size, and the price as well! So if you want to buy this phone, consider your pocket! As much as a price for average laptop! Cheers

  • Rune

Well Moe.

Welcome to the "I have nothing to contribute to the discusion" topic". Oh well, I guess SE users are on the sam low level as the price of their phones.

  • paul c

this discussion gone sour im getting one and i bet its alrite in the end,just people wittering on about w800i and on and on-bog off to the sony ericsson site YOU should not be on this n90 is a beast of a handset and the battery is my only real concern.theirs nothing else like it ,not for now anyway,its just getting hold of it

  • Moe

i dont get it. On what basis are u stating those statements on. N90 camera beter than w800i. I have seen sooo many reivew say that w800i had a better camera and here u r (HALEY) trying to prove a point which is false. TSk i think u have the N90 that is why u r standing up for it. I would too if i spent $1000 for this inetead of something like a laptop. HAHAHAH people nowadays dont know how to spend their money wisely. $1000 give half of that to charity and imagine how much it would help.

  • Haley

It is impossible fer N90 to lose to w800i.. Go to page 6-8 and look fer a web-site link tat contain over 100 pic took wid N90.. I hv seen w800i pic quality and i muz say it is not up to standard fer a 2mp lense..

Those who say w800i is betta den N90 becoz of the Pic provided by GSMARENA in the review..

BUt can't ya ppl see the conditon of the lighting and the position is different.. Tat y N90 lose to W800i.. If taken at both exact same condtion position.. N90 win 100% to 30%.. If those who cant see the different in lighting condition and position different and say tat W800i is betta.. Ya are not worth to use a image-Hp such as N90 rite???

[Sorie fer any offend]
{Personally comment}

  • Haley

I mean seriously.. Does ppl buy Hp fer vibration.. It is alrite without vibration as long as the Hp is good.. Even Gsmarena said it doesn't hv vibration.. If vibration is so important.. Instead of spending $1000 on a non-vibration Hp.. Spend $100 on nokia-1100.. The vibration is so strong it can be use as a vibrator!!! LOL..

Anyway enuff tok.. I'm getting N90 tis wk-End.. CHeers!

Cost $7++ In singapore..Tink should be $798!

  • Haley

If ya say tat N90 cam sux.. Do ya noe y is [Carl Zeiss Optics] lense so expensive???

Other Hp lense are chemically mould..
Carl Zeiss Optic Lense is mould from naturally Earth material..Which can be found only in Germany.. So it is impossible to say tat the Cam sux.. Ya get wad i mean..

A Normal 3Mp Digital cam made from Carl Zeiss Optics cost SGD$3000..

[Nv doubt the world famous lense maker!]

  • Rune


Sigh... It has been said 1000 times on this forum that it has not vibration effect. It say so in the specification on this page and at Nokias homepage. It probably does say so on EVERY serious review on the internet...

Are you telling me that you bought a phone without reading or asking anyone on the internet or at a store about something you obviously find important, are you that S****D ??? You should have done your homework. If you did not do any of the mentioned suggestions before investing such an amount in a phone I must unfortunately say you deserve what you get.

If the vibration effect is so important to you go and change the phone and next time try to think and investigate all aspect of a product before you spend so much money on anything.

Because of the size of the N90 did you realy expect it to have vibration... smartguy.

Most obviously your a SE supporter who has no N90.

Have a nice day.

  • Poison

how is it possible .. i payed 1000$ for it and i now saw it has no vibration :((

  • D-Tox

yes N90 is in india about time gotta wait 2 days then i will have it in my hands I really hope it is worth 34000 RS ( us $ 775.282 ) i mean 775 us $ is alot only for a phone and which one is better N70 which will b the same price oh what do i do i cant get n90 but ii must have it for like 1 year then and that sucks oh and in korea now they are a 7 mega pixel camara PHONE and nokia just realesd 2 megapix wow SONY AND ALLLL COMPANYS ARE REALLLLLLY FAR BEHIND

  • Rune

N. vs S.E.

I`m sure that was you personal opinion. I actualy think the N90 is better than the W800, that is why i bought it. The two phones have many of the same qualitites. The W800 is better at Mp3 while the N90 has a better video recording function. As for the camera I would say they are about the same, but the turning mechanism does in my opinion give N90 the advantage. As I find the video recording quality more important than Mp3 this was the deciding factor for me. Of course if I would have wanted a jukebox I would have waited for the N91.

  • byron

i wan to ask every ppl some thing!!!!!!!!!!

the N90 screen can turn how many degree
the N90 camera can turn how many degree

and something tat i wan to say is can the phone vibrate

  • N. vs S.E.


If you said W800 camera sucks, then for sure you will be disappointed with the N90 !!!
( I have both ).

  • C.C

I think this phone is the best. The video recording quality on this phone is better than bout 10-20% of the video cam in the market. And it has kick ass picture quality. This phone is for all who are high tech. Although its a little big, hei but the functions are great. I know its expensive, but i guess thats y its special, its not gonna be just a common phone where people all have it cause not everyone can afford it. Peace out!

  • Rune


The camera can turn 180 one way and 90 the other so you are prepared for every eventuality. Except for the self portrait you will not need to turn the camera.

  • popisk

352*416 dose not mean the screen is big!!!The screen much is smaller size then the sharp 903.but the sharp has less resolution 240*320....

  • Anonymous

Does the screen only rotate one way???


  • Mark

Ummm, I think people have the wrong end of the stick.

I know you can take self-portraits with the N90.

That was kinda my point. (i.e. a W800 & K750i can't)


  • D-Tox

it is a small pic not a big screen even when i transfer to my computer
hey is there any diffrent in N70 and N90 just the lense i herd tht N90 takes better pics i hope thats true N70 is coming in End Sept but no one really talks about it i guess N90 is more popular

  • Rune


The quality of the Video recordings on the N90 is much better than on the W800, but on the camera itself the W800 should not be as bad as that.