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  • 14 Aug 2022

I saw comments somewhere here saying the nothing phone is sold out every where now

It's because of the scalpers have got them

The scalpers are trying sell a underpowered 400 pound awful anti repair phone for 800 pound
This phone is not good I can't stress this enough

What's wrong with this would
People really want this so badly

There's nothing special or unique about it
Most gaming phones and some flagship phones have RGB lights also anyway that's 2023/2024 fashion phone

Not worth 400 but 800 your out your mind
Not that anyone really listen too me anyway

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    • 14 Aug 2022

    SagarBhatia, 05 Aug 2022I'm using this phone (8gb, 256 gb) since 3 days now an... moreOne Plus phones = Water Heater

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      • Nxr
      • 13 Aug 2022

      needs a 3.5mm and a fingerprint scanner that ISNT under the display.. otherwise Id literally marry this thing. or have an affair with it behind my wifes back...

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        • 12 Aug 2022

        The device is literally awesome for usage, Little delay in face came and no app encryption features in the device..

          I prefer a camera(s) with natural & true to life, very slightly saturated photos with very decent/above average dynamic range, clean audio recording, no crushed shadows, great in low-light, low noise when zoomed-in and of course the video stabilization. So, after all the latest updates guys do you think I will get this on a OnePlus Nord 2T or the Nothing Phone 1?

            Dan, 24 Jul 2022Exactly, but Mi lite 11 can be bought double cheaper man. $... moreLet's be realistic Xiaomi won't promise 4 years updates to their midrange smartphones

              Dan, 24 Jul 2022Exactly, but Mi lite 11 can be bought double cheaper man. $... moreFrom where I'm they have a difference of 100-150$. Which will get lower with time.

                God-of-soc, 23 Jul 2022Heard of Motorola.... Same specs cheaperDoes it promise the same update support?

                  joe nodden, 27 Jun 2022So this company is supposed to be "a new, forward-thin... moreThe only forward thinking was the $500,- asking price 😂
                  Move on people, NOTHING to see here.

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                    • 12 Aug 2022

                    caminzaro, 12 Aug 2022Maybe im wrong, but the most graphing and source intense ga... moreIt definitely should be enough but it's easlly use over 8gb

                    I had a 8gb ram gaming phone I set up for someone else

                    I was asked too do in depth performance testing
                    It turns out ram usage gets so high even the browser close it's self on 8gb ram phone if you have many browsers and games installed
                    Or heavy multi tasking can get ram usage very high also

                    Android os and android apps can be very ram hungry so you ideally want your phone too have as much ram as a full desktop computer would have

                    There's undoubtedly a benefit too higher ram
                    It's scale high and improvement too performance will continue but also smartphone price would get upgraded also

                    2gb bare minimum usable amount for AndroidGo
                    4gb only good at basic usage
                    8gb bare minimum for smooth
                    12gb better and give a little breathing room
                    16gb I think is the sweet spot
                    18gb solid good amount
                    24gb very powerful sadly no phone has this much
                    32gb true monster but not even supported by any processor for smartphones yet

                    We should keep in mind newer versions of android need more ram too run smoothly then older versions of android and apps of today are unoptimized

                      Sin, 11 Aug 2022In fact if you have a 1tb storage phone but you fill that 1... moreMaybe im wrong, but the most graphing and source intense game at the moment is genshin impact, and that game is taking about 2.8 gb of ram.
                      So 2.8 gb ram + about 1gb for the android system + 0.5 gb spotify + 1gb of twich = about 5.5gb of ram.
                      So with 12 gb you have more thsn enough.

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                        • 11 Aug 2022

                        caminzaro, 11 Aug 2022For what do you need 18GB of RAM on a Phone? 8-12 ar more ... moreIn fact if you have a 1tb storage phone but you fill that 1tb of storage up with games in your game library on a gaming phone ram might hold u back

                        apps games will use ram in the background just being stored ram usage will be much higher than you think

                        On the topic of gaming another thing too note if you're live recording your gameplay and recording your FPS in game and listening too music all at same your going need 18gb ram I think

                        Also the browser will benefit from loading web pages from ram instead of having too reload pages from storage that needs more processor power and is slower
                        It's so much better when web pages stored in ram you can read something without even needing internet's data as it's not been killed off

                        Even higher amounts of ram you can benefit from a though most people don't understand more ram will improve performance or want too pay for extra ram

                        Even so it might sound insane 24gb ram still be a improvement over 18gb ram but people tend to not be willing pay extra money for massive amounts of ram

                        the maximum amount of ram the Snapdragon 8 gen 1+ can support is 24gb ram

                        But 18gb ram the maximum on a smartphone right now possible because people think more ram makes no difference

                        A though if you're not a power user or gamer this much ram will benefit u less a though the nothing phone is lacking is processor performance for it's price reach
                        Should have Snapdragon 870 for 400 pound

                          Hi guys. On paper (specs & performance) which one would you guys go for in terms of camera quality for the front & rear cameras, general performance, battery life and overall audio/ speakers loudness and sound: the Nothing Phone 1 or the OnePlus Nord 2T?

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                            • 11 Aug 2022

                            Sin, 11 Aug 2022Basically over priced Vs more over priced under power phone... moreFor what do you need 18GB of RAM on a Phone?
                            8-12 ar more than enough. Even for gaming.
                            And a well optimized midranger is far better than a bad optimized flagship.

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                              • 11 Aug 2022

                              IT Barista, 11 Aug 2022I was Samsung Guy, sold Samsung S22 Ultra (s21 Ultra befor... moreBasically over priced Vs more over priced under power phone

                              Both Samsung's and nothing phone are slow and under spec for the price

                              A gaming phones from either Nubia or Lenovo will have have 18gb ram built-in fans RGB lights and far better performance and price

                                I was Samsung Guy, sold Samsung S22 Ultra (s21 Ultra before). With newest flagship was fun, but i can't forgive some problems for 1500euro device:

                                1. Call problems with dual card sim (sometimes i can't hear caller (problems solved after restart)

                                2. Bluetooth problems (problem solved after reconecting headphones again)

                                3. CPU heat when charging, gaming, browsing (
                                Then games 2min and 50% power are limited, because of Thermal throttling. Then lie about 45w charging speed (31w maximum).

                                After that i decided to try "Nothing Phone 1" and i really amazed because:

                                1. Special modified cpu - Qualcomm SM7325-AE Snapdragon 778G+ 5G (6 nm) - wow it run like old two years hi-end! (only 30%slower than 8 gen 1 on multicore) need to stopping performance because of good temperatures:)

                                2. Ultra fast UI - clean Android 12 - wow amazed how faster i can use my phone. Quick installing/ uninstalling apps, fast operations - wow effect.

                                3.All day battery life (thanks to cpu and well optimised software)

                                  YoshiAkash, 11 Aug 2022Are you sure it’s 1200 nits peak?Yes i am:) i sold s22 ultra and in bright sun light awsome:) hi end screen

                                    I take back all my previous mixed opinions on this phone. The Nothing truly is something.

                                      Are you sure it’s 1200 nits peak?

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                                        • 10 Aug 2022

                                        you have to suffer, 03 Jul 2022dont you read the end? "let alone the usb c dongles ... moreHow do you know which 1 works and which 1 doesn't coz i wanna know before buyjng the phone