Xiaomi Mi 4c review: MiForce

21 October, 2015
Xiaomi Mi 4, one of the hottest Chinese-bred flagships of 2014, got two modifications over the course of its lifecycle - that's an achievement right there. The Mi 4i was more of an attractive mid-ranger rather than a Mi 4 spiritual successor, but the Mi 4c is what we call a flagship in disguise and a true successor of the Mi 4.

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  • AnonD-641559

Hi, bought a new Mi 4c a week ago.
Camera quality is extremely poor, the left third of the photos totally lacks sharpness, and it's a heavy lens distortion to.
Tried a v7 stable, and two v8 MIUI multi ROM's with the same result.
It's unbelievable that phones with such severe problems are delivered to customers.

By the way, the photos in the GSMArena test are miles away than my photos...
No idea why...

  • sue

Genius, 24 Oct 2015Utter rubbish. Displays fused with the glass is the more modern ... moreyou are right genius, but your perception is wrong, this kind of display is cheaper, the replacement digitizer + screen also cheap you genius, just be careful and put on cover, simple, compare to those expensive phone this is more affordable, eventhough this is from 2015 i still want to let you know

  • Kaze

Having Mi 4c makes my friends with S6, ip 6, G4 disappointed. They were complaining on some lag issues. My Mi 4c can equal these 2015 flagships in terms of speed and UI. As for Mi 4c, aside from having a 2015 flagship processor, an impressive camera, it is half or lower the price of other 2015 flagships. Instead of spending more of your bucks, with Mi 4c, you'll be able to save and use more of your money to something else.

So for those who are aiming for 2016 flagship budget phone, go for Mi 5! I'm grabbing one early this year.

  • Kaze

JeanLuX, 28 Oct 2015I bought this after seeing your test on the camera and I am real... moreYou must have bought a fake Xiaomi Mi 4c device. Watch video reviews for comparison to your Mi 4c unit(just a suggestion).

Mine works amazingly well. taken photos are all in good quality same as the examples in the review. Buttons are crisp and really responsive.

  • Kaze

AnonD-352973, 23 Dec 2015Hi guys. Should i switch my laggy lg g3 with the mi4c..need ... moreYes you should

  • Lahieu

It is a good phone.. Little bit heating.. But screen quality, audio quality and performance are impressive..

  • Babalizm

Sure this device is super!

It cost less than 99$ came with all those advantages

  • chand

Super amoled display ho

  • anon

hi GSMArena, may I know what version when the phone was tested? because the camera result from Mi 4c doesn't look good like in your camera test, especially in a lowlight room or using front camera (selfie).

phone heats only a little and after quite a lot of use, update you rom or even better flash through custom recovery the xiaomi european multilanguage rom or smiui.

gsmarena could you please sometime test the mi4c and mi4s 4k video quality ? you can record 4k even in the chinese official rom through google camera.

  • Bathsuha

Kyle K., 23 Oct 2015Yes, I fixed it. Thanks to everyone, who pointed this mistake.Hi Dont buy the xiaomi product
...i am having very bad exp from the customer support

  • Anonymous

Roshin, 25 Oct 2015Phone produce large amount of heat while using in a short timeagreeee

  • Anonymous

Broken_hearted, 27 Oct 2015Bought this phone today.. It has overheating problem..after usin... moreoh yes you are right i am with you same i had felt.

  • Anonymous

Roshin, 25 Oct 2015Phone produce large amount of heat while using in a short timeoh realllyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • AnonD-352973

Hi guys.

Should i switch my laggy lg g3 with the mi4c..need your advices ! Thanks

  • slick

Will the USB port 3.1 TYPE C work on it's full speed parameters after upgrade to Android 6.0? Or do you only need a proper cable to get it working?

  • AnonD-475049

[deleted post]dual sim card both support 4G , no SD card .. and i like 3/32GB version..

  • frzzr

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2015Sorry but you really don't know what you are talking about. Y... morei think you must be a person that stick to your phone no matter what happen to your phone display. When i crack iphone 5, i am directly replace the crack display. and i have to replace it a whole display not only the glass on it.

so what is the different if u crack xiaomi display, you also have to replace the whole display?

but i think you might be stick to your phone even it's display is crack, cause you can still use your phone

  • Anonymous

Is this some mistake on battery test becouse Oneplus X:talk 15:57 web 6:32 video 6:55 and get 54 h endurance rating, but this phone have talk,web and video much more than oneplus and only get 52h endurance rating.also have biget baterry.iz cant be that on standby uses so much energy???!!!