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Palm Treo 650

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  • Muki free

Please can somebody help me how can i change the language in this phone Palm treo 650, is there any way to change the language without downloading OS software becouse it isn't in english language, if yes Please can you show me step by step PLEASE?
Thanks to every one.

  • Anonymous

so stupid. i rcv a call requesting for MMS/GPRS settings. after getting the subs number, i asked for his handyphone (treo 650, i've never heard the unit before so i thougth its not supported by any system, especially on our plug n play. i also thougth that there's no information when it comes to manual configuration, so i advise subs that he should go to a nearest buss center for his phone for the request of his configuraton. after that call i immediate look up for treo, that's when i figured i mispelled that treo to trio.. hahaha i suck!!! that subs probably going to complain me.

  • ken

I need help. I have a treo 650 and everytime i go the versamail account it switches off. PLs advice what i need to do. Thank you.
I also need to know how i can load kinoma application for the video sounds.

  • Alejandro Lopez

Excepcional equipment great job for this phone beautiful no complain

  • Chase

The Treo 650 is great hardly ever freezes and reboots. Mine is a GSM for Cingular/AT&T.

  • Bat

I used to have a treo 650 with Bell (cdma), used for for about 2 years and it was great, recently switched to Rogers (gsm) and got myself a blackberry curve. it works really well however I miss some of the features of the treo 650. I found a used one that I could get (unlocked).
what should I do?
I keep reading how the gsm treo 650 freezes and reboots often. i am a heavy user and cant afford to have glitches happening on a busy day.

  • Faisal

well im using this phone for a long it but still dont know how to set mp3 as ring tone.please let me know

  • jp

The Palm Treo 650 is one of the best phone ever made. It has all the features of a decent phone and is very user friendly. My Treo 650 is kinda old and I've been using it for three years (imagine that?) I want to buy a new one but i think it is not available in the market today.

  • sai

can we use this phone as modem for internet on pc. then, what is its performance.

  • whoopsie

i really love this phone.. makes you go back no more to nokia phones.. simply superb. =)

  • Mark

Great features but really lousy reception.
I have checked & am in a very strong signal area.
Feedback from Palm retailers is common problem.
Suggested look at another phone, but I then have problem of transferring to Outlook, which fills me with dread.
Any help
Also tends to freeze up & need to reboot.


To Majid Ali: That is a limitation of SMS messaging, not of this particular phone. There is no way to increase the characters per message you can send; however if you type beyond the 160 char limit the Treo will automatically send multiple messages for you.

To morgan
Thanx for ure reply but what im trying to ask that how to let the phone type beyond 160th char limit and how treo will automatically send multiple messages bcoz after 160th word my treo 650 is unable to go further so please kindly help me to solve this problem
I will be very thank for for the kindness

  • ken

Hi treo friends. Well the treo phone is good. I need some few remedies.
1. The buttons on the first row seem not to work at all. I have even tried to hold hard the battery to see if its loose but no luck.
2. The problem of goes off periodically.
3. I need to install windows and excel software.Pls give me steps to follows.
Otherwise i have no regrets about the phone. I will appreciate any solution highly. Thank you.

  • ken

The treo is a great phone. I especially like the internet option. But the numbers on the first row all seem not to work. I have really tried to switch off the phone, remove the battery and even held the underside of the battery hard but no luck. If there is a solution, please advice me.

  • Devi

can i change palm 650 OS to windows OS

  • Morgan

To Majid Ali: That is a limitation of SMS messaging, not of this particular phone. There is no way to increase the characters per message you can send; however if you type beyond the 160 char limit the Treo will automatically send multiple messages for you.

I've had this phone for about a year now, and though it has locked up on me a few times, that is mostly due to two programs: Mundu IM (instant messenger) and TreoAlarm (alarm clock/weather app). Otherwise it seems to be fairly stable and a decent phone. I've been holding off on replacing it with an iPhone for two reasons: One, the iPhone as of February 2008 does not support Bluetooth DUN without a hack, and also because for some strange reason, AT&T converted my individual consumer account to a "small business" account when I upgraded to the Treo and I don't think they will activate an IPhone. If they do, it may be under a business rate and I'll end up paying more for the data plan than most people.

  • Jason1258

This in my opinion is a great phone. I've made several attempt to switch to a newer phone or other brands but I realize its very user friendly. The only concern are the T5 screw come missing if dropped several times oops!!!. This is type of phone you will have and your friends will say "man why do you have that old thing?"

  • andre

i got this phone since 2005 and it work well. there're some difficulties: gprs blueetoth with XP, keypad freeze so you must push the restar button and the worst thing, it restarting itself. i tried many software, then finally i use the standard software to support my work. Push email is good (you must buy the sw versamail 3.5, treo 650 is using older version without push email). does anyone hve same experience that the phone restarting itself, the stability is under questions.


Hi all
Message writing capacity on my Treo 650 is of only 160 characters after 160 characters im unable to write further i want to know that how to increase this capacity please help
Thanks in advance

  • Alejandro Lopez

excellent desing, features, performance