Oppo Mirror 5

Oppo Mirror 5

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  • we we

Hi, Can someone help me what phone should I buy? is the OPPO mirror 5 really good or not? and as of now I need a suggestion only... Please reply me asap!

  • oppo new

the camera is really fast to start btw.

  • new oppo user

Battery is good for its size. i'm getting 4+ hours On Screen Time considering that it's a dual sim phone.
Camera is better than my S5. It can focus well even in low light
Screen off shortcuts are really useful (turn on the screen without touching the power button, turn on a flashlight app even when the screen is off using gestures)
Interface is really fast.
display is quite ok even if it's lower than HD resolution

I think this phone is too expensive for its specs. it uses a decent gpu but the games are still laggy considering its resolution is not even HD (540x960). microSD sometimes cannot be detected. The sound gets muffled because of its really flat back that covers the speaker grill perfectly when it's laying flat on the table.

  • AnonD-90571

Awesome phone... wish it will get colorOS 3

  • Firoz

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2016is it a quad band phone? Yes

  • Anonymous

is it a quad band phone?


does it support 4g

  • Anonymous

is it a 4g phone

  • AnonD-488195

Nona_Rahma, 11 Jan 2016Love mirror 5 :)Ya it is best

  • Raghav raj

sunny, 03 Jan 2016Why it's taking 3 hours to racharge battery what I do recharge fastPut the phone in super poweer saving mode

  • Hari I

Battery heating is over when I use net ....its also hanging problem

  • Anonymous

ANON, 09 Jan 2016Yeah can't 4gmake sure u have an lte sim

  • Nona_Rahma

Love mirror 5 :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2016We have the same problem fast recharge with the charger supplied it gives 2000 ma. USB from a pc only gives 500 ma.
your 3 hour charge time would drop to 3/4 of and hour ie 45 mins..

  • fujiko

Minjee, 13 Nov 2015Hi, I have trouble with my oppo mirror5, I bought mine last ... moreyes,ive got the same problrm.how we re intall the other specs of the camera.

  • ANON

Nona_Rahma, 18 Dec 2015Only support 3G and 2G dude,, No 4G ! U can check, Setting -... moreYeah can't 4g

raj, 30 Dec 2015how it is mirror mobile. it is handled easy or hard. pls suggest... moreit's a most comfortable phone...

jr riyadh., 04 Jan 2016is it true that battery drain fastly.not at all... normal user must have a full day performance from mirror5

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2016Did you do some settings for battery or what? Becuase my Mirror ... moremirror 5 gives me a day performance at a full charge

  • Rhey

AnonD-477749, 27 Dec 2015whats best in terms of camera mirror 5 or Samsung J5?Mirror 5 better than J5, i've tried it.