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This dosen't have OIS while oneplus 9r does, wtf?

  • Ravikumar

Oneplus phone started with Midrange Price with Flagship features, now their Price cant afford mid-ranger, so most of them switched to Samsung.

  • Anonymous

flagshipper, 25 Mar 2021Flagships 2024: S24 Ultra and Oneplus12 Pro flagships are ... morethe thing is samsung and apple and huawei and whatnot can get away with this because they have status

OnePlus (and BBK in general) is a nobody outside of tech communities

S21 Ultra has 0.74 head and 1.08 body
OP9Pro around 1.19 both

SIS, 25 Mar 2021OnePlus models have the highest SAR values in the market. T... moreDon't lie yourself. Samsung phones have same sar value
Not 0.3, there's no smartphones with these numbers in 2021

oneplus why did u remove the telephoto camera but kept the stupid 2mp trash can sensor... those Chinese OEM's never learn. at least Google and Apple don't put those cameras in their phones and put actually good cameras in their phones no matter the price point...

Why are dimensions and weight of Indian and EU models different?

Plastic frame. Your gotta kidding me Oneplus

Not having ois in main camera is a major drawback of oneplus 9 guys. instead of the 2MP depth sensor 5MP macro camera would be awesome and instead of 120Hz 90Hz
is enough with 6'4" inch display.

  • Anonymous

oneplus used to offer the best value for money phones..

today they are just ripoff for the money, so bad value....

Flagships 2024:
S24 Ultra and Oneplus12 Pro flagships are sold in plastic shell, with wifi 802.11bg only, and also just one camera. Customers are forced to buy the Platinum Plus model, which has glass body and 2 cameras for 1800$, or Platinum Plus MAX model with 3 cameras for 2400$. Samsung announces the profits raised by 30% y-o-y, and most buy the highest model.

  • SIS

OnePlus models have the highest SAR values in the market. Take a look at any OnePlus model and compare it with other products. For example SAR value for Samsung =0.3 while OnePlus = 0.9 or 1. So DON'T BE TEMPTED BY OTHERS FEATURES OF THIS BRAND, your health is more important. So avoid highest SAR values.

  • Anonymous

OnePlus thinks it's Samsung. These phones will drop value so much in 6 months-1 year.

  • IvoB

Unfortunately Oneplus 9 is not big upgrade from the 8T especially in the camera system. 8T have OIS on the main camera and its 2x digital zoom gives better results because it is done by cropping the center of the (enhanced) high-res output. In the case of the 8T, that's the 12MP center of the (multi-stacked) 48MP output from the sensor.OP 9 makes brighter photos but the lack of OIS is disappointing. The only lead OP 9 have is the new ultrawide camera which is fantastic

  • Alex

So it's a global trend now to sell midranges for the premium price or just the pandemic year? Wtf...

  • Anonymous

Plastic body what the heck! Even the cheaper model has aluminium body. 1+ is copying too much from samsung and then there's the Pro model....more megapixels and aluminium body and notably higher price. No mobile phone camera costs that much and the higher pixel count doesn't mean jack if the lenses and sensor are crap. Just look at iPhones and and Google Pixel phones. The word Pro has suffered big inflation since manufacturers started to use the damn branding.

Not a great value anymore Oneplus. The software support is terrible. When this device get older the software support is worse like they older device. Stilll Open beta for Android 11.

  • Anonymous

Why is this plastic frame with a glass back??? If they wanted to charge 600-700$ US for the phone it makes more sense to me to give the phone a aluminum frame with a matte plastic back for durability.... This kinda kills the phone for me...

  • Anonymous

What I am going to say might sound selfish but that's only because I am selfish. Thank God it is a plastic frame. I have the OP 8 and I am not so mad about a newer version launching since it feels like a downgrade. And no, I don't particularly like cases either.

Neeeeeee, 22 Mar 2021Bro so which phone do u reccommend that's got a good c... moreXiaomi Mi 11 for sure