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O2 XDA Stealth

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  • Anonymous

I was playing around to understand how wi-fi works on O2. I dont know what I did, now the wireless manager is not turning the wi-fi ON. And whenever I restart the O2, it asks for some Card's name as it mentions that there is an unknown card on the socket 2. I believe that I have deleted or altered the wireless card's info. Please update me on this...

  • Asuy

hai what's wrong with the keypad?i can't use it

  • Anonymous

The best Bluetooth headset is Motorola H700.

  • satria

i think it's great in design as well as functionalities. i used it for a month by now and quite satisfied with the keypad available.

btw yes you can type sms by using keypad, here's how:
create a new message, tap the triangle next to keyboard icon, select eZiText, tap-AND-HOLD the "a_/*" button (should be bottom left of screen), select "Multi-Tap".

Now you can use keypad to type sms just like any other phones.

  • Chris

I got this phone a week ago...
could you guys recommend me good bluetooth head set for me?

  • jeffrey

i was using O2 atom 4 a while...iwanted 2 upgrade.i'm considerin buyin Atom exec or Stealth.though featurewise stealth is lower compared 2 Atom i like d keypad thing.i can operate it wit 1 hand.

abt hard resettin just press de reset switch on d bottom of fon n d power button on d top of fon simultaniously

  • gokul

how does one use the key board to text sms and while searching for names on contacts.....

just bought the phone after two years of using the Nokia 9300 and man........its sure is a pain till we get to know the features..

  • edward

Just bought the phone last week and it has got major issues with it's "search" feature. I activesynced all my contacts of about 800 and when i want to do a search for example "microsoft" within the phone, it returns the results in 100 seconds. My dinosaur toshiba pda gives me results in 10 secs flat. Also when one is multitasking, be prepared to wait, wait, wait and wait.I only managed to hard reset it after the 3rd try and the set now is with the service centre. I lost productivity with this "stealth"

  • Sam

O2 guys seem to be schemeing against the consumers. They present phones which seem out of the world with the features and specifications but always have something crucial missing out which is perhaps introduced in the next release OR model. The Stealth for instant looks a perfect instrument especially with a key pad / windows 5.0 / touch screen / wifi / good memory n processor etc.... SO GUESS WHATS MISSING !!!! It does not even have EDGE leave alone 3G. You guys provide a phone with windows etc.. for surfing net and downloading emails and dont provide a basic NECESSITY like EDGE which are an absolute oxygen for high speed data tranfer required for surfing net and downloading emails.
Its like buying a high tech BMW fitted with the engine of a scooter.. Most of the consumers would not realise this until they buy the phone and end up shedding tears later.. See the reviews of most of the buyers of the ATOM and we all will know. Either the O2 guys are mind bogglingly stupid OR A***H***s of the first type. Lets all call for a universal boycott for O2 phones !!

  • Yikes!

Ugly ugly ugly!!!

  • thundercat

Attracted "Man In Black"

I installed video player software, run Mission Impossible III and it run smoothly. I would recommend buy this gadget with 1GB storage memory. It just lack of 3G, but u still can utilize GPRS. the rest... so far so good.

  • Anonymous

The mighty Xda Flame is coming roll out the red carpet and prepare ....to bow

  • Domenic

Can some one tell me if you can watch MEPG-4 clips on it (like short movie clips that are watched by Quicktime Media player)???????????

  • Lebron James

O2 just gets worse by the day. The Stealth is ok in performance but as far as design, the thing just looks hideous! It is thick like a brick and the casing just looks cheap. It's a damn shame cos they use to make nice phones. Its the same for iMate. Whats wrong with them??!!

  • ushdd

can anyone tell me???????

can we use the keyboard while typnig sms????
If yes then how??????

Best regards

  • SP

just bought my 02 xda stealth yesterday...like it esp. with the phone keypad,,, i am always an 02 fan but never like other models like the Stealth. great phone, however not too sure about the features as they r more less same other 02...SP, Cambodia!

  • hemant rajoria

could i have know one thing
i want to have add some customize option like use some more phone nos and email address in a each new contact. beasue there is only 3 mail feilds in a out look 2002 how can add more pls let me confirm is it possible or not in this customiziation in application.

  • Jerome

Hi, I`m interested in the phone I would like to know if the reception is good in America (Canada). Looking foward to buy this phone but I`m wondering because it`s a triband.
Also is the phone fast enough to run Skype for ppc and TCMP Core.
Thank you

  • ly76

anyone know how to get chinese test support on this O2?

  • adib79

i just bought this phone for about 3days ago, for me o2 xda stealth is the best phone that i ever have. the advantages that i know from experiencing is :
- a very good multitasking phone,
- the wifi connection is working great,
- the size and the design of the phone is rugged and nice,
- a very fast and stable phone, for this 3days i havent crash the phone yet even i have install many programs and games for the phone,
- the weight of the phone is quite light
- can use one-handed style very smoothly after practicing about half and hour,

the disadvantages are :
- the message ringtone only use polyphonic,
- the camera is not impressive even its 2megapixels,
- the battery power is not impressive,
- price is quite expensive but totally worthy of the price.
- etc