LG G Flex review: Ahead of the curve

13 December 2013
With so many flagship “plus ones” out there, it's refreshing to see something truly revolutionary. The LG G Flex is curved like a Beckham free kick and has a flexible screen and battery, along with a unique self-healing coating on the back...

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  • Amin
  • fsT
  • 30 Oct 2016

Mine LG G flex goes off anytime i watch vedio on facebook.whats the prblem?

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    • BEN
    • Hkt
    • 11 Jun 2016

    i feel like god and its realy so good

      • m
      • martin
      • Nu4
      • 17 Aug 2015

      When this phone came out on market i was very happy to see iand i was the second to use this piece when im on a call people used to stares on me,Thanks to LG,and i have been buying and selling these pieces,but the las one i purchase it has a problem with google play store,its not working how do i repair it,?i'm dreaming of one day to have a TV on this shape.my regards

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        • AnonD-375822
        • HK$
        • 16 Mar 2015

        Quality for media and games is best on the market even over a year on screen looks 3d at times....low quality my arse 😀

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • fsT
          • 04 Mar 2015

          Infact i dont even no what to say about the LG G flex phone. Truely speaking,it is very very portable and nice phone to be used as a Gentleman/Lady.
          As am talking i had one now and i like it.

          My advice to Brothers and Sisters is to tell them to get quality phone like LG G flex phone. It is flexible as the name emprise(Flex).
          Thanks to LG company.

            • R
            • RedZobe
            • M$7
            • 26 Nov 2014

            AnonD-90736, 07 Mar 2014This may not be perfect but it's certainly better than the ... moreCareful, you may upset the Samsung fanb0is here.

              • d
              • daciii
              • 04T
              • 11 Sep 2014

              I love it, this is my phone for office! With all specification!

                • k
                • kellman1980
                • jBu
                • 09 Jun 2014

                LG G Flex does have an FM tuner, at least in the Sprint version. It is supported via/ the next radio app according to the Sprint site. I have tested it in mine and it does in fact have one.

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                  • vhh
                  • 4Tq
                  • 09 Mar 2014

                  King, 15 Feb 2014It is still not an iPhone, it is stupid to bend the phone w... moreuse it then say...

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                    • AnonD-90736
                    • MJS
                    • 07 Mar 2014

                    This may not be perfect but it's certainly better than the average dull Note 3.

                      • D
                      • Distesa
                      • HE8
                      • 26 Feb 2014

                      Best design, excellent display.. And Best battery stand by OTHERS Brand no see important batery en business.

                        • r
                        • ravigopi
                        • GRP
                        • 17 Feb 2014

                        Lg g flex is very super mobile phone pls dont compare
                        Any other phone

                          • n
                          • naresh
                          • 7t%
                          • 16 Feb 2014

                          Good phone

                            • K
                            • King
                            • iyP
                            • 15 Feb 2014

                            It is still not an iPhone, it is stupid to bend the phone why why why. And why make Them bygger and bigger, a cell phone should fit a pocket. Android go home.

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                              • AnonD-227740
                              • uZa
                              • 28 Jan 2014

                              Best mobile

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                                • AnonD-227740
                                • uZa
                                • 28 Jan 2014

                                Best mobile

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                                  • AnonD-228155
                                  • sXd
                                  • 27 Jan 2014

                                  I'm lucky-I've got a note 3 and lg flex to try out. The note has better colours and sharper resolution. It also had a stylus (though even after a few weeks I don't use it much- I would use it on a larger device). The flex has a much much better feel in the hand, is more immersive for games etc and it's much nicer to write on (using Swype). It's a hard choice. The note 3 has a dull design in comparison to the flex which fits nicely into my hand, the back button and other features making it easier to hold, and less cumbersome for one handed use. Battery life is a but better on the flex. I prefer the note's camera.either phone a great choice.

                                    • t
                                    • tech savvy
                                    • Nkk
                                    • 17 Jan 2014

                                    Anonymous, 27 Dec 2013The battery life! Omg, the battery life!What about the battery life? Does it last l0ng?

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                                      • GB2
                                      • 7tY
                                      • 17 Jan 2014

                                      harlekkin, 16 Dec 2013Yet again, LG & Samsung are caught doing things purely ... moreAll the techno companies have spent years trying to perfect a "flat" screen…now they are trying to tell us that that is now a suitable user experience? Com'on, they are just doing this to gain some ground on other makers….where it's Apps, Photographic excellence of camera design, or where else they throw at a phone from now on It's just marketing for Market share…Pure and simple. Anyone who thinks this is not so must also think they live in a democracy…Ha. Like that ever happens anymore !

                                        • j
                                        • john
                                        • NMv
                                        • 03 Jan 2014

                                        I'm looking to upgrade to a large phone soon;

                                        Sony Z Ultra- no flash? What a terrible camera. Won't buy!!!
                                        Samsung Note 3- still considering, has everything.
                                        Nokia 1520- hmmmm good phone but not T-Mobile friendly.
                                        LG G Flex- what's up no SD card? Why?? Out of the race!!!