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  • Din

donz, 05 Dec 2021Anyone recommend me choose oneplus 9 or s21 plusS21 plus no doubt battery life is great but the drawback is the charging speed!

  • Din

shen99, 10 Dec 2021everyone is complaining about the color os update on the on... moreWell in my experience its good but abit side back with the bugs! My main complain is the camera feature. They change the interface slightly similar to previous one but its not as perfect as Oxygen OS 11 Hasselblad. I took a shot of plane takeoff it, it makes my photo blurr which I have never even experience it on previous OS as it able to capture it without any problem. The other one is the overheat problem is still exist if you play quite long time.It depends what game you playing. Well the battery life improve a bit more better than the previous OS11. I have a 7h15min screen time from 100-0% with using the device 12H on my hand. Whatever it is, I can only say The OS12 itself doesn't affect me that much but I miss the OxygenOS interface tbh! It is still my daily phone which I still like it! Just hope the next update will be much better!

  • Mizan

My OnePlus 9 front camera showing 4.1 Mega pixel on hardware test like 64 and Dev check. Have anyone checked it yet? Main camera showing 12 MP.

  • shen99

everyone is complaining about the color os update on the oneplus. but if i did not care for the stock android experience in the first place, will the new os update affect me or the phones performance?

  • cycyc

donz, 05 Dec 2021Anyone recommend me choose oneplus 9 or s21 plusserious? their prices are so much different!

  • Luuk

I used to buy phones after, at least 6 months after release. My P30, I also bought just after months, and it was definitly the best phone I ever have. Prices are often huge better after months of release. I used Huawei / Honor phones for 13 years. Now is the time to try something new. After some months of "researching" for new phone, I was tracked to Nord 2. But I tried it from friend, and there was not so cool effect on me. Than I was just waiting for some price drop on O+9, and it is finally here. Here in central Europe is now for 580 eur, which is really awsome. I also tried it out by next friend. And there is so cool effect on me. I really love it. Pro version, is too big, I do not like curved display, and there are not so huge differences in Camera. Everywhere are comments about no OIS. Do the people really know what is OIS ? O+9 has much larger sensor like 8T and others. You do not need so many seconds to take night shots. Of course, if You have OIS on main camera, it is an advantage, but even without OIS, if You have nice large sensor, like O+9 has, You can take nice shots even in night. There is a nice video about "life without OIS" on youtoube, You can try to watch it. I am going to order Arctic Sky version, fingerprints are there not so visible, and design is really cool. I am looking forward for on my new phone, first from OnePlus :-)

  • Anonymous

Only storage option is 128gb for NA. What a shame! If u want 256 they make you buy the 9pro which is a few hundread dollars extra. And oneplus already increased price by a margin since the 7t. This brand is lossing its values.

  • Pickabo

donz, 05 Dec 2021Anyone recommend me choose oneplus 9 or s21 plusS21 all the way, don't go for 1+9.

  • Artur Homs

The selfie camera is a piece o shit. The normal camera didn't word better. I just bought the phone 2 days ago and I'm very unsatisfied.

  • donz

Anyone recommend me choose oneplus 9 or s21 plus

  • Anonymous

Smartphone, 11 Oct 2021Which phone is best OnePlus 9 Vs Nord 2 I dont reccomend the nord as it already has two blast cases

  • Free Market Rules

URGENT HELP NEEDED! Thanks in advance!

Which is the best proposition, all else being equal (with a 24 months contract):

1. Oppo Find X3 Neo 256Gb = 1€;
2. Xiaomi 11T Pro 256Gb = 9€;
3. Oneplus 9 128Gb = 29€;
4. Samsung S21 128Gb = 39€;
5. Google Pixel 6 128Gb = 49€?

  • Naya

Plz anyone can tell me. Is this phone has auto call recording ???

Sanisonu, 25 Nov 2021May be due to wireless charging compatibilityThanks bro

  • Repsikka

oneplus user, 24 Nov 2021Guys, does Oneplus 9 have Motion smoothing(MEMC)?Fast wireless charging 15W (EU/NA only)

kumakoga, 22 Nov 2021 Why are NA and EU 9g heavier than others?May be due to wireless charging compatibility

  • oneplus user

Guys, does Oneplus 9 have Motion smoothing(MEMC)?

Why are NA and EU 9g heavier than others?

Raye, 03 Nov 2021Hey guys. Planning to buy OnePlus. I heard that their softw... moreGo for it!

Hey guys. Planning to buy OnePlus. I heard that their software is nice. So far I already had a experience with FunTouch OS, IOS and MIUI. I rarely use cameras and I don't mind if there's no wireless charging. Hopefully u have recommendations. Thanks!