Nokia Lumia 930 review: Iconic once again

28 July 2014
It may be a new house, new rules – but no sharp movements just yet. In the aftermath of Microsoft's recent acquisition of Nokia's devices and services department, it's really anyone's guess what will happen with the Finnish company that was once...

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Great phone again from Nokia. They are still the best.

  • AnonD-222770

Autofocus problem on video recording is like a joke. I don't care 4K video but they should offer 1080p/60 fps and 720p/120 fps with that 20 mp camera. Battery is another disappointment.

  • AnonD-217131

AnonD-286474, 28 Jul 2014How will this compete with the pricing?It's around the same price of the Lumia 1520, as it is now.

So definitely cheaper than Galaxy S5, HTC M8, Sony Z2 or LG G3.

  • G+

Hard to differentiate this phone from other Lumias. Same build, same design, same icons...

  • AnonD-239468

AnonD-52269, 28 Jul 2014Crappy battery life, poor screen, no glance, outdated video... moreBattery life- totally agree Poor screen? Its amoled dude.
No glance- okay
outdated videocorder- but best audio recording
plastic back- but high quality and aluminium frame which matters.

  • AnonD-239468

Impressive, Nokia has made a really beautiful phone. Although I don't like WP, the nokia side software innovations are really shining. Those small nokia touches make it awesome. The battery life is really disappointing.
Also after all Cortana BF's bragging about her, she is still behind Siri, leave alone Google Now.
Overall a great phone letdown by poor battery life and WP(atleast for me).

  • AnonD-52269

Crappy battery life, poor screen, no glance, outdated video recording, plastic back - disappointment.

  • AnonD-237024

Sounds impressive, but I'll wait for Note 4 to be released before making a choice.

  • AnonD-286474

How will this compete with the pricing?

  • Eske Rahn

The physical limitations (Rayleigh diffraction) on a tiny 1/2.5" sensor with a F2.4 lens is about 10Mpixels, so weird they have gone for 20Mpixel without a better lens...

  • AnonD-269903

Disappointing battery life. Not impressed.

  • Eske Rahn

20Mp on a tiny 1/2.5" sensor requires F1.75 or better to make sense from a physical point of view (Rayleigh diffraction)

  • Hesht

"one question still looms: what if Nokia had gone with Android?" They would have entered an over-saturated market where Samsung had a huge foothold, tried to peg affordable Android devices and realising Android is a bad OS for low-spec phones.

Nokia going Android instead of WP at the time they chose WP wouldn't have saved them. What would have saved them? Going Android the second it was released and beating Samsung to the punch. The debate of whether WP killed them or not is a moot point. What's happened has happened so either accept Nokia devices are with WP until Microsoft say otherwise or buy an Android phone, just stop asking pointless questions.

  • AnonD-186952

The question could loom forever ,we'll never know ,we know they have gone with Windows Phone and this phone is great overall.