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  • Anonymous

im confused. u need to turn the screen on first then the fingerprint scanner work ? does it not work directly from turned off screen ?

  • Tanaka Hiroshito

Can anyone tell me the number of android updates this oneplus nord is illigible for

  • Anonymous

dont buy this phone
netwrk problem
no daily track of data
hotspot stop wrking automatic

We got oneplus nord in our house. Its very artificial colors pops out. It's not worth paying 30000 in India. It's very mediocre phone. Plz don't go on critics review bcaz they are paid for it.. And most of them are in favour of Chinese phones.

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2020about 1 update in 1.5 months what do you mean?? I have the phone for about 2 month and i got 3 updates in this time

Ajit, 30 Oct 2020I just purchased the one plus nord about 3 weeks ago and I ... more2 years of actual Ui and android updates and 3 years for security updates.

  • Anonymous

I would apreciated if someone could test if bluetooth Aptx HD actually exists in this phone and tell me. Thanks!

  • User123

Ajit, 30 Oct 2020I just purchased the one plus nord about 3 weeks ago and I ... moreU will get updates for OnePlus Nord for 2yrs

  • Anonymous

Should be 300-350 dollars tbh. 430 is too much considering phones like Oneplus 7T and Poco F2 Pro are that price. And it's not like it has one big standout feature like the Pixel 4a which has flagship camera. It's just a normal midrange phone, not even a flagship killer. So it should be 300.

Midrange phone without microsd , no thanks....

  • Anonymous

Please inform one plus nord to introduce 3.5 mm jack facility, improvement in battery capacity to 6000 Mah, improvement in low light camera function, and improvement in case along with some concession on price on par with other Chinese models can boostup it's sale. Thankyou.

  • Anonymous

SHYAMPAYARE, 30 Oct 2020I am also facing same problemabout 1 update in 1.5 months

  • MobileMan

@PaulMithai = Google is right :-I , Ask this to OnePlus 8 & OPT 8 Pro User.

I just Pointed out what it is , so spoilt by OP6 & Samsung S7 Call Features , for me this is an adjustment.

Any way for Updates , many You-tubers have declared OnePlus 8T xerox of OnePlus Nord as its camera is as soft as Nord ( And yes this comes with Google Dialer , Google Messanger , Google NotePad ( Keep) App as default , same as Nord ) , Call Recording is applicable only in India BTW ( With Loudspeaker declaration ) , not for other countries. ( Thanks to OP Fans wishing for recorder on Forums etc. There are truckloads of request.)

pievka, 21 Oct 2020I have this phone for 1 month + and I am so disappointed ab... moreI am also facing same problem

  • Ajit

I just purchased the one plus nord about 3 weeks ago and I am liking it. I would like to know how many updates would I receive on this device? Is anyone there who can help me with this information


MobileMan, 28 Oct 2020@PaulMithai - I have mentioned Call Recording but that was ... moreSo yes it has call recording, and it is exactly how it should be with a warning when you are recording so people stop using it to break privacy. Very good google policy.

  • MobileMan

@PaulMithai - I have mentioned Call Recording but that was after lot of users literally ... to both Google & OP on OnePlus Forums , but moment you press Record it declares everywhere - You are Being Recorded , so its useless. ( Google Policy). OPlus has declared thats what it can max do , & yes you cant download it.
Network issue is there & Call Drops (Sometimes), but all mobiles have in some level i did not mention it as some have , but for some that degrades the experience.


Paulius K, 26 Oct 2020Agree 100% to second case!!! Network issues. Stuck on load... moreI use it for one week , its my first time with oneplus nord 256 12GR, the phone is lite, slim and smart in many options , battery life is pretty good , the screen is magnificent , easy to use it .
the negative points :
when turn one the phone the network register it takes time.
some heat when playing high resolution games.

MobileMan, 27 Oct 2020Ok , to Users here incl . PaulMithai , Having used Nord ... moreIt has call recording from what i know, it's nit automatic you have to turn it on every call.

  • Anonymous

Raghu, 27 Oct 2020My One Plus Nord went blank and stopped working in less tha... morequality oneplus there... i would switch brand lol.. now that carl pei is gone i expect this brand to only go downhill now with cheap garbage phones...