Nexus 6 vs. Galaxy Note 4: A game of Battleships

20 February 2015
Google and Samsung. The two pillars of Android are good at being partners, but their rivalry is even more exciting to watch. Especially when they pull out their best. The Nexus 6 and the Galaxy Note 4. The two want to be the defining Android device...

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  • Ram0009

Hi friends as I am note 4 user from three year I want to share my opinion I don't know why people blame but apart from may be samsung strategy note 4 is one of the best phone as I am heavy user before 2 year after updating Mr. 6 suddenly I was face restarting problem and I was force to change motherboard right now I spend one year with same os L.5 my phone is still working fast battery is 1 and half year still give me 6 hours bkp on working I don't expect more than that bez see the phone specification first and then expect ya it's samsung responsibility to think over it but we have 2nd + point of fast charging u can utilise more effectively by keeping shut down or on ultra power saving mode while charging u can save battery by disabling unused and stopping background apps. software like greenify perform effectively to save battery as per my opinion note 4 Is the full package for real user ......thanks

rz, 26 May 2015The note 4 is laggy as hell. I had the note 3 and got used ... moreI quit bying Samsung coz of their laggy software. I had s2, s3, s4, s5... Now Im om Xperia Z3 for two years, no lag at all.
Upgraded from lollipop (antutu 47500) to marshmallow (antutu 57400 now😀😬😀)
Its working even faster and smoother.
No heavy skins or layers over standard android and i like it that way.
Stock Android is the best for heavyweight users like me.

  • devil

Nexus 6 is the best phone no issue about the phone every thing is perfect

  • Anonymous

AnonD-382872, 07 Apr 2015There's Samsung fans and Motorola (or Nexus) fans. Yes,the ... moreDont worry note 4 will not get android N

  • Anonymous

thamk you gsmarena .. it was a nice compare

  • Anonymous

Nexus 6 is more stable and reliable

  • Noor Dhamani

Like it or not. Nexus 6 is better as far as I know. Considering the price it is.
Not seen a single Samsung phone that doesn't hang after 5 months.
I've had a nexus 5 for 2 years. Never hangs!! Not even a bit.
I'm very sloppy with phones and cracked its screen. Have barely 200mb space remaining. Full of apps. And never hangs. That's the best part. We need phones that work smoothly. Speed. Is all that matters. Not features or speakers of screen. All those stuff depend on how rashly u use the phone. But internally. Nexus 6 wins!!

  • Ondo

I haven't seen Nexus sold either in Europe nor in Asia - on any website or in any store. (Isn't that just a domestic U.S. brand?) Now visiting China. Can't even access their website because Google doesn't operate in the world's largest market. That says a lot.

  • 9 Milli Philly

Yoooo stopped reading after they gave a draw on the speakers because the Note is louder. LMAO front facing speakers are a big reason I am interested in this phone and a massive advantage over the Note imo.

  • rz

The note 4 is laggy as hell. I had the note 3 and got used to it. When I ordered my note 4 I was expecting this 8 core monster to be snappy as a dragon(get it?), but it wasn't. Im not going to say it couldnt handle the load im saying it was just slow. You press the home button and there was always a delay. You press the recent apps button and theres a delay. Theres always a delay with the note 4. I like to move quickly and anytime you want to switch to another app you have that dreaded delay. I felt ripped off because my note 3 was performing just as quickly. It didnt feel like much of an upgrade so I ordered a nexus 6 and to be honest im much happier with it. I know im missing out on some cool things I had on the Note, but to me this huge improvement with the response made it all worth it..I actually feel like I have a fast phone now. Performance, everything seems the same. But response times, wew. I like this. Oh and you cant forget that the Nexus is rootable. yes you can root the Note 4, but have fun tripping KNOX and voiding your warranty! Sounds like apple ;) later.

  • AnonD-365368

I like the nexus 6 more

  • hardy

AnonD-382872, 07 Apr 2015There's Samsung fans and Motorola (or Nexus) fans. Yes,the ... moreWell bro... M also a fan of moto...

  • Yamyam

Note 4 (unlocked) finally updated to 5.01 uk

  • heat

Samsungs processors or big comparing to any mobile...but the performance of samsungs is nothing....ver slow....some busy ppl like samsung because they will operate there mobile and do some work after that work samsung shows wat they need
....such a great slow ship u r talking about.....haha nice

  • heat

Is there anything new in samsung all smartphones are equal....the buyers of samsung ppl feel sad when they sell there mobiles.introducing price is tooooo high when we sell the price we unxpected price.... For daily use samsung cant do special things...samsungs screens reflects blue yellow red green clearly... But they dont have reality screens...even though ppl are fighring that samsung is great..note3 s5 ppl are roaring for resale....u may rich if u get loss u may dont bother...but many ppl
Needs best not foolishness....dont stand one side think twice

  • AnonD-382872

There's Samsung fans and Motorola (or Nexus) fans. Yes,the Note 4 is a better phone with awesome display and so many features,no doubt! Ok,but I'm a mountain biker - who do you think I prefer? All I need is a basic water resistance,good sound,mapping and non of all flashy features.Plus I'm a Motorola fan from 15 years.

  • AnonD-298431

Owning and using both devices currently i think the Note 4 is the better device. The only advantages the Nexus 6 has are the speakers sound better, (the Note 4's is louder) the larger screen and the frequent updates to the latest Android. The Note 4 has a removable battery and MicroSD slot, gets better battery life, has a brighter screen, takes better photos especially indoors and has way better placement of the power button. Putting the power button right next to the volume buttons makes no sense whatsoever as without looking it's hard to tell which button you are pressing. The Note 4 has a heart rate monitor, infrared port to use as a remote and a ton of extra features. If the Note 5 will end up having a larger screen and dual front facing speakers it would be perfect and I'd probably sell the Nexus 6.

  • Slayer

AnonD-7433, 28 Feb 2015O wow.. Isn't that exactly what I said? "The Nexus 6 i... moreI see you kids are still arguing the toss! So the rest of the world all use the Note 4, right? Each person has different needs and what I do not need are gimmicky functions that are fine if that is what you want but I prefer my interface clean, quick updates, a good camera and overall functionality, excellent screen etc. I do not need the best phone but I do need a good phone and believe me I have used them all and by that I am including, G3, S5, Xperia Z3 and the iPhone too whilst we are at it at various times and sometimes together. For whatever reason the Nexus 6 just does it..for the time being although I may partner it up with the G4 should it be even better than the G3. The Note does not float my boat and therefore it is not the best phone in my opinion and that is not changing anytime soon. As I say, the Nexus may arguably not be the best phone, from an objective point of view, but from a subjective one, it sure as hell is! Now fan boys can flame all they want, you will be wasting your time, mine is valuable so absolutely disengaging unless someone out there makes a point that gets my respect. If I do not respond to you, it is because I think you do not have a valid point to make worth my time!

  • Anonymous

TheNeighbor, 01 Mar 2015Similar arguments for iPhone users - this is all I need. Exactly! Every Android users has to defend the same things to iOS users.
Blah blah my phone does less because I don't need those features so I don't care. And mine performs better because it's simple. Yours just lags blah blah.

Then between Androids HTC/Nexus/And others do the same to Samsung. Well we don't need features. And just because yours does more mines super smooth and yours is sooooo laggy.....

Every which way you turn it's whiny children.

Slayer, 27 Feb 2015Not very bright are you? Do you understand about individual... moreSimilar arguments for iPhone users - this is all I need.