Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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  • Anonymous

Hemal , 12 Aug 2010This phone looks good and userfriednly a perfect monoblock phone... moretry x2 if you're looking for 5mp candybar

  • harpal

its good looking phone but internel memory only 16 mb which is not good with 3g and wifi

  • Anonymous

this is a super ugly phone!!
why would nokia make this?

  • Hemal

This phone looks good and userfriednly a perfect monoblock phone, but now a days nokia is not comming up with any good user friedndly phones and if it does then it does not have all the features like 5 Mp cam and Tv Out put which is must in a phone and this phone also doesnt have Tv output. Since yrs i have been using ONLY Nokia phones but since past few yrs its very dishartening that its not comming up with some great phones like N73 a kind of an upgraded version, as touchscreen phones are not at all user phones. i hope nokia comes up with a candy bar shape phone with 5 Mp cam, Tv output and all latest features, and if its is comming up with one in future then someone pls let me know.

  • James

No camera flash? The image quality will be bad without a camera flash. It really looks like a china phone and i don't think nokia will release this kind of phone.BTW china phones says they have 5 megapixels at the back and no flash, i really think this is a china phone

  • rebel

yeah,back to year 2007!nice idea

  • Lucifer_DeCoY

Another boring phone by nokia...

  • PC

Good one, but e55/e52 were still good

  • Anonymous

waiting for this phone