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Nokia N-Gage

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  • Jane Taylor

hello sir/ma,
I am jane, i am interested in buying 3pcs of N-Gage nokia phone from you by credit card, tell me how to go about it
expecting your mail

  • Natasha

i just got my n-gage second hand for a koll 50quid! its a brilliant once u know were to download things free and add your own music etc its really simple to use and u can watch short video clips off high quality and the radi is fab the battery is outstanding outta 10 i'd say 10!!!!!!!!


i need two of this make at list in 3 days time please reply me quick

  • Anonymous

i bought this phone today by selling my t-610,its a really nice phone and definately worth for ur money. here are some highlights of this masterpiece:
1. excellent display ( even if it is 4k colors it looks much better than my t-610 which is 65k colors)
2.mp3 player ( almost superb) is good
4.speaker is outstanding no words to express)
people highly recommended

  • Canderous

hi i'm thinking of buying this phone and i would like to know how the mp3 playback quality compares to dedicated mp3 players...thanks.

  • dashthegreat

swapnil i am too from mumbai i was searching for it but got a new one from US

  • santiago

nokia n-gade is one off the best phone in town

  • Jeremy

Anyone know how can I get Ngages Games foe Free?Thanks

  • dominic

I think its realy good

  • akelia hylton

N-gage is tha coolest phone ever made,tight features,looks hot but too heavy and too big ohh another thing i totally hate the headphone thing u guys need to improve that,chao

  • swapnil

Any one from india(mumbai)would like to buy 2 month old N-gage for Rs 7500/- only please feel free to contact me on

  • vin'ee

i just love the n-gage but its pretty hard to get the games

  • ajay

N_GAGE should have VGA camera & video in it. would be the best mobile of 2004.

  • yanto

is about ringtone and facility

  • nigi

i luv N Gage but i dnt like the way someone recieves or dieals calls dat u most hold the fone sideways.u shud improve on that.i will like to own one myself.bye

  • kolawole

i like the phone and i wish to have them in whole sale please put me through

  • Anonymous

any recommandations for anyone which is better?

ngage or QD?

games?? which is good??


  • trj

hi got the n-gage witout a game am in nigeria(africa)if anyone sell to me please mail me n i want to know how much it is in the US

  • Nokia N-gage User

Interested to buy games from me? i have an extra 256mmc card with 19 games installed.

1)SonicN,2)TW2004,3)Pandemonia,4)Supermonkey,5 )FIFA2004

6)Rayman3,7)Splinter Cell,8)MLB Slam!,9)THPS,10)Virtual Tennis

11)Moto GP,12)Red Faction,13)NCAA,14)Tomb Raider,15)Puzzlebubble,

16)Puyo Pop,17)Ashen,18)SegaRally,19)The Sims Blastin out.

if u interested can email me. i'm selling at SGD$140. anyone out there interested pls email me.

and i have 5 original games for sale also. (puyo pops, tigerwoods2004, sims bustin out, splinter cell and sonicN). each selling at SGD$40. if all 5games, i'll sell at $190.

  • Xander

me gonna buy this phone this saturday in now in hope me made the right choice of phone thought bout buyin a phone for a long time...only this phone features suits me lifestyle...
hope it rocks!!!!
will give me review on monday!!!
ciao ppl....