Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • Doesnt matter

Isnt it a little (ok a lot more than a little ) uggly .....I mean OOOOOOOooo I have the normal x3 and I Like it more than this...

  • Saminathan

Wow touch screen with keypad Nokia you are really great. You are proved again that you are No.1. Waiting for this model.

  • Edu

those complaining about design just view the pictures and u will see how beautiful it is. Good job by Nokia. Another low end masterpiece but they are still struggling with high end phones.

  • Anonymous

harpal, 15 Aug 2010its good looking phone but internel memory only 16 mb which is n... moreadd a micro-sd card

  • Deven

oh! it has WiFi as well.. with b/g/n! i am sold!

  • Deven

brilliant design and combination of physical traditional keypad with touch screen is amazing! and its just 9.6mm! 5mp camera, just great. suits best for my needs as secondary phone. planning it for christmas!

  • omi

yar this is another brilliant mobile phone made by nokia em just waiting for this

  • Anonymous

Looks too close to the SE G700/900

  • Anonymous

interesting that no one is commenting on the touch-type interface which combines a touch screen with an 0-9 keymat

  • manish

sexy! 10 out of 10 for design!

  • r 3 b 3 l

Alex, 17 Aug 2010And guess what? Nokia is back in business. This device looks ... moreIphone wanabees? And what model might you be talking about?

  • Anonymous

i dunno why im still using nokia phones. they are getting uglier and uglier every second. still my e71 and e72 are absolute beauties.

  • omair

yar its awesome man im just waiting for this mobile phone even pricing is also not high i love this phone but wish it not a slow set

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2010Shame on Nokia for not including a flash light on this phone....... moreIts a S40 device. It plays flash content on web by default.

  • Anonymous

Shame on Nokia for not including a flash light on this phone.... They really know how to spoil what might be a good deal.

  • Alex

And guess what?

Nokia is back in business. This device looks freakin awesome and original unlike other iPhone wannabees released by Nokia.

  • akash from nepal

again s40 didnt come with full touchscreen 3",16 keypad.

  • Ravikumar

great specs, but design is very very uglyyy

  • Anonymous

ya, officially announced just now. thin, lightweight, catchy design, decent features and low price.. impressive i would say..

  • Anonymous

this phone was announced by nokia,few hours ago

and this phone is S40 phone,so this is the first S40 phone with touch screen which was internationally released