Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • Anonymous

vd, 23 Nov 2010Hi, does it have an integrated A-GPS ? Thksno

  • vd

Hi, does it have an integrated A-GPS ? Thks

  • hurain

benjamin, 22 Nov 2010my x3-02 doesnt have a drafts and save message.... does this pho... morehi i can't save msg can u haelp me to save msgs..and i daily charge my battery ...why i think have problem in battery or have only this limit?

  • Brent

what about the s40 interface? is it ok? pls. answer. :D

  • Anonymous

what about colour of this , i like White Silver. is this good.

  • Marialina

nice phone ! I want to buy this but lots of people say it hangs should I really get this HELP!

  • Anzaan

Any body has any idea when can we have it in the Nepalese market for purchase??????

  • Francis

king koopa, 19 Nov 2010@ heaven: go to gallery; mark the file that you want to move the... moreCan u pls. help me? i can't play the videos on you tube..

  • Anonymous

there seems to be some problem with the model,even i had the problem ,it automiatically switch offs in between the calls.

  • Anonymous

everythings seems to be fine... but then the keypad is something to get used to if you're a long time Nokia user... unless you've been through the Nokia 3650 era... sad.

  • Anonymous

nice phone! love it! =)

  • Jack

Where is the speaker for the phone ? Pls adv..

  • Anonymous

how can i update my software? anyone? thanks!

  • A Butt Lucky

Hellow Guys/Girls.
I m perchase this mobile with in two days please tall me ture uses in this mobile, what is the sound this mobile & That working this mobile plz provide me answer soon

  • Anonymous

benjamin, 22 Nov 2010my x3-02 doesnt have a drafts and save message.... does this pho... moreI think its only avalaible in version 5.60. If u are still using V5.3, then update your software. Improve batt life and fixed a few bugs.

  • erik

The touch & type feature is not responsive. It is very difficult to use. c5 is definitely way better than the x3. Contacts search is also lousy, keypads are too hard.
The only thing nice about this phone is its physical attributes.

  • benjamin

my x3-02 doesnt have a drafts and save message.... does this phone rily dont have drafts and save messages? sms i mean... help!

  • Abu

tereneil, 22 Nov 2010yehh super clear audio,specially in youtubeOh, thanks alot! btw, does 3G mean that we can download music and stuff off the net directly through the phone? and people say "my battery lasts --hrs while 3G is on". What exactly do they mean by this?

  • geisha

Heaven, 21 Nov 2010hey there try to bring your phone at nokia center so that they c... moreHi there! i already brought it to the store and they replaced it with a new unit. they said there's just something that needed to be updated in the software. i have my new unit now. thanks!


i tried yesterday to send a pic via bluetooth but it hangs everytime I open the gallery... so disappointing...