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Realme X7 Max 5G

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abitcuriousabitgeek, 14 Jun 2021Thank you, so that means it can be considered for the price... moreYes, value for the price, an all rounder.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

This device looks amazeballs!

Valar margolis, 13 Jun 2021I bought this mobile even though i was little skeptical abo... moreThank you, so that means it can be considered for the price. Your explanation was so beneficial for me.

Valar margolis, 13 Jun 2021I bought this mobile even though i was little skeptical abo... moreIn summary to the performance:
gaming was pretty good in genshin impact but noticed tiny weird fps drops in asphal 9

I bought this mobile even though i was little skeptical about the glass protection technology they used anyways heres my review after using 3 days:

64 mp rear camera is good it does over saturate some area but it can be eliminated by using google cam if you want to edit your photos if you dont want to do heavy editings stock camera is more than enough, yeah i tried some bsg mods it was good but its not built for this model so it was buggy,
16 mp selfie camera is good if you give lot of light, it struggles in low light lots of noises,

Battery is quite good i dont see any problems so far. I am a heavy user but charging speed is not upto mark it takes around 50 minutes to fully charge, pretty slow for a 50w charger but at the end of the day its good for the battery so i am okay with that.

Screen quality:
There is no tint issue, the quality is actually good no issues here.

Sound is phenomenal, it is pretty loud on both speakers.

Built quality:
It is light weight and its easy to use in one hand.

I was a heavy gamer but not anymore but i installed asphalt to test the performance, i am not gonna lie it did struggled a little, noticable frame drops happened here and there and yes the game space setting was on pro gamer mode but then i wanted to be sure so i tried genshin impact for 1 and half hrs, i played it first with 30 fps no frame drops no hear but i was little warm then i played with higher graphics with 60 fps and surprisingly there was no lag or fps drops but the phone got heat up with 60 fps setting i was also charging while playing, the performance was pretty good no lags..

so i was confused why asphalt 9 struggled but bigger game like genshin is flawless? 🤔 guess what i really dont know. Lol

Keep in mind that it wasnt a noticable big frame drops in asphalt 9 but you can see the lag while you are boosting,drifting small small drops like 5 to 10ms lags. But yeah it was wierd. *Still you can play that game, many ppl may not notice that*

I am pretty sure it will perform good on pubg.(i hope)

Ram management is good. You get around 4gb to work around and it doesnt kill the apps in the background.

I am actually impressed with realmi ui 2.0 i am a miui user for past 4 to 5 years i have to say this ui is far more better than miui, it give you stock android like exp with so much customization.

You will get some bloadwares you can uninstall some but not all of em.

So here is why i bought this phone instead of going for mi11x

1)price, i got it for 25500 with city bank offer
2)better rear camera but mi11x front camera is good.
3)it has proximity sensor, mi11x uses ultrasonic sensor and it has its limitations i really dont want to play with that since this is important for me i dont wanna be interrupted while i am on call by touching with my cheeks, even it has issues with whatsapp you can check them on your own..
4)headphone jack(obviously).
5)faster charging speed.
6)no screen tint issues(many mi11x users faces green tint problem i didnt want to risk it).
7)light weight.
8)realmi ui2.0.
9)you get nfc.
10)many 5g bands (mi11x has only 2 bands).

I was really tempted to buy mi11x for Snapdragon 870 but considering all the plus points i am getting from realme x7 max i made my choice and i am happy with it, i just have to keep it safe because i am still not sure about dragontrail glass lol.

I hope this helps you. 👍

  • Alpha

Realme X7 max 5G is a good smartphone in Rs 27000
Camera is ok
Battery will last a day if used in 60hz refresh rate
3.5 mm jack in flagship phone is a boon for gamers.
Mediatek 1200 dimensity processor can compete with SD 860 n not with SD 870 as claimed by the company.
Ram management is good.
Build quality n durability is better than many other phones in this range.
Overall its a good phone, if u r looking for flagship processor in low price than this phone is good choice.

  • Anonymous

The smartphone can handle every task with ease; multitasking is a breeze and there were no signs of stutters or slow performance.

  • Gajendran

Only copper color flash is working. White color flash not working even whn am accessing camera app and ensured the flash is on as well. Please help me.

  • Vicky

Performance of phone is amazing but battery drains very fast, it doesn't last for a day, so team realme should do the necessary to improve battery performance. They can improve battery performance by OTA update like oneplus

Realme x Asphalt 9 Legends is video awesome!

Phonies, 04 Jun 2021very nice does anyone know if the camera sensors/processin... moreIMX 682, I believe, is the main sensor.
P.S: Google camera won't do wonders on this one either (because it's a MediaTek at the end).

gabo87, 05 Jun 2021What else do you want for a 310 EUR price tag?What next, then? A €80 "flagship killer" with Unisoc processor, 2GB RAM, Android Go and 720p screen?

He isn't talking of price/performance ratio. He is talking of whether this is a "flagship killer" or not.

  • tnt

Waiting for your review on the Realme x7 max.

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2021Dragontail is a good glass. Used in google pixel phones. ... moreYeah I know about the manufacturer, Unfortunately there are many cases where pixel 3 screen was broken when it was dropped from small heights, dragontail glass is extremely vulnerable, they dont gurentee any drops like Corning, and not to forget this dragontail was stone age technology, I believe its durability is between gorilla glass 2 and 3, I am gonna wait for sometimes before buying.

  • Anonymous

16 MP selfie cam? Come on Realme, move to 44 MP!

  • Alex

Anyone getting sot for this phone to 7hr??

The specs looks like The mi 11 lite's

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2021"flagship killer" for people who only care about ... moreWhat else do you want for a 310 EUR price tag?

  • Chirag S.

I am strongly waiting for the Full review of Realme X7 Max 5G from GSM Arena team as we can always count on it.

  • Bex

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2021"flagship killer" for people who only care about ... moreIt has a 1080p super amoled display tho