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  • Now I Know

This is about the keypad that I thought was useless too. To type text using the keypad, first you have to select eZiText. Then on the keypad press and hold *abc/123 button and you'll see a pop-up on the screen with a choice of abc or 123. It should toggle between abc/123 when the button is pressed. But NO they had to make it complicated. Everytime you want to switch, you have to press and hold and choose then continue your texting. Man!

  • Sameer

Hi there, i want to buy Stealth,currently i am using Sony Erricson W810i and Nokia 6233, i want honest comments from people whether is it worth buying this phone, and secondly if there are any flaws do they interfere with the normal functioning of the phone.

  • Anonymous

why is every one complain about it being large?
It is that much bigger than my n73 and for a pocket pc, im cool with that size.

  • cezar

nice phone, but rather large and heavy, though happy with having AF cam and Windows OS and everything else.

  • dt

The keypad cant use for texting

  • 02man

i can't use the keypad in texting... i have selected ezitext already but still only numbers will appear... is there any other settings for these?

  • hany

me eather i ordered for asus p525,i think it is the best mobile.see asus p525 users reviews,

  • Anonymous

Asus P525 is better than O2 stealth, I switched to asus P525 cause it completes my needs , and the Bluetooth 2.0 s dandy
. I don't need the useless 3G cause it's just a money eater, and just because 3G is trendy it does not mean it's good.

Don't be 3G ZOMBIES!!! do you have a friend that has a 3G phone? and did you try video call with you friend???

  • ameenz

O2 XDA stealth camera is very dissapointing, although it has a 2MP cam, but it doens't have image stabilizer and the response time between the button and the shutter is damn late 6sec. The contacts cannot be copied from the sim card to the phone memory. And I don't see any functions of the numeric keypad, its useless. Physically it looks very stylish but in the inside it lacks a few things. the OS functions is simmilar to Windows XP, yet it still lacks on memory. You have to kill the program manually to save up RAM. overall, I think it sucks!

  • ameenz

hey there Hardik. I tested the 2GB MiniSD (kingston). Too bad it coudlnt work with this O2 stealth, it only works with a 1GB MiniSD. u said it can work with a 2GB miniSD. What kind of 2GB MiniSD brand u use? or do i need to upgrade this O2 stealth firmware in order fot it to support a 2GB miniSD?

  • Anonymous

hi ameenz..

try putting your 2GB miniSD card again then turn your stealth off then on again. that will solve your problem regarding the phone detecting the memory capacity but wasn't able to save file on it. hope this helps..

  • ameenz

thanx for the comment. Last night I just bought the 2GB MiniSD, but it seems that the O2 detected the memory capacity but was unable to save file in it. I jack it into my computer with a card reader and try to format it but it seems like the card is damaged. I donno what happens but the MiniSD could not be readed. 2moro im taking it to the shop i just bought it. I hope its okay with the 2GB MiniSD...

  • Hardik

Hi Ameenz

I have 2 GB card installed and it works flawlessly...

Feel free to go with what you think is best for you..


  • ameenz

I am thinking of buying a 2GB MiniSD memory for my o2 strealth. From what i red in the manual book, it siad that the phone could support external memory up to 1GB only, but nowdays there are 2BG and 4GB MiniSD. My question is could this gadget of mine support a 2GB or 4GB miniSD? anyone out there could anser me?

  • Anonymous

am trying to do the multi-tap thing but this option do not come out.. do i need to update the rom or something? can anyone tell me what to do again?

  • Anonymous

I think this phone will do their part in asia (especially in my country,Indonesia) coz, we need a cheaper PDA-Phone, just like this with a "enough" features not throwing their costumer with features than we don't use.

I'm sure we'll looking for phone that exact just what we need, so if you need a 3G or EDGE or something just looking for other phone, don't send useless comment, because it can make someone who wants to buy this phone confuse (Even they don't need it at all).


For costumer in some ASIA (Especially indonesia) this one may fit to you, here some reason:
1. The absent of 3G won't be the problem!!! Yes there is some operator provide 3G service, but have you try it, it just really fast when they do promotions, even not do much better than GPRS!!! Even the price for 3G service still killing us!!! And the real point is DO YOU OFTEN USE IT?
2. The key pad will help many indonesian cost who want to try PDA. Because many of them to lazy to learn touch screen. They just buy phone from other brand that have same or even higher prise for nothing, it just phone with pseudo OS or even no OS at all!!! What are we pay for??? Came on indonesian people be smarter.
3. In indonesia O2 distributors do their costumer service pretty good.
And finally good phone with enough features, enough price and fit to us.

For people who looking for extra complete phone maybe can search for upcoming: HTC ATHENA.

  • Zuru

Love the phone... just bought it a few days ago..it rocks!! but i got problem with the pocket msn. even when i got connected with the wireless service, it still couldnt get through. and how can i change the sms notification? or is it only fix? can i use other tones? .wav perhaps? how? need help. thanks...a phone worth buying. ;)

  • skipper

The stealth phone is a loss of money with lot of problems, within 1 month after buying the phone have to send for repair 2 times. The first time wifi not working and if activate camera will show "out of memory". The repair centre in Singapore upgraded the software and replace the LCD screen "Dont know why they replace the LCD?". They put in a faulty LCD with on screen keyboard alignment out. The phone itself is faulty and the customer service also bad. Why O2 is not concerned about their customers and their reputation.

  • nash

someone mentioned on having a multitap option on the Ezitext function, can someone tell me how?
If i press and hold the star key on the dialing pad it shows an option to choose of symbols, english and 123...there is nothing such as multitap.

  • zhiyang

hello fellow O2 Stealth users,

i am changing SIM cards and i need to copy all the contacts from my old SIM to the phone before i put in the new SIM. however, i only know how to transfer one contact by one contact. by the 20th contact, i've alr given up. could somebody teach me how to copy all at once?

thank u.