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Nokia N-Gage QD

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  • Ngage QD user

To Nokia 2003:
1) i bought my phone just this month and is without the mmc card.
2) i think u can download mp3 player application but not sure whether can work anot as i did not download it.
3) the display is the same as ngage the sound is also not so bad. over all good.

  • martijn

the phone itself is very bad but the games are fantastic there 2 war games avalible ant the sims releas 2005

  • Nokia 2003

Someone tell me please:
1.Are this QD really sold without MMC inside?
2.No matter with MP3 player, I still can install MP3 Player into this QD isn't? (I don't need Radio)
3.Are QD's Display and Audio quality is better than N-Gage?

  • Anonymous

N-Gage QD Rp. 2.350.000 ($225) hmm
without game it's so expensive, nokia how come u sell n-gage QD without a game!!???? it's sucks u know

  • Nokia User

So bad, it don't have Radio and MP3 Player, furthermore not have USB cable like N-Gage, just better at it's size, why don't Nokia make it into TFT 65K Display, still with MP3 Player.
Other : I don't need that Hot Swap features.

  • Anonymous

not bad ....could be better ,why is ther Nokia screen not so clear not just in this handset but most of them

  • N-gage User

I missed the radio and MP3 player after I changed from the old N-gage to this new N-gage QD. Anyone can help on how to install the radio and MP3 software.

However, I still like this QD as the size are much smaller and of more solid built quality. I find that the bluetooth not very responsive comparing to the old one. Need to on & off the bluetooth before it works again to receive pic.

I hope Nokia can replace the MP3 & radio plus install with 65K TFT screen, then it will be a much improved phone over these two old and new model n-gage.

  • Anonymous

N-Gage QD Rp. 2350.000 ($225)

  • gaina cristian

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  • Dennis TforTelecom

Smaller, slimmer and agile. Looks solid with the rubber coating.

Bigger screen, like the UI but the price compared with the old Ngage is still too high (arround 300 euros).

I would have liked for Nokia to have kept the MP3 player.

  • Anonymous

"there will be no mp3 player in this phone, and you can't download it.."

Very silly. It is a series 60 phone (like the 6600, SX1), so you can install more software, than you are could dream of.

  • karan

hey guys from singapore,just got my n-gageQD from my supplier..360sgd per piece.this n-gageQD is one solid fone..i still have my n-gage classic which im still gonna keep..was really surprised by the extended standby and gameplay time but was let down by the fact that i have to use a mmc card reader since qd does not have a usb port ..but ive put a 3rd party mp3 player in it and still gives pure quality sound as the old one only thats its in mono instead of stereo..but the loudspeak works juss the same ..gotta love both my n-gages ....((((cheers)))))

  • william hung

hey you guys, she bang! she bang! you guys can download my music on the nokia n-gage qd. then after downloading my music into it. throw it into a waste can and pour kerosene into it and light it up with a match stick. while the phone is burning up, sing my favorite song, she bang! she bang!

  • Nokia Ngage user!

Hi all!! GOT MY N-GAGE QD today!! it's cool!!! it's much smaller then the previous ngage! the colour is so kool!! so style men!! i got it for only $198!! cos i traded in my ps1 for $200!! i'm so happy!! now im waiting for it to be charged then i can explore it further!! another 7hours to go!! new batt got to charge for 10hours!! happy!!

  • alex rhodes

good becaus its smaller than the n gage but bad becaue it hasnt got anmp3 player or radio

  • Nokia Ngage user!

Hi all,
I'm currently a nokia ngage user. anyway, ngage is use as my sms and game phone only. (for my M1 sun text plan) i have a 256mmc card with 15games and it's cool. nice game. nice colour also. the colour is even better then alot of other 65k colour phones. and it's only 4k. i'm going to get the Ngage QD tomorrow. is launch in singapore already. i'm so happy. bcos it looks cool and mmc swappable and is smaller but i'm going to keep the old ngage also. bcos im only using for game and sms. i don need the mp3 and radio and camera. cos i have another phone which is siemens sx1. (use for mp3,radio,camera)

  • fade.crush

I don't care what people say about PSP (playstation portable)

It's bulky and who cares about side talkin' when you have this pseudo PSP thing for 10 year olds? Get a grip people

Also, n gage has online capablities and multiplayer functions. For those who have not tried this out before, i suggest you do before you start bitching. AI is NOTHING compared to kicking human player's ass. READ -> Bragging Rights

Even though QD is nice, i still prefer my original Ngage. No you can't download mp3 player program for it, what you get is crapped up .ogg files. Furthermore, you don't have a USB cable to transfer the songs to the QD.

The ngage family DOES have a future, and ill be damned if it gets "dead before christmas" (that's what they said last year)


  • Anonymous

You cannot compare N-gage with another phone 'cos it has an ARM processor u know, n the processor is the same which is use in the PDA, so N-gage is different with other mobile phone

  • Gray

yeah!!! no old n-gage taco-style talking anymore!!! with qd you are able to talk without loosing your look.

  • hmm

QD will be smaller, will have better joystick,hotswapable mmc-card slot and mp3-player via program, so I think that QD is atleast a bit better than old n-gage. QD is what old n-gage should have been a year ago!!!