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Nothing Phone (1)

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  • sukh9494
  • XMh
  • 28 Jun 2022

i thought its flagship. but its midrange phone low specs

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    • XRT10
    • DkB
    • 28 Jun 2022

    The only unique thing is the LED, €500 just for that.
    Everybody is the same, hype n sell

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      • Anonymous
      • S2S
      • 28 Jun 2022

      for people saying why this phone got in the first place of the ranking of daily interest as an overpriced iPhone, I wanna say if you saying that because of that cameras, oneplus and Samsung and oppo and other every brand are using the same place and shape which is square to put their cameras. and I think all of us know that's the first phone ever that knows how to use light, and in the time of pure styles and luxury styles, this phone is using light as a kid toy and doing it perfectly. so I think you should respect that great step of theirs.

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        • DMX
        • JQ4
        • 28 Jun 2022

        What if Carl has a surprise for us? and is there a Nada phone plus or pro? with more professional specifications?

          Either this is the most anticipated phone of all time or there is so me serious astroturfing going on.

            crispcketlicker, 27 Jun 2022Yes its pretty disappointing the fact that this phone is ro... moreNot gonna lie, after having watched Marques video on it, I do have to say I'm a fan of the all-flat design and LEDs on the back.

            But yeah no way anyone's gonna buy it. Too overpriced for ordinary mediocre specs. I appreciate its design though.

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              • oslikoff
              • 0wC
              • 27 Jun 2022

              Neither fish nor flesh!!!!!!

                i have no idea why is this in the first place in popular phones section. this phone is way too overpriced as an iphone.

                  Yes its pretty disappointing the fact that this phone is rocking a SD778G+, but still a COOL phone, you got to admit it. this "Transparent" glass back, seems very legit but i remember when xiaomi did a similar thing with Mi 8 Explorer Edition. STILL, this phone looks great!! it's really beautiful.

                  The blinking lights? Really cool gimmick if you ask me, it stands out. It would be a cooler phone if it didn't looked SO MUCH like an iPhone 11, it's embarassing. Some people may say "the lights blink!" and yeah, that's rad, but imagine if this had an unique design!

                  So yeah, at the end of the day still PRETTY COOL it's a phone that stands out... but it's no breaking news.

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                    • Wakil
                    • PEq
                    • 27 Jun 2022

                    They should have gone for tried and tested, yet cheap Snapdragon 870. Heck this Chipset (778g+ or even 7gen 1) doesn't even support 4k60 fps which is a massive deal breaker. My 2019 K20 pro can shoot 4K60 fps just fine. I would have switched to Nothing Phone 1, but the functional capability of this Chip just threw me off.

                      So this company is supposed to be "a new, forward-thinking consumer technology company"


                      1) They put the slow and outdated 778G+ in this thing instead of a Dimensity 8100 or 9000. Just like every other horrible company loves to do.

                      2) They don't appear to have OIS on either of the cameras, like every other cheaply made phone.

                      3) They've got that 1080p display like every other cheaply made phone.

                      4) They've got the 128GB base storage option like every other cheaply made phone.

                      5) They've only got 45W charging, like every other cheaply made phone.

                      5) Despite having all these cost cutting measures, it still costs 500 euros.

                      What part of this phone was made with the "forward-thinking" mindset they mentioned? The pretty blinking lights on the back? Real funny.

                      This thing is worse in every way when compared to the Redmi K50 Pro yet costs 70 euros more.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Lkg
                        • 27 Jun 2022

                        2nd rear and front are 16 MP

                          mike, 25 Jun 2022expensive phones get stolen, just like mine on Sunday 21st ... moreOr you could just, you know, look after your phone better

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                            • Anonymous
                            • gJt
                            • 27 Jun 2022

                            Realme gt master 8/256 for 300€

                              nothing dragon too
                              instead of nothing os

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                                • Chris
                                • 9am
                                • 27 Jun 2022

                                Jango5, 26 Jun 2022The sd 870 is the best optimised 800 series cpu, and it... moreMaybe Nothing Phone 1 Plus with Flagship Chip?!

                                  The price around $350

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                                    • kannan ganesan
                                    • U@s
                                    • 27 Jun 2022

                                    If the price is $200 then its OK...

                                      Tuta, 25 Jun 2022SD 800 series are having poor battery and cooling issues. ... moreThere's nothing wrong with the SD865 and SD870.

                                        I'm sure you've watched a vid or 2 of this phone. And I got to say, at this price point it is quite competitive. The back lights will be this phone's selling point. The processor isn't that bad either. Don't you dare compare this to any Xiaomi phone as they mostly cut corners with their software and implemented ads to reduce the cost.