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I think N-Gage is better than N-Gage QD. Compare it then u see it.
Don't buy N-Gage Prime

  • love2God83

I just forgot to mention that the mobile comes with a memory card and 2 games..have fun

  • love2God83

hey people,,i want to sell my nokia n-gage and the price is 200$>>contact me and i can ship it to your place..u all take care and may God bless us all

  • yogesh lalchandani

this phone is just too fantastic mainly
gaming and multimedia fun and its too cool i love it, it is working fine though i droped it in water bucket. now i will never buy any phone i like this phone a lot i am going to stick on it for lifetime.

  • norik

What an awesome phone! i've already bought six ngage! One for my self, the rest for my brother, it's like a gadget of my dream :

1. Awesome games : tomb rider, the sims, fifa 2004, sonic, etc. Any doubt of them?
2. Great sound player! Can play either MP3, AAC, Midi with the awesome output sound!
3. Throw away your flash disk! Expand your MMC, used the usb cable (included) to computer and... tada!!!! Your ngage is become an usefull flash disk!
4. Great design with unique phone speaker.
5. Radio... turn it on man!
6. Bluetooth! I've already have phone that has bluetooth technology before, but, it's no used... i only used it for headset ora connect it to other gadged, but now.. The Bluetooth era is COME! Take your n-gage to challenge your friends and make them embrace, it's fun!

It's a great great great gadged ever!
Even battery life but is short, but at least your travel charger is usefull now.... :P


  • Crgage

Bought the ngage for a month, and come out with a few pros and cons.
It's a symbiam smart phone.
Stereo Fm radio and MP3 that come with a connector so that u can use your usual CD player headphone.
Tried most of the ngage games, given the graphic at 4096k, It's still the best that i seen.Games were addictive too.
Could act as a portable thumb drive given the USB port.
Could also copy music through head phone to cd player jack.
Short battery life.(I mean real short,1 full charge lasted for only 2.5hrs of constant game play.)
Alarm tone is also soft.(non changeable)
No IR port.

Either hate it or love it. Given a mobile funatic, This is far my most enjoyable phone ever get.HIGHLY reconmend.Mobile usage will never be the same again.

  • WizBit


Don't getting, I regreted buying it and lost alot of money as now they cost 99.00gbp. Try and get the newer n-gage.

My phone had nothing but problems, the battery lasted 8 hours, the phone hummed and it looks like you have a plate sticking out tof the side of your head when you answer it as the ear piece is on the straighter side of the phone.. Its good as a gameing machine, but as a phone it is crap!!!! get the e313 from NEC and join the 3G network as they are cheapest in the uk 5p a min for all phone calls (landline, 3G mobile and other mobiles)

  • Xander

is this phone really bad????coz im plannin 2 get this at the end of the month...plz gimme relevant info on this phone plz!!!!!thankx...
Welcome 2 the Xander Zone

  • WizBit

What a crap phone. I thorugh this was going to be good.. I didn't care about the size of it.. I had nothing but problems with it..

1) The battery lasted 8 hours on standby, even after it has been on charge for a week!

2) the phone made a humming sound

3) the power supply made a high pitched noise which was most off puting and got on my nevers.

I replaced the battery, the charger and still the problems remained.

4) the phone would not respond at times

5) when you could turn it on it would turn itself off again..

this is by fare the worse Nokia phone I have owned.. You better off getting to tin cans and connecting them with string and talking to peole.

Save your money and avoid this phone!!!

  • lol nokia seller

ngage for sale!! $300 include 512mb me for availability 0811276043 indonesia.for CRAZY PUNCH a bit of correction the ngage can use until 1gb mmc!!

  • Xander

any1 who wanna sell their N-gage plz tell me!!!

  • wawan

Its a real multimedia phone. I had it for 1 month, and I have fun with it. In Indonesia the original games are only Rp. 30.000 (less than US $ 4)

  • raynexen

n-gage is the best and the most coolest mphone i had ever bought, it has mp3, fm radio, email, internet browser and a game deck as well, the tones are nice and the display is much brighter than 6250 and other nokia phone, i will definitely suggest to buy this stuff and oh! i didnt mention this Game deck s for GAMERS only with humor in lyf, pipol who doesnt appreciate it well ur pathetic.... Nokia rules Connecting People.

  • crazy_punch

Review Nokia N-Gage. Part 1
Standard kit:

Game console
Battery BL-5C
Portable stereo handsfree
Synchronization cable
Audio cable
Userís guide
Software CD
Nokia N-Gage, live pictures

Nokia is always looking for new markets and offers new variants of already known devices. Accessories, multimedia devices and game consoles (starting from this year) fall under comprehension diversification. The company has seen big potential in the youth audience. The majority of products are headed exactly to it. As against aged people young people buy phones actively, often change them and look for custom model. During last years the lion's share of sales falls on this market segment. The importance of young people is impossible to be underestimated, but on the other hand all the attempts to release exactly youth device became fatal.
Among Nokiaís products one can remember music box - Nokia 5510. It has been predicted for big success, but the market fate was other. The reincarnation of this device, Nokia 3300 was also unsuccessful. The product remained a niche solution. The emphasis was laid on music listening in this two products, but Nokia went further in its new attempt to gain new market share.

What, in your opinion, needs average statistical young man or young girl? Try to remember what devices they use, what are fond of. The majority will remember music listening, intercourse by cell phone (mainly SMS-messages), internet and all other leisure types including different PC games. Clearly that one device couldnít replace PC, phone, player; it would need performing too much different tasks. But on the other hand, itís possible to create a device, which will perform such tasks partially, so has appeared N-Gage project.

Smartphone Nokia 7650 was taken as a basis for game console, its adaptation for new tasks seemed the least expensive. On the other hand the form-factor was obvious; the device should be horizontal for its comfortable placing in two hands, as it is more convenient in games, which could occupy several hours.

If to take up N-Gageís composition youíll see some similarity with Nokia 3300. For inexperienced users this similarity forms the meaning about similarity, i.e. the devices differ in minor features. But thatís wrong. The differences are in the software, N-Gage has installed Symbian, that makes the device smartphone and in no way usual phone.

Consoleís dimensions are rather big (133.7x69.7x20.2 mm), but itís little by thickness. Many are deceived its seeming size. N-Gage weighs more than usual phone, but its weight is comparable to smartphonesí (137g). If to compare N-Gage with competing consoles, it will look attractively.

And now imagine, deviceís developers have to combine several opposite features in it, on the one hand they have to make keys maximal convenient in games, on the other hand the keyboard should be fit for typing SMS-messages. Clearly, itís necessary to choose priorities, so the palm was given to game features. If to take the console in hand, the big left finger will lie on gamepad, and the same right finger will lie on key 5. It was specially lifted up over the keyboard. Its form was also changed. Pressing this key in games means OK. Lower and to the left locates key 7, which also differs. Its function in games is Cancel and browse up.

Such keyboard design helps in games, but it is inconvenient when typing SMS-messages, one can adapt to it. Especially inconvenient are outer keys (3,6,9), they are too sunk in the case. Keyboardís backlight is red, the designations are drawn with mid size font. It is not always well visible in different light conditions.

Joystick supports pressing on in, plus it is 8-way, that will be useful in games. In case of usual navigation in becomes 4-way, plus pressing. Send call and release keys are placed above the device, on on each side of the screen. It is not typical placement, but reasoning from the general mounting of elements it is not the worst. When using N-Gage you always think the developers was creating game console, the rest of functions was made maximum comfortable using vestigial principle.

Finishing talking about the keyboard itís necessary noting it is convenient in games, satisfactory when typing SMS and relatively comfortable when dialing a number. Anyway you should adapt to such design. This process will take several days.

The phone has separate keys for music player, radio and main menu. The confirmation the phone is not the main function in this device serves its realization. To talk by N-Gage is possible using handsfree (stereo, with 2 connectors) and without it. But in the last case you have to hold the device side part toward yourself. Iíll try describing this more minutely, on the remote side-frame is placed speaker, you should press the ear to it. So, the microphone is below, but on the other side, near to mini-USB connector.

Itís rather strange feeling when you see a person, holding the phone in such way. But the external manifestations are not very important. Speakerís volume is excessive, the device should be rotated traditionally. But here arise other problem, you hear badly the interlocutor, and he doesnít hear you distinctly. It results itís impossible talking traditionally using N-Gage, you should use handsfree function or use portable handsfree. The developers didnít consider this lack serious, as young people prefer SMS-messages to call, and they have huge experience using headphones, so such way of communication doesnít cause seizure. Such opinion is disputable, as this game console will be considered as cell phone by many. The purchase of N-Gage becomes impossible for this audience.

You can see mini-USB connector on the left side of the device. Connection to PC is realized using it, the cable is included into the standard kit, but it also can be found in usual PC shops. Charger connector is located near to it.

Power on/off button is located on the right deviceís side.

On the butt-end of the device are located 2 headset connectors and an outlet. Itís a speaker for handsfree function. Such placement makes the sound louder in this mode, itís comfortable to talk, especially if to compare it with other models from Nokia.

Some words about the screen. It displays up to 4096K colors and its resolution makes 176x220 pixels (30x42mm). The picture is bright, graphically. It fades on the sun, but the screen is readable (TFT). The matrix shows itself in the best way, the picture is live, no artifacts are visible on the screen when the personage moves fast. If to talk about usual applications the screen displays up to 6 text lines, text labels for soft keys and big header. The screen is similar to other smartphones from Nokia.

This model has changeable face panels, but it was impossible to find notification about this feature on the official Nokiaís site. The panels are easy to change, but they are fixed surely. The keyboard is also changeable, thatís a big plus for the device.

Having released the back panel youíll SIM-card holders, MMC-card slot and also battery. The main minus of the device is MMC-slot covered by the battery, so you should turn off the phone when changing card (itís necessary when changing game). Such holder is not typical for game consoles, neither for cell phones, itís Nokiaís know-how. But it seems like the reason of such MMC-slotís placement is the reduction of development price, because the device shouldnít process card change and corresponding errors.

The device has lithium-ionic battery BL-5C, capacity makes 850 mAh. According to the manufacturer the battery is capable to provide up to 4 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time. The device operated up to 3 days in case of 35 minutes of calls and up to 45 minutes of using other functions. If you are using handsfree and bluetooth the device will operate up to 2 days.

The console is capable to provide up to 6 hours of game time. But the sound can be played thru headphones or thru speaker, so the power consumption is less in the first case.

In order to receive real data about operation time of the device in game mode it was given to a child, which tortured it for several every evening. The results were rather designing. So fully charged battery runs down after 2-2.5 hours of playing. The difference in 30 minutes depends on game type, in 2D games itís grater, in 3D games itís less.

Curiously, during playing the console warns about discharged battery, after 1 message you can play about 15 min. So if you are going to use N-Gage as game console and as cell phone, you should recharge it every day. Active users, who plan gaming a lot, should purchase additional battery. Time of full recharging is less than 2 hours.

In radio mode the device is capable to operate up to 20 hours, in music mode Ė up to 8.

Battery level indication is not always correct, it can change rather abruptly, especially when using different functions during small intervals, for example, little conversation, the gaming during 15 min and etc.

Some words about MMC-cards. The device support only following cards: 32, 64 and 128Mb. Memory card is not included into the standard kit. Only phoneís memory is available by default.

  • crazy_punch

its very good mobile that all you want is in, magnificent,the art of the engineer,the combination of dark n bright.Compact,All in one Phone...and yet,please,NOKIA KNOWS WHAT BEST FOR HUMAN.ITS HUMAN TECHNOLOGY.

  • AB 837AD (BEJAD red)

changeable cover are now available in indonesia !! for only rp 180 ribu!!
murah banget cuk!!! ayo beli!!!

  • Anonymous

cool fone !! try the sims bustin out game!! is the another version of the sim city pc games!! and also try the sega rally!! cool fone bright screen!! is better than 3660 screen actually!

  • Unknown

N-Gage maybe big but its cool man.If only it doesn't haf the stupid sideway-talking this maybe a good phone 4 a pure gamer.The speaker is clearer than ever!If you compare this to the QD version,this N-Gage will be 99% better.It has Mp3 player,RealOne n a few more normal application that most phones have.It may not have VGA camera but who cares?You can always buy a digital camera to produce a better picture than those of built-in camera phones.There are more portable game decks nowadays but this is still the best,in my opinion.My suggestion is that if you are not a gamer don't buy this phone.

  • Final Fantasy

I have bought the third N-gage. 2 for my friends and 1 for myself. It's the coolest phone for me.Now,I can enjoy Mp3, load FM Radio, or play my favorite game.Moreover,I can play mutiplayer Mode with my friend, It's cool.
Someone said that the N-gage's speaker is not better than 6230's but they're wrong.N-gage's speaker is the best !
I think N-gage is the best choosen for everyone.

  • ME,who else?

Well, I've had 7650, then 3650, and now I'm going for N-gage. But why? Becouse N-gage is 100% FUN. It has GREAT mp3 and FM radio (you may use standard earpices from your discman) and even better games. People say that these games can be played on 3650, 3660, 6600, SX 1, Sendo X, and that is true. Only thing is that they are NEVER going to be as smooth and COOL, as on N-gage(doesn't matter if the screen on 6600 has 65 536 colors, games are buzzy, and bugy, and the sound brakes, it is just not the effect you wanted to get). One more thing. The screen on this phone is almoust as bright and colorful as one on 6600, and it is the same as the one found on SX1. i do not know how, but I've compared these screens, and there is no diference between SX1's and N-gage's screens, although the one on 6600 is somewhat more colorful. Display is better then 3650's and it is the same as 3660's. So, yes, Nokia did lied when said that 3660 has 65 536 colors, becouse it doesen't, or maybe it does, but than N-gage has 65 536 colors instead of announced 4 096. And no one has ever said that there are changable covers on N-gage, and thet there is also built in USB!!!