Panasonic GD87

Panasonic GD87

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  • Anonymous

I had a preview of this phone and i can't wait till it comes out on general sale. really good especially the camera and the screen is amazing. ringtones and games are also really cool. not to long to wait i hear.

  • Anonymous

Yes the GD87 will be tri-band ... Looks like vodafone in UK will release it in October

  • DG

Does somebody know, where(in which country,Town) the GD87(88) will be available first ???????????

  • jucame

Sorry to be so repetitive but is very important for me to know if this GD87 is Triband or not, makes a big diference on my final choice on buying this model or not, thanks.

  • jucame

is a Triband model I am informed wrong?

  • andre

is there J2ME in it?

  • panasonic gd87

give me plase price panasonic gd87

  • jucame

In Spain today on "Connect" magazine is said to be out soon I am gonna get one is so beatifull and nearly has it all good for Panasonic

  • jucame

is also triband

  • mr questions

has the phone got anything like video on demand like on the future Samsung's, will it have an infa-red port, blue-tooth technology and will it have java?

  • Vladimir

You have (at least) one thing wrong: Panasonic GD87 does have an IrDA port, and can transfer images, phonebook, and scheduler data both ways.

  • huynhtoi

it's good but rather expensive.I wit for the new one gd88!

  • thinh

i like it

  • CEO of Panasonic

The GD87 won't distribute to Malaysia. Because of the SUCK goverment. You can go to Singapore to get it. The price around $(S)1300. Digital Camera inside the phone. Pls read the description first!

  • brian earl monte

i've been a panasonic fone addict,i've been collecting several other units that are no longer found on market...this gd87 is quite uniqe i like the features..if u could give one for free i definitely what to have one... =)

  • Arif Aizuddin

How is it cost? How can I find it in Malaysia? Have a digital camera?


It's very nice.I love Panasonic GD 87.

  • Panaman

If I had some more money, I'd buy this phone. But sure, I'm very satisfied with my GD75 which is also outstanding!!!

  • CEO of Panasonic

the price is around 500p (UK)
the price is around 1500 (Aus)

the phone will release in this month.

  • I made this!

For Peter... exactly what is missing from it? Check out the specs? If you have, you won't be disappointed. When is it available? We're working really hard on it - please bear with us... patience *IS* a virtue, and the *BEST* things do come to those that wait... ;-)
Seriously, we're entering the final stages of development and tweaking - I've been using my prototype handset for several weeks now, and am convinced that the core part is ready to ship. The GPRS performance is simply outstanding.
Panasonic phones may be later to the market than some other manufacturers, but are well worth it when they arrive. Please check it out - you'll be glad you did.