LG G Flex review: Ahead of the curve

13 December 2013
With so many flagship “plus ones” out there, it's refreshing to see something truly revolutionary. The LG G Flex is curved like a Beckham free kick and has a flexible screen and battery, along with a unique self-healing coating on the back...

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  • hanre

What a disain....i love lg

  • ali

Hi,I read all the comments from customer and I m happy to say bth the companys*re gud LG n samsunG,there is no doubt,bt LG phn are expensive but there is no resale valu and there phns are not beautiful like samsunG,in lg phn I like only 1 phns LG optimus G pro e988,this phn is awsome n chepest price,only 27000 in mumbai,and this phns specification is like note3,please make the world LG,bcoz our lifesgoood

  • saif

something new in this in a smartphone world lovely phone

  • Anonymous

The battery life! Omg, the battery life!

  • AnonD-145130

At least it's curved the right way, unlike the samsung galaxy round. Samsung tries to hard to set the trend before apple, so hard it kinda gets crazy.

  • tecwiz

nc look, its very tecnical.

  • AnonD-135189

If you dont like a curved phone it doesnt mean everyone doesnt. Some people like red cars other blue. Some will like straigh phones and others curved phones. One thing is the sales would be more than expected as customers always want something new and exciting.

  • Black Adder

way to go LG !

  • danishdhanshe

AnonD-1227, 14 Dec 2013Flexible screen and battery???? Flexible is not the same as... moreYou can make the phone go flat on a table
And you can even bend it and make it more round
But be aware! I take no responsibility for your phone if it snaps from the center

  • Anonymous

lg g2 good

  • Lapax

isn't it going to feel weird/uncomfortable in your front pants pocket?

Yet again, LG & Samsung are caught doing things purely "because they can". There's no justification for why a curved screen will enhance the user experience, and the implementation is poor. I can see the curved displays work on TV's, but not on a phone. There seems to be no reasonable explanation for why they did this. It's already failed before it started.

Design is not for me. :D

  • AnonD-204927

People are completely missing the point about the screen.

720p resolution itself works just fine but the low quality of the OLED screen LG has used makes the screen look subpar and this is a $1000 phone.

  • Anonymous

Htc one max is way much better

  • Anonymous

The battery life if amazing!

  • Limited

I like how LG introduced "self-healing" on this device. I watched some videos in youtube.. yeah drop test (android authority).. and it really heals itself! literally.. but still you will notice the damage.. but only minimal. Good job here LG.

  • Anonymous

it's nice to know that LG finally decided to include native video call feature back in G-Flex.
(for the last two years, Samsung is the only major Android manufacturer that offers native video call support).
but, too bad this phone has non-removable battery and no memory card slot.
so i guess, it's still not for me.
i hope the next G-Flex will fix that.

  • AnonD-215035

LG tend to caught the bad habit to manufacture phone without sd card and no removable battery......still no go for me......especially on the high end device

  • AnonD-1227

Flexible screen and battery???? Flexible is not the same as curve. Is the battery and the phone REALLY flexible OR is it just curved.

If it really is flexible, how much degree can the screen, battery and the whole phone flex?