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  • BG

I have a O2 Stealth and have been upset with the SMS functionality. Try to use the keypad sms function that has ezi text. Its ok but the software does not add new words.... CAN SOMEONE PLS HELP on how to add new words in the ezitext like in t9 dictionary

  • James Ngo

You can use the Ezitext like Samsung or Nokia Text. Predictabe or non-predictable English voccabulary.

There are so much ROM for this Stealth. Or I bought Licensed ROM Windows Mobile 6.0 It works pretty well on this device.

But battery is a small issue. You should get a higer battery.

  • Ducky

ZT: thanks a lot...

  • ZT

Skiboo: You mean the Today font color? Then you need to make your own Today theme and you can choose whatever color font you want.

Ducky: Yes to multitap question and Stealth has this function similar to T9 called eZiText. It works like T9 but harder to use. Nothing much to say about the new rom. Better than the old one that's for sure. Make sure you upgrade.

  • Ducky

Hi there.... i know that the stealth can be used for sms/text messaging. but, can you use multitap or just T9/predictive for texting? And, is there any pros or sons on the new ROM? Thanks a lot...

  • Skiboo

Hi, can somebody help by telling me how to change the font color?
The LCD screen is not bright enough under the natural outdoor light, need to change font to black color.

  • SS

why not radio??:((

  • ZT

Sam, you need a 3rd party contact application like Inesoft Address Book. When you get a call, it shows a full screen contact picture, name and number. Moreover you can pick the font size for contact list to be as big as 36 pt. This application will make your life a lot easier. Believe me. Oh and I've just found another neat application "Zoom" It works like a magnifying glass. You move your stylus over the area you want to zoom. It's supposed to work in any application on your device. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know how it works on Stealth. The application came out in 2004. I don't even know if it will work on WM5.

  • sam

hi there, can somebody help me to enlarge the incomming call nos. I had tried to do it through text size option but still it is difficult to see the no. tweaks does not help coz it only enlarges the system fonts. kindly help.

  • ameenz

if all of u need to overcome some lags in the phone, try using an alternative software for this O2 stealth. not all default functions in the phone is good, some of the are useless.. Try tweaking the phone, and try using other software to run on the OS. somehow I managed to overcome some difficulties with the phone but after 2months of using it, i find that the phone lacks some parts in some fields. Yet, nokia N73 is better and well organized. the O2 do not have an organized memory for sms, contacts and many more. There are no options to store your contacts directly either in the phone memory, MiniSD or sim card. I had to do it manually... From phone to PC and from PC to phone, that is if u wanna move lots of contacts. Im goona buy a Nokia N73 or N77 or N95...

  • me2

Does anyone know how to hide sim card contacts in Stealth? When a call comes in, the phone looks for the contact name on the sim card first and so the assigned picture won't show and the ring tone won't ring. I tried using filtering but it didn't work. Any tricks or tips or third party applications?

  • zike

thanks for your answers... o2 rules....

  • kaytee

If you're buying a Stealth, make sure it's got a new rom installed. It should be RM061208. If not, download from O2 and upgrade it yourself. Although it's still a bit slow, it works much better overall with the new rom.

  • ryozo

bought one last weekend.
yes, keypad can be used for text messaging.
no upgraded needed at all.
Issues: it freezes sumtimes, stylus head can be easily ripped off...
all in all, above average fone. :D

  • Anonymous

To Nash - U mentioned that u had problem w/ its keypad. Could u further explain what the problem was? I want to know if the keypad can be used for texting. I checked one mobile and keypad is not use for this purpose – it’s used as a cursor. Thanks.

  • zike

hi there, im planning to buy xda stealth. my only concern is the keypad. some says you cant use the keypad to type text messages, some says you can. if so, do i need it to upgrade first before i can use the keypad for text messages? where can i get an upgrade? is it free? thanks a lot....

  • nash

hey guys, i am using the stealth its been more than 3 month and yes it has some disadvantages such as the keypad, network performance, freezing sometimes, ect... Until i upgraded the ROM last week and till now its running perfectly.
The Ezitext is upgraded, you can use it as the nokia phones by choosing the new multitab function.
Its more faster and i always run GPRS and it never frozes or stops.
My advice to you is to go to see02.com, find an upgrade from the region you purchased the phone and instal it.
You will find a big difference...

  • aNDRY

This is for Tony.
Battery part number is 35h00064-03m and model arte160.

  • Peahen

Stealth is my 3rd O2. Had no problem with my former XDAs but with Stealth, too often being frozed. Most of time from phone operation. Rather annoyance.

I hardly use bluetooth headphone, thus it often hang, unexpectedly turn on Wifi while in conversations, does not return to normal mode after unsuccessful calls. These never
happened to my O2 S or Atom.

Wondering if it's not suitable for high cheek bones that do not use headset! But then it never happened to my former O2!

Appreciate any suggestions to correct the problem.

  • Dt

The ezitext aint any easy at all lol.
I find using the handwritting recognition is quite fun ,so i use it for texting.
The stealth is a fun little phone, i get quite a good deal for it, $430 shipped, so i say it worth the money