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OnePlus Nord 2 5G

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I've just realised that this phone is realme X50 Pro 5G but a little downgraded.

  • Anonymous

Carnage, 21 Nov 2021Poco F3 - Flagship performance except average cam. Mi Lite... morePoco F3 is a powerful phone, but sh*tty at everything else. Camera is average at best, I had problems with the display and the MI UI is the worse UI you can have on a phone, period.
The fact that Xiaomi and Samsung give 3 years of updates means nothing, if those updates are buggy and you need to pray to God each time you update your phone. The last 3-4 Samsung and Xiaomi phones I changed, was because of software updates gone wrong. True, they were mid-range phones, but still a company that respects itself, shouldn't make good phones only in the premium category.
Advice guys, go for One Plus or Pixel phones, if you want good mid-range Android phones. Samsung and Xiaomi mid-range phones are just lottery.

  • Anonymous

Best Android phone I had in recent years. Better than the over priced Samsung and Xiaomi phones in the same price range.
One Plus have hit the jackpot with this model. Sadly, not many people know about One Plus phones in my country, Czechia. In here, people who are interested in phones have still the sh**p mentality, they primarily buy Samsung and Apple phones, just because of the company name and reputation.

  • yabeshnord2

Best experience from dimensity 1200 5G

  • Anonymous

best price quality phone of the year

Hey guys. Did Oneplus fix any shortcomings of the Nord 2 unit?

  • Carnage

myOpinion, 19 Nov 2021Which one to pick between Mi 11 Lite, Poco F3 and OnePlus N... morePoco F3 - Flagship performance except average cam.
Mi Lite NE 5G - Good overall, premium build, 3 years of software update and 4 years of security updates but bloatware UI. Good day light cam but average night mode.
Nord 2 - Good overall. Bloatware free but Oxygen OS is expected to merge with Color OS, expect buggy updates in future.

Samsung A52s - bloatware and ad free One UI. 3 years OS updates. Good camera.
Pixel 5a - Pro camera experience. Good premium phone but old design. If you can't get 5a, 4a is still a good option.

  • Vratislav

I am actually choosing between Nord 2 and A52s (128gb) - I live in EU. I am much more into Nord 2 and need to know one think. Do have Oneplus good quality of original cases and 3d glass?

Thanks for answer!

  • myOpinion

Which one to pick between Mi 11 Lite, Poco F3 and OnePlus Nord 2 ?

  • Anonymous

My journey has been Samsung s2, samsung nexus, lg nexus 2, samsung note 4, samsung s7edge, xiaomi mi mix 3.

I am happy with this phone. It performs just as well as my previous phones minus the camera which is good enough but does not compare to high end phones. The battery is by far the best I've ever had. I've never owned a phone that could do a whole day with my usage. I'd come home at 5pm with a dead phone or at 10% if I were lucky. Now I average 50 to 60% when heading home. Would most definitely buy yagain.

  • Nick

Can somebody say something about screen brightness. Had a OnePlus 6T. On a sunny day screen visibility is terrible. Just switched to a Samsung Note 8 because of that.

  • Paik

Amaanafzal, 18 Nov 2021My Nord 2 was working great until a month ago. It has been ... moreYou should make a factory reset (but keep in mind, everything you stored and all settings will be deleted, that is intentional). Then install one app after another.
It could be that there is a rogue (or simply incompatible) app that causes this. I had this with other phones, too. E.g. there was a music player (I forgot the name) that crashes the phone every now and then. On my Sony device, versions of Kindle slowed the device horribly after starting it. I had to turn off and on again to make the phone work after every single time.

It's very likely that it has something to do with an app or setting. I hope you'll find the problem and enjoy your phone again.

  • Devil

Performance is great 👍 display is good and the battery is average. The stand by is worst it is draining more 🔋

My Nord 2 was working great until a month ago. It has been hanging crazily like cheap android phone. Even after the recent update it's still the same. I just use a few social media apps, that's it. No gaming, no camera etc. I have to clear recents again and again to make it work normally even if there is only 1 app. Storage is only half full. Any help please? Didn't expect this

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2021Never buy Samsung phone they are destroying phones with upd... moreBruh. Rip fs in the chat, every prayer for you🙏🙏🙏
Also this is why you don't trust warranty, the phone will work fine for 2 years, then AFTER the warranty ends, something will break, then you can't do anything about it.

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2021Compared to the Galaxy A52s Cons of this phone compared ... moreBEST Mediatek processor with mali gpu, it's faster than 778G on A52s, almost 865 level. Remember, Nord 2 got 38 fps on Gfxbench. A52s got 28. And way faster charging is more useful than headphone jack or micro sd card. But yeah, the only 90Hz and no ip rating was a bang in the head.

EliseKlevr, 12 Nov 2021"Another" copy of this phone (defective obviously... moreOneplus Nord 2 -> Amazing phone, utterly ruined by battery explosion issues. Now I have to buy a phone like Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, A52s with bad software. Or Moto Edge 20 and Realme GT Master with single speaker.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2021Is selfie camera good? Not at all

  • Mm

I own this phone and I think this is the best phone for low light photos.
In very very low light an ultra night mode is triggered automatically and the photos are amazing, with colors and details.
After 2 months still cant believe my eyes, is better than my Canon Dslr camera.
I wonder if any other phone can take usable photos when you can t see almost nothing.
Is Wow, like in gsmarena review.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2021Compared to the Galaxy A52s Cons of this phone compared ... moreNever buy Samsung phone they are destroying phones with updates, my M30s starts freezing and restarting just after 3-4 month of expiration of warranty now services center is asking to change the motherboard whose cost is 70% of phone cost..