Nokia XR20

Nokia XR20

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  • Anonymous

MGW, 27 Jul 202117" laptop ? Ok 17" phone ? A big no no 17"... more5" phone height for me. The smallest laptops are 11,6". I would prefer 8". When it comes to desktops I don't mind how big they are.

  • Slavomir G

Madox, 27 Jul 2021The snapdragon 480 5g is comparable to the snapdragon 720GFurther 720G is comparable to Snapdragon 835.

India, 27 Jul 2021Still Nokia work with HMD global !. That is y less price fo... more SORRY to hear from you that others brands of mobile are in 2021 & Nokia is in 2010.
But nothing in mind on what you said or what i am sharing. Just sharing small information. Brands like LG & MOTOROLA already have rugged phones. They may not be in the name of Rugged, but their build quality is more stronger than todays Rugged phones. Also they are much slim than todays Rugged phones. They are in market since 2012.
The problem is that if you build Rugged phones, to maintain the affordable price, they have to compromise on some or the other specifications. So these brands fail. The best example is LG - out of mobile market.
And as you ask how the rugged phones are useful, i have used LG Q6 quiet a long time, but unfortunately I lost it. Now i am using Motorola Moto X4. But the phones are in Rugged category. Previous one & current 1, i can use in any day to day condt. I can use them in swimming pool under water or in sea. I can use them without cover & no worries even if they fall from my hand accidentally.

Arendator, 27 Jul 2021UBS 3 though is very nice! Weight: 248 g -- heavy record ... moreWell, you're not wrong about the recording resolution
The chipset only support full HD up to 60 fps
My only solution is by upscaling it
But, since it only support 30 fps, there is also MEMC
The results are kinda good and getting better with the AI learning more and more from the samples

hr.shojaei78, 27 Jul 2021Shame to this design...after that very nice phone... what&#... moreIt is for the market where design don't really matters
Nowadays, better function is better than better looks

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2021why not 32''? it's consider small size scree... more17" laptop ? Ok
17" phone ? A big no no
17" tablet ? Eh... Whatever. As long as you can hold it comfortably for a good period of time
If you can stretch it enough, tablet is sort of a bridge between laptop and phone by its performance, prize, and/or size

Lavit Katare, 17 Jul 2021I want a phone to be operated by my single hand. Every mob... moreCan't do it, either performance, thickness, or higher price that is going to be the let down

Let's go !
This is everything that i need for a phone !

  • Madox

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2021I don't know why most of you complain about the chipse... moreThe snapdragon 480 5g is comparable to the snapdragon 720G

  • Anonymous

Finally a worthy competitor to those crappy XCover phones by Samsung!

  • Anonymous

Phone Reviewer, 27 Jul 2021470 euros? This is a joke. I'd take this phone for no ... moreLet's not forget that this is much cheaper than any Bullitt smartphone (Cat) with half the specifications

  • Anonymous

I don't know why most of you complain about the chipset. Because you see that is 400 series? And start to complain whithout knowing how much powerwull is. That 400 series proccesor my friends is more powerfull from all 600 series processor and most of the 700 series processor. So stop complaining about something that you don't know what exactly it is.

  • Anonymous

Phone Reviewer, 27 Jul 2021Lol, Nokia still thinks it is 20018 mm + thickness is so 2011. But hey, here we are 10 years later. 🙂

  • Anonymous

You know that lithium batttery progress never happened when phones went back to being extra thicker like in the 2000s and early 2010s. Now they're taller and wider too. Come graphene batteries!

Get Oneplus CE or Nord 2 😅

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021Lol, Nokia has been dead for more than a decade. Stop calli... moreMan still 50% belongs to Finnish HMD which is Nokia and other half belongs to Foxconn stop talking nonsense and educate your self before posting lies.

  • Anonymous

When a company become mad.

  • Zzzzzz

Still going to be a turtle phone dam upgrade your processor man

  • RGz

Not bad, only the IPS LCD and the pricing are the only cons for this device, fair play HMD.

  • Anonymous

Nice to see a Nokia worth to look at, still the asking price is more than 400€.

For 480SD it´s a little hard to swallow. Not that it´s a bad chip, still...