OnePlus reveals when the OnePlus Nord and the 8-series will stop receiving security patches

Peter, 07 December 2020

OnePlus has put up a page where you can track the status of security updates for some of its phones. Right now it appears a bit incomplete, but it does bring some good news for owners of the OnePlus Nord – it will be getting security patches until mid-2023.

That’s noticeably longer than the Nord N10 and N100, which will only receive two years of security patches (so the end date should be in late 2022) and a single year of OS updates (likely meaning they’ll get Android 11 and that’s it).

Update: OnePlus updated the page to clarify that the phones in question are not on a quarterly update schedule, the table now just says "regular" updates. Furthermore, the company made it clear that this information relates only to devices part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program and regular users are not affected by this.

Devices receiving regular security updates
Devices Support End-Date
OnePlus Nord July 2023
OnePlus 8 April 2023
OnePlus 8 Pro April 2023
OnePlus 8 5G April 2023

As you can see from the table, the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro models are on a quarterly schedule. The 8T should be on a monthly schedule, though that part of the page is empty (which is why we say it looks incomplete).

There’s no word on OnePlus’ 2018 and 2019 models either, but they belong in the quarterly schedule table. The OnePlus 3 and 3T got their final security patch in late 2019 (three years after launch), which means support for the 5 and 5T should be ending soon (they did get an update in November).

OnePlus reveals when the OnePlus Nord and the 8-series will stop receiving security patches

Also, note that this is only about security patches, not OS updates. The company’s flagships should be getting new Android versions for two years, plus an extra year of security patches.

You can find the latest info on the official page. Also check out the Details tab, which lists which vulnerabilities were fixed with a given patch.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Unless a group of hackers specifically target you using the security hole or vulnerability (if it exists) which is not fixed through a security patch, you have nothing to worry about. The likelihood of such a thing happening is 0.00001%. So lack...

Finally someone intelligent on this forum. The security updates are promoted heavily in marketing campaigns but in reality are overrated at best.

He was refering to the Security updates, which is true. Galaxy S7 is an great example of that.

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