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  • Anonymous

Now a days answering is possible only through loudspeaker. Pls help me to overcome this problem

  • PZ

sigg, 18 Jul 2010Is possible to turn of the treaded sms on this phone? Also,... moreYes. Just tap on your Email icon on the home screen and then hit menu and then options. You will see a tab labelled signatures. Tap on that and uncheck where it asks you to use the signature for that email account. If you are running multiple email acounts on the phone you will need to select the correct account from the drop down.

  • Farouk

It's a very 9ce phone but i can't recieve any file through bluetooth pls help me if there is any one know how to recieve?

  • Anonymous

mad., 19 Sep 2010i hate this phone. do not buy it. i have nothing installed on it... more....people like you need to just use an iphone... thats what they are there for.... if you are computer literate....THEN use palm. Palm phones can do everything an iphone can do and much more but because the functions are more than 1 button away (because of all the options associated with each function) and because it doesn't have a pretty, bubbly UI, the general masses like the iphone. IF you know how to use it properly...of course your msgs are going to jam up the memory if you keep pushing the buttons over and over because you can't wait the 5 secs it takes to process the first msg.

  • patrick, lagos

Nice phone by all standard. My customers always ask for it!

  • man_rokin

been usin treo pro for for 1year....quite satisfied wd it, though it has its own drawbacks.....
yes,it had a bug of sendin a single msg multiple times but after a hard reset,i never had ds prblm....
sound n camera quality is jst avg n the processor speed too is jst like dt...but the headphone provided with it is superb...
in areas where the network reception is poor,the phone jst gets idle... zero connectivity... but after switchin off and then switchin on the phone once, network reception is back again....
overall,with so many windows mobile apps workin fine on this mobile,im satisfied with it....

  • Paynekiller

As long time palm user(m505,treo180,treo600,treo750,treo pro), this phone is excellent for work but its a little bit dull for fun. Most palm device designed for corporate users. if you know how to utilize the features, this phone is excellent.

  • mad.

i hate this phone. do not buy it. i have nothing installed on it yet it is the slowest phone i have ever had. texts dont send if another one is coming in at the same time, texts are sent multiple times even when i do not resend them, i have to do a hard reset every few days due to the phone not responding, and the internet freezes all the time. occasionally, when i have a phone call, the phone wont even let me answer it, and im so frustrated! cannot wait to get a new phone! go blackberry.

  • Anonymous

gabol67, 09 Jul 2010I just bought my phone in April '10 and I have not had any probl... morewhat shell are you using?

  • Prashanth

How to change the ringtone?

  • sigg

Is possible to turn of the treaded sms on this phone?

Also, is it possible to delete the "Sent from my Windows® Phone" on settings so you don't have to remove it every time you send an e-mail? (I have used a Win 6.5 standard before)

  • gabol67

I just bought my phone in April '10 and I have not had any problems or malfunctions. The only issue I have is that the phone is boring and I hate WM6.1. I have found a shell that does a pretty good job at making the phone more fun or functional.
Does anyone know how to upgrade to WM6.5?

  • Manjinder S. Sahota

andy, 31 May 2010Is this works fine, with Idea Cellular (India) GSM network? Mo... moreYeah it 'ill work, I went to india and it was working great with Airtel,Vodafone and Idea Punjab, Don't worry...

  • Manjinder S. Sahota

kapil, 21 Jun 2010does it have document editor or just the veiwerIt has both, I lost my phone last friday...It was a good phone

  • kapil

does it have document editor or just the veiwer

  • ron

this is an excelent phone, maybe the OS will not look as flashy as an android phone buy it is very funtional and works great. I had a treo 750 first, but it was too slow. This one however is fast, it's gps locks quick, has reasonable battery life, it has wifi and is very compact. Draw backs: camera picture quality should be better, it can not beat a sony ericcson camera.

  • andy

Is this works fine, with Idea Cellular (India) GSM network?
Moving from non network coverage area to coverage area, is the Palm Pro have to reset to get the coverage? Because old models from Palm, i faced the same coverage problem.

  • Palm User

palm lover!, 11 May 2010i have had my phone for about a year, and i love it. it has been... moreA master reset will do

  • palm lover!

i have had my phone for about a year, and i love it. it has been through a lot and still works as if its new. but i need some help. it keeps on popping up and saying that the storage memory is low... how can i fix this?

  • Rupesh

While receiving calls the volume is low. How can i increase it???