Black Friday: Razer Phone 2 drops to $300 in the US, gives you 120Hz screen on a budget

Peter, 27 November 2019

The Razer Phone 2 may be a year old now, but its 120Hz screen keeps it feeling relevant. Amazon US just dropped its price to $300, not a bad sum for the package you’re getting.

The Snapdragon 845 has been tuned to resist thermal throttling (as you can read in our review) and the flagship GPU can outperform current mid-range chips. The OS is nearly stock, though Razer is yet to announce an Android 10 update for the phone.

So, not quite a replacement for the new Pixel phones. Still, you’re looking at a 12MP main and 12MP telephoto (2x) cameras on the back. Battery life isn’t amazing, but is comparable to a Pixel 4 XL (and you get faster 15W wireless charging, for what that’s worth).

Razer Phone 2 drops to $300 in the US, not bad for a phone with a 120Hz screen

Oh, and you get a microSD slot so you can expand the built-in storage to something reasonable (there’s only 64GB built in). It’s not a perfect phone, but at $300 these flaws are forgivable.

The European price hasn’t dropped alongside the US price, unfortunately. Still, you can keep an eye on our pricing page for any movement on that front.

Also, if you’re after a gaming phone but the Razer doesn’t cut it, our buyer’s guide has a dedicated section on gaming phones.


Reader comments

  • kyle

yea hows it standing upto now?

Do you have a source for the experts? The 120Hz toggle/kernel is freely available on xda.

  • Osiris

Best phone ever, love it!

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