Intergalactic camera shootout: Galaxy S6 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. Note 4 vs. iPhone 6

19 March 2015
A quality camera has always been a big part of Galaxy flagships and Samsung is pushing new improvements every six months. The two-step cadence goes Galaxy S then Note then S again – we're at the Galaxy S6 step of this cycle and...

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  • RichGuy

I have 5 sumaungs and i'm bored from it so this time i need to try a new thing i'll take the iphone 6s like best phone at less i can download fornite on it and it will be hard to be breaked different of "sumsang's"...

  • Gurpreet Dhillon

In My opinion Leeco le 2 is best mobile

  • Mak

Appleman, 29 Aug 2015Makes me laugh 3 different Samsung phones all 16mp cams and... moreDon't look at the images on the phones print them all out then compare

  • Gabbar

Iphone has been the best phone ever.I prefer iPhone always.

  • Haadii

Every mobile is good in performance but samsung is a poplar band and I love samsung smartphones in every session.

  • Wazee apple v droid

Thor, 11 May 2015Terribly umfair comparison putting the iphone up against th... moreTo be honest I've tested the iPhone 6s and the note 4 in all specs and yeah on paper the note has better specs but in reality the iPhone 6s is a killer when testing speed graphics etc both phones are good in their own way it's all down to pref just depends what you want the phone for and how much room you got in your pocket lol

  • Shanu

Note 4 good Mob I proud off Samsung...

  • saiofa22

for me/iphone 6 better

  • Anonymous

Does anyone knows that we can take a whooping DSLR like photo of upto 24 MB from our Note 4.......its possible.....

  • Appleman

Makes me laugh 3 different Samsung phones all 16mp cams and 3 different picture qualities. Also IPhone 6 is nearly as good. not bad for a 8mp, so it just shows the lens makes the quality.


True words, 19 May 2015Samsung is the best and I got one. what kind of Samsung you have? Galaxy V? HAHAHAHA

  • Sunny

Samsung is the most popular brands and it's amazing I love samsung

  • Anonymous

meir cohen, 07 Apr 2015The Note 4 is the best. Iam a pro photographer and iam sure... moreThe Note 4 is the best. Iam a pro photographer
and iam sure on 100% that the Note 4 is the
most pro among all the other.
Thank you.

  • AnonD-400924

Note 4! Hands up the best.

  • jb

rikas, 26 Mar 2015Why not to include ip6 plus? It has better camera!Ya u r right rikas..
Iphone6 plus is the best of best camera ever

  • True words

black kinzy, 11 May 2015IPhone 6 is the best but I'm need oneSamsung is the best and I got one.

  • black kinzy

IPhone 6 is the best but I'm need one

  • Thor

Terribly umfair comparison putting the iphone up against the Note 4 obviously the Note 4 is currently the best phone in the world.

What chance does the iphone have against such awesome specs of the Note 4?

Sure you can use brainwashing very clever advertising but at the end of the day the sad iphone has not a chance against the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Ty samsung tis an awesome beast of the beast phone out there. :)

  • Abhi

AnonD-57516, 24 Mar 2015S6 is definitely better than the iCrap but the Note 4 is wa... moreExellent speed and graphics & CAMERA

  • Anonymous

iPhone 6! Best camera and best camera UI, period!