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  • Abdulslam

i want to ask about the battery life specially when playing mp3

how many hour can it hold playing mp3 music ?

  • Aaron

My phone doesn't hang nor freeze anymore. I don't know why. I'm still into 1.10 sw and have no plans of upgrading because my phone is working perfectly very well. Sending SMS and browsing the web are not issues anymore. I have exceeded 1GB of memory usage so far 'cause I love collecting stuff while mobile. Okay, there's no bias here. Music player is pertty good as it should be. But I won't say it's the best I've ever heard. I've tested my two phones N91 and my good old P910i. I played same MP3 file (WBT by Mimi) on both phones using headsets. Sound was much clearer and justified in the P910i. (It 's no Walkman phone btw. There ain't equalizer either.) With N91, the sound was quite a very little bit distorted (especially the instruments with high pitch or timbre or something). (You'd notice if you have a keen auditory sense.) I can't hear the echoes that accompany Mariah's vocal in the last part of "We Belong Together". What I got with is loud stereo sound. I tried to change equalizer and even experiment and create my own equalizer. But the echo in Mariah's high note-vocal couldn't be heard. What's heard was the music and the background vocals. Is it because of the headset?
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  • Dennis

After installing a few applications the phone is telling me that I do not have enough memory for other applications.Is there a way I can make the hard disk the main disk? Is there any other way I can overcome this problem?

  • Nike


i want the aac converter !!!!!!!

  • pappy


Nokia has now released (in english at least) some Important Tips for people for N91 and N91-8GB:

Just select english language

Some look familiar :)


  • someone

hello, did you know, if you hold like 2 or 3 secons the little music key, you open the radio!!!

  • Bill

After 2.0 is works as it should. I dont see any problems any more. Disk works fine too.

  • Ayush

i just want to ask that N91 still hang or it has improved now.

  • HaXor

To, prashanthant

Chodina, i want also dat :P

@ and all other....
guyz i compressed mp3 to acc+ and belive me size is really small n Quality is same as MP3... its really rocks....

if any body want dis sofwater plz replay

  • prashanthant

chodina i want this full phone

  • Matt

Hi Pappy,

Seems you know ur phone very well... I just bought a new N91 wcdma. It's cool.. but the version is only 1.10? How do i get through with the upgrade? Do you have any recommended application as there is no available application here in the local market as of now. How about games? I am thanking you in advance.

  • andge

Pappy, my phone works amazing now. just wanted to say thanks for you time and help..

  • Shayn

To Tolick

Use Easy CD-DA Extractor v10.0 Professional &
convert music files to aacPlus (aac format not MP4 etc.)

Email me ill Send u sum song in aacPlus format (aac)

  • Tolick

eAAC+ files are .m4a?
I convert one song from mp3 to .m4a with Nokia Music manager--->

Track Type Info
2 audio MPEG-4 AAC HE, 269.119 secs, 64 kbps, 44100 Hz
size: 2.09 mb

I also installed iTunes from Ipod Apple software and convert the same song in .m4a format--->

Track Type Info
1 audio MPEG-4 AAC LC, 269.142 secs, 64 kbps, 44100 Hz
size: 2.1 mb

i think that iTunes conversion is better than nokia and the sound quality is little good in comparation.
Someone have his opinion? Does anyone use .m4a files in his N91 which was converted with iTunes software? Do you think that this is a good solution? or Nokia Music Manager convert better for N91?
One more question: .m4a=eAAC+ ?
PS: Sorry for my english

  • pappy


About the left ear slightly lower...why not just adjust the balance slightly.


  • Anonymous

thinking to buy this phone, just wanna know if hardisk gives any problem or it fast or not.

  • Anonymous

to @ some one to help: returned to a nokia center and they will change it

  • Anonymous

Hey yall just upgrade ur pc suit to 6.82 coz it has some potentiality like nokia music manager 2.00 and MMSSync for yur fone just download it now

  • Dennis

I have been trying to get a free adobe reader and quick office for my phone but have not suceeded in this venture. Can someone help me out with a link.

  • Rey

What do you guys think about the new Nokia HS-62 hi-fi headphones?