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  • mozes
  • A{L
  • 11 Jun 2022

my phone for a lot of years was moto g (2013).
so i think any phone would be great for me but for years i wanted to try oneplus so i bought it.
the battery (i'm on android 12 c48) is not so great ot at least i thought it would be better but it's ok i guess...
besides the battery, i love the phone.
i bought it from aliexpress 1.5 months ago for 417 USD (with coupon).
i didn't need to pay taxes (fortunately).
for this price i'm happy.
it's the chinese version (without wireless charging): LE2115.

    Are there a version with wireless charging and Dual SIM?

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      • Yeah
      • uZa
      • 26 May 2022

      Tony1257, 26 Mar 2022Hi guys, I want to buy Oneplus 9. Please give me some r... moreSot 5 hours. With highest display settings. Performance excellent. Software pathetic after android 12. Camera is ok. S21 or pixel 4,5 have better camera

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        • uZa
        • 26 May 2022

        W, 09 Apr 2022Oneplus 9 or Pixel 6? Thoughts?I ma using both OnePlus 9 and pixel 4. Performance wise OnePlus 9 is excellent. But UI on Android 12 is very cartoonish on OnePlus 9, almost same as color OS of oppo. For heavy gaming and battery u can buy OnePlus 9. But in camera even pixel 4 beats OnePlus 9 easily. UI is very clean on pixel.

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          • Shubham
          • GRT
          • 13 May 2022

          My charger is lost and want to buy a new one, but it is nowhere available... Please suggest me an alternative charger... I'm from India.. charger is not available on amazon, Flipkart and OnePlus store too....

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            • Vic
            • fCI
            • 30 Apr 2022

            Worst camera after update. Going to sell very soon.

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              • wdK
              • 29 Apr 2022

              Op 9 available for 350 dollars is it worth it

                Plastic frame? It is definitely a downgrade from OP 8... My OP 8 still behaves super well so no point in updating it.

                  I spent a long time thinking if I should buy OP 9. Here's what I have to say:

                  - Phone doesn't overheat, that was a software issue.
                  - Battery life is good compared to ultra fast charging speed. Still gets 5-6 SOT and charges in 25-30 min. Anyways, if you want the phone to last longer to 6-7 SOT, charge it with a 15-25 w charger.
                  - Phone isn't as simple to use as Samsung or Apple.
                  - Phone selfie camera isn't flagship.
                  - Phone is smooth as hell. Rarely ever lags.
                  - Overall, I think it's worth the money but definitely not better than Samsung or Apple.
                  - I think it is much smoother than the other Android phones and has good battery life compared to the 65 w charger.

                    Action.Pretty, 21 Feb 2022Hey, I.m using the 8t since Dec 2020 and it works better no... moreI can't agree more. 8T is perhaps the best in terms of durability, screen time, speed and a whole lot. I purchased mine in early 2021 and it's been phenomenal

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                      • nHb
                      • 15 Apr 2022

                      It's available on Amazon and AliExpress for 530 dollars is it worth it ?
                      I have never had a OnePlus phone.

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                        • Tui
                        • 10 Apr 2022

                        W, 09 Apr 2022Oneplus 9 or Pixel 6? Thoughts?pixel better camera.

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                          • nav
                          • 09 Apr 2022

                          Oneplus 9 or Pixel 6? Thoughts?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • KS2
                            • 07 Apr 2022

                            I need a help, thing is i need to get my grandmother a phone which has a good camera and dosent cost much so could anyone recomend the best phones that are not very old models but are less than 150$

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                              • Shamsul mohit
                              • uNV
                              • 07 Apr 2022

                              Very good device

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                                • Mohan
                                • YWi
                                • 05 Apr 2022

                                Its a great device.

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                                  • Hasan
                                  • YWi
                                  • 05 Apr 2022

                                  Tony1257, 26 Mar 2022Hi guys, I want to buy Oneplus 9. Please give me some r... moreUsing it for last 2 moths.Great value for money

                                    Swifthand, 01 Apr 2022I wouldn't re-buy this phone (if that tells you anythi... moreHow much SOT do you get?

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                                      • Swifthand
                                      • k0B
                                      • 01 Apr 2022

                                      I wouldn't re-buy this phone (if that tells you anything). My Samsung phone died after many years and I purchased a OnePlus 9 after watching a review on YouTube. This phone is a DOG. There isn't much I like about it except the charging speed and the way it holds a charge. It performed an update yesterday which made this "sucky" phone even "suckier!!!" Many of the basic functions don't work. The update was released without proper vetting. Don't buy this phone...IT SUCKS

                                        Hi guys,

                                        I want to buy Oneplus 9. Please give me some reviews about the battery life, screen on time, and software.