Nokia Lumia 930 review: Iconic once again

28 July 2014
It may be a new house, new rules – but no sharp movements just yet. In the aftermath of Microsoft's recent acquisition of Nokia's devices and services department, it's really anyone's guess what will happen with the Finnish company that was once...

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  • iks

Had Lumia900 before and here are couple of concerns whether to upgrade or not. Dealership couldnt give the answers so here i am.
930 vs 900 features the latter is missing
1. Any notification led to indicate a missed call, text w/o activating screen?
2. Option to set different volume levels on alarm, media, call?
3. Scroll bar next to list of contacts (say you have 800 contacts to swipe through is weird the least)?
4. Keep skype, fb messenger active and receive messages when you switch off the screen or surf in other apps?

Thank you in advance!

  • lumia 930

Cortana doesn't work with my 930 tried all combinations. I'm based in Saudi.. any suggestions..

  • Rice

Changes since this was written include the fact that now with Lumia Denim, there is indeed 4k recording on the phone and it's done very well indeed.

  • Roger

Had 930 for a week. Love the phone. Nothing wrong. Only thing is the battery life. After consideration, deleted all the apps that can be 'uninstalled'. Only keep 6 tiles. Battery life amazingly boosted. So those MSN apps are the culprits.

  • stephens

my current phone

  • Anon

The 930 is a great phone I like it but there is 2 major issues that the phone has The phone gets really hot even with light use and also has a battery drain problem I am yet to find a solution and theses problems only appear on a % of devices and I had 3 replacement phone and the same problems occur

  • AnonD-345025

After 2 years of close relationship with Lumia 920 I switched to 930. The only reason was a 60% off deal. The biggest improvements over the older type are: Camera, speed, responsivenes, screen, battery, weight. Super happy with the Denim upgrade, the thing is perfect for my needs. Same as the 920, 930 copes with a lot of misuse too... damp, cold, wet, dusty, drops... With a help of otterbox case, it is close to indestructable. I always carry it in a pocket, when I climb, ski, mountain bike or whatever. Screen works with gloves on, sun readability is great and navigational apps are super useful. Just a tad of comparison. A friend just recently purchased the Sony Z1 compact. Although it is good, I wouldn't change my 930 for it.

  • AnonD-343913

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2014What actually bothers me the nots is the absence of smart d... moreto many negative people here its a great phone the 930, battery is good, phone works great. If you don't like it yourself then don't buy one, itll save you moaning like a old lady.

  • AnonD-343913

Tito, 29 Jul 2014What a bad front facing camera! 1.2 720p! Poor battery! yeh front facing camera was a bit cheaply but noting else on the phone is and well you'll have to actually use one before you comment cause the battery is very good when compared to all the iphones up to and including the 5s, there's nothing wrong with battery.

  • AnonD-343913

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2014Dam you microsoft/nokia how can release flagship with such ... moreI have been using the 930 for 6 weeks the battery is very good nothing wrong with it, 8 hours constant video or 2 days light useage, some people are claiming 3 days lol that aint a bad battery, it beats all my phones but a few hours easy.

  • AnonD-343913

Stephen , 16 Sep 2014Agree it's a great phone as Nokia's are usually simply grea... moreyeh I got the 830 for my mother she lovesit. its also a great phone, its same design but finner and lighter which she prefers, I don't cause when using it on table it moves and my 930 doesn't. The 830 has glance and also a sd so it beats the 930 here but it doesn't have the brilliant 930 screen, though it has got a good screen. The other thing is its not quite as smooth, when I say not as smooth its still one of the smoothest phones you can get but the snapdragon 800 in 930 you can feel the diference if your looking for it. To be fair if the phone had the 930 screen and it kept glance id be soso happy. Either way the 830 is a decent phone its 1 stop less than 930 but worthy buy. PS I swear the speaker for playing music are so much beter than my 930.

  • AnonD-343913

My 930 sees 13 hours easily with some gaming you tube vid and texting phone ect. 2 days easy on normal use. Intensive I get 7-8 hours of hd video watching and very close to the game in gaming, I never had that from another flagship phone. Also ive watched about 24-40 reviews on my 930 nokia and while you can find a handful of people saying bad battery, the rest say its good. Defiantly worth a retest. cause I love the battery life on my 930 nokia. Maybe firmware difference or something?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2014What actually bothers me the nots is the absence of smart d... moreThat's kinda like saying the first and foremost function of human beings today is to reproduce. Get to it.

  • Anonymous

Dany, 22 Aug 2014It is a big disappointment for me ... :( WP8.1 is crappy ... moreLiterally everything you wrote is wrong, sorry not sorry.

  • Anonymous

great phone but nothing do it any thing and smart phone is not better then i 6

  • Anonymous

Psc pandey, 02 Nov 2014I think ALL Nokia phone is of A1 qualityyes man I agree it is good quality

  • joshi

now with Lumia denim it captures video in 4k and dolby sound!

  • Psc pandey

I think ALL Nokia phone is of A1 quality

  • Anonymous

Nokia is too late to make change.The previous CEO and Elop make it worst.Once upon time ago Nokia is a king.

  • Stephen

Using this phone for some time now really nice device it's an allrounder good camera and screen no glance but that's not too bad cause double tap to wake.
Wireless charging is nice.
Camera is awesome.
New WP updates are nice.
Loudspeaker could have been better if it was placed like the Lumia 1020.
Overall: GREAT phone. Want same experience but cheaper? Lumia 830. Want the flagship? Lumia 930.
Anybody know when Denim will start seeding to the phones?