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  • Baseer

Can anyone tell me the current price of x2?

  • joginder

I bought it on 27-12-10. Before that I was using SE K750i for almost 4 yrs. I was very satisfied to the performance of SE. It has a best 2MP camera. Due to its small screen & a few other things like breakage of joystick etc I decided to buy a phone which should be nearly to my lovely SE phone. I searched the entire range of Sony Ericsson phone as well as Nokia & Samsung phones over a month. Sony Ericsson was my 1st choice. Since I have limited budget of only Rs. 5000 I decided to go for Nokia X2 seeking its features like 5MP camera, Torch & Cordless FM (these were my priorities). Before that I compared Nokia X2 with SE Cedar & Samsung 3530 but Nokia X2 has more features compared to the above phones. After using it for 2 days my findings are as under :-

1. Camera - Nowhere near to camera of SE K750i though it has 5 MP camera. In my Opinion Sony Ericsson is the best in Cameras since Sony has its own cam technology.

2. Music - Its Nokia X2. I have not used it over headphone but without headphone its sound is very good & clear compared to SE K750i. I am happy towards its cordless FM which is very good. I can use it as a Alarm also.

3. Battery Life - Nokia X2 battery BL4C is smaller than BL5C. I will post my opinion later on since 2-3 days initial usage can't decide its time.

Overall : - NOT for Pic & other things. ONly for Music.

Rest Later on.

Regards to all.

  • rahul malpani

x2 phone is awsme nice with lot of features just a little bit charging problem and some times hakking problem music camera videos 4 speakers sexy phone guyssssssssss

  • Raj

It is the Worst Mobile i have ever Bought From Nokia..

I have lost it last week and i am happy about that.

Adv & DisAdv :-
1. 5 MP - But it wont be near 3.2 Mp
2. 16 GB Card - But it wont Accept or Process if u put more than 4 GB.
3. Video Files Hang Very Very Often and switch off automatically and Restarts.


My Humble Request to whoever want to buy, PLEASE PLEASE Dont Buy this S**T Crap..

Go For Samsung C3530(Mp 3.2 & Design Also Superb) Or SONY NAITE(VERY MUCH WORTH FOT THE INDIAN RUPEES - 2MP ONLY & 3G with Front Camera)..

  • Jinendra Surana

not good phone in thish price

  • artzzz

hi guys, I have downloaded a theme for this phone and it is nice... Dowbloaded it from ovi store. here is the link­rowse&contentArea=personalize

according to the reviews and for me, the theme is nice for personalization...

  • Ashik

It is a great phone for its designe....

  • jerpox

some1, 26 Dec 2010i have this mobile too, and i have question for u, u said u can ... moremake sure your video format is compatible with the video player, otherwise it wont play as you've said.make sure the file extension is .mp4

  • Jos

Bayo, 25 Dec 2010Av been readin all opinions,but as for me x2 is a very good fone... moreNo ur wrong... The faulty firmware is a reason for all these problems the hardware is perfectly fine you may not face any problems now but dont worry you will shortly! These firmware bugs are here to stay unless nokia sorts them out with a fresh software update.

  • x2

T.A.S, 27 Dec 2010My x2 is 3 months old and right from day 1 I experience problem ... moreI guess this will solve your question.­-00-hanging-problem/

  • Danish

anie, 27 Dec 2010i have this mobile for 5 months and i can say that is really nic... morei think it only supports 3gp format not mp4

  • x

anie, 27 Dec 2010i have this mobile for 5 months and i can say that is really nic... morein my n73 i had the same problem whenever the video frame rate was 30fps(frames per second).. Try reducing it to 15fps via some vid converter.. It will sure work

  • Anonymous

mikko (philippines, 26 Dec 2010can i put my bl-5c battery to my x2??no you can't

  • nokia x2 user

fone sukxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

some1, 26 Dec 2010i have this mobile too, and i have question for u, u said u can ... moreif you ar not able to play videoes in your mobile
then what' the use of this mobile

  • anie

i have this mobile for 5 months and i can say that is really nice mobile bt i dont know why i cant play mp4, it's only sound without picture.can anyone helps???

  • T.A.S

My x2 is 3 months old and right from day 1 I experience problem with this mobile in two areas. Phone gets hanged when using Camera and while seeing the Video's. Display goes pale white and phone just restarts.Is there a suggestion or remedy from Nokia? Pls help me.....

  • Indian

King Kong, 26 Dec 2010"LG GM 200 total flop in India". So what? Don't care! ... moreIn India Nokia is the biggest mobile company and will still remain for ever. I am a true Indian. You dont know anything about India. India is the biggest mobile handset market in the world. Whoever will rule India will rock the world.

  • Ravindran M

The specs are awesome for the listed price, in fact I could say that it can't be beaten by any other branded phone.. But does Nokia walk the talk with this phone?...

  • brother fiq.

I like very much x2, because I have bought it last week..