Nokia Lumia 930 review: Iconic once again

28 July 2014
It may be a new house, new rules – but no sharp movements just yet. In the aftermath of Microsoft's recent acquisition of Nokia's devices and services department, it's really anyone's guess what will happen with the Finnish company that was once...

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  • Anonymous
  • BL6
  • 24 Jul 2018

sallu, 26 Apr 2016try setting up the location as united states and let the ph... moreMicrosoft id is problem

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    • savane
    • CAd
    • 26 Nov 2017

    I wish, Nokia Lumia Model with same Specs: Dimensions: 123.5x58.5x7.5 mm, Body: Aluminum by side and back, Display: 4 inch, Cameras: 16Mpxel/5Mpxel and Flash, Battery: 2460Amp, Resolution: 800x1600, Weight: 115, USB: v4. Reversible, Network: all 2G, 3G, HSPA, CDMA, LTE, etc.., Operating Sys: Windows 10 or Up, a may meadows Iphone 5se form.

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      • Anonymous
      • fsT
      • 17 Apr 2017

      Effective camera quality.

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        • Anonymous
        • vx6
        • 22 Dec 2016

        It's a nice phone

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          • Aadrian
          • 3YQ
          • 15 Oct 2016

          Over 24 months of usage and no issues at all. Even batterylife seems to be improved after the W10 mobile update. Really good phone and still a bargain now for the specs you get.

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            • Cycleops
            • NuP
            • 29 Sep 2016

            About four months after buying this phone it became unstable. Phantom swipes between apps, made phantom calls and screen was unresponsive making it unusable. Very disappointed.

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              • sallu
              • 9L9
              • 26 Apr 2016

              lumia 930, 11 Feb 2015Cortana doesn't work with my 930 tried all combinations. I'... moretry setting up the location as united states and let the phone restart, it should work

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                • Ronaldo
                • LeP
                • 20 Apr 2016

                I have this mobile, it is good but easily heating when browsing the internet, using facebook and instagram.

                  • A
                  • Aadrian
                  • Yek
                  • 30 Nov 2015

                  2160p video recording is already added during the WP8.1 update, so it should be deleted from the "main disadvantages" headline.

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                    • OdysseasP
                    • pue
                    • 29 Nov 2015

                    If Nokia had gone with Android, most likely it would have a much larger market share than it does now but on the other hand from a financial point of view I don't think that it would be any better sine if anyone has a look at the financial reports of the manufacturers which embraced Android will realise that only Samsung, with all its in house development and manufacturing capability accounts for only 5% of the total profits in the smartphone industry, with the remaining 95% going into Apple, while all the remaining Android smartphone manufacturers try not to have losses in the best case scenario. In addition, Nokia itself has admitted in the past that Samsung was the main reason that it decided not to go with Android in the first place since if it did it would have to compete directly with it, something that even Nokia with all its technology and manufacturing capability was afraid of doing. In the end, regardless of what happened, judging by the position in which companies such as Sony, Motorola & HTC are in the moment, I believe that Nokia took the right decision to try to avoid Samsung as a direct competitor, meaning producing smartphones with the same operating system in which additionally neither would be able to influence its development.

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                      • Mr.Gaing
                      • JHe
                      • 11 Oct 2015

                      Hello everyone. I'm really into buying this phone because I like found the display very addicting and I trust Microsoft for security, stability and quality (as well as the actual price).
                      My thing is that I'm a very obsessed with high quality music and the review writtes that this phone could not afford this. Does anyone of you has any different experience with music listening?

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                        • AnonD-402706
                        • iic
                        • 10 Oct 2015

                        lumia 930, 11 Feb 2015Cortana doesn't work with my 930 tried all combinations. I'... moreTry changing your region in the settings menu... unless your locked.

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                          • deva
                          • tYa
                          • 26 Sep 2015

                          Had this foe 4 months and it is the worst phone ever..
                          This is mot smart it if u only use it to attend calls..
                          Heats up in 5mins in causal browsing.
                          Video call possible only with Skype.
                          Can't edit or attach while reply or forward emails.
                          Camera is ok...low light pics r horrible.
                          Too many issues...

                          Only one plus is that phone and display is good.

                          Anyone coming from android or ios will for back or stuck with this shit

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                            • Girish
                            • PUx
                            • 19 Aug 2015

                            One bad new of this handset is that this handset is not a 4G compatible handset in India as I checked with Airtel, who is the lone provider of 4G services as of now.
                            The operator confirmed that it has two specs required for 4G connections and they are TDD and FDD...this handset complies with FDD as 2300 mega hertz, but airtel has an TDD at a bandwidth of 40,which is not avl in this phone. May be diff operators would have different band .But am upset as I bought this handset only for 4g services...Does anyone has anymore update on this topic.

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                              • G.S.G
                              • LxI
                              • 17 Aug 2015

                              Where can I purchase the Lumia 930 unlocked?

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • kRg
                                • 18 Jun 2015

                                Can't take my phone t WalMart and print them off any help would love

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                                  • Zardoch
                                  • xsY
                                  • 21 May 2015

                                  iks, 02 Mar 2015Had Lumia900 before and here are couple of concerns whether... moreHad Lumia900 before and here are couple of concerns whether to upgrade or not. Dealership couldnt give the answers so here i am.
                                  930 vs 900 features the latter is missing
                                  1. Any notification led to indicate a missed call, text w/o activating screen?
                                  2. Option to set different volume levels on alarm, media, call?
                                  3. Scroll bar next to list of contacts (say you have 800 contacts to swipe through is weird the least)?
                                  4. Keep skype, fb messenger active and receive messages when you switch off the screen or surf in other apps?

                                  Thank you in advance!


                                  1: No
                                  2: Yes
                                  3: List is alphabetically sorted under each letter from A to Z. If you press e.g. "A" all letters will come up and you can jump to any letter you want
                                  4: Yes

                                    • s
                                    • stephens
                                    • L7x
                                    • 08 May 2015

                                    super awesome device in gold it's super nice windows 10 for phones will be hot on this device.

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                                      • snehal
                                      • uvh
                                      • 08 Apr 2015

                                      Just few words is the awesome phone in its class

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                                        • AnonD-375254
                                        • smZ
                                        • 15 Mar 2015

                                        lumia 930, 11 Feb 2015Cortana doesn't work with my 930 tried all combinations. I'... moreHi, try to set up US in regions, then Cortana should work fine. Good luck !